tears of sin and solace

Thursday, March 30, 2006

we were both wrong. you know it, i know it, she knows it, he knows it.
they were innocents, lost spectators and eventually unwilling participants to something that was never meant to be. i can almost hear the 'i told you so's echoing in the distance... this box of forgotten sighs was bound to be discovered; just sooner or by accident. regardless of how unconceivably twisted and sour things have become, maybe it's a blessing in disguise for truth and totality.

it is a fault to which i will admit to, something unfortunately, you share with me in the time that will span the ages.

he calls me naive, a little puppet in your court of deceit and amusement.
brainwashed and tainted by words that speak veiled cruel intentions... tonight you proved that?
she probably doesn't think too much of me. she has no need to feel threatened. after all, it was just fun and games, were they not?
you of all people should know better. did you find your piece of the puzzle?

i'm standing in a circle for two; an emotional revolver to my chest.
what is done, is done.
the little mistakes we make that snowball, the fingers that we point because we are afraid... and the empty kisses you blow to preserve what you have because you can't have all that you want.
in the end, it is i who take the bullet.
but everything will be all right... because no one wants to remember. no one should.

but no one forgets either.

i am so scared. i've never been this terrified before; telling him everything even though there is a huge price of desolation to pay. with all the shit that has hit the fan and is on a rapid spiral downwards, at the end of the day, the only person worth dying (if it comes to that) for and sacrificing everything i have is him.
it has always been him...
not you, not her...
only him.


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strikes and spares

Sunday, March 26, 2006

i had a wonderful time at passion last night :D
but at the moment, the front of my thighs still hurt from all that dancing O.o yes, i lack the stamina -_- and apparently the flexibility as well :P don't even get me started on how painful it is to have to use the malaysian public toilets where you have to squat... -_-

tonight is emily's last night in malaysia! she'll be flying back to hong kong tomorrow morning ;/ soooo we took her bowling at one utama ^^;
man, i never knew there was a bowling alley up there in the new wing O.o heck, i didn't even know that floor existed up till tonight ;/ so bite me, i haven't been around for over a year :P

after waiting out the waiting list (can you imagine? waiting list to bowl O.o), the game was finally on the way! but uh, so yeah... i didn't play because i was already out when i got the "hey dudes, bowling at 9pm" sms from chris and was not ah, aptly dressed for the sport ;/ so i sat about taking pictures instead :D

boy at the screen keeping score... or trying too xD

terry and cina
terry attempting to practice on the other lane and cina with her sexy, money pose ;D

terry... while getting his ass kicked by the other girls during round 1 ;)

chris and cina
chris and cina (and yes, the bowling alley is smack next to the parking lot)

joo and sean
joo and sean, the other two spectators for the night xD

chris, joo and mei
hotties smiling for the camera; chris, joo and mei :D

after bowling we decided to move on to the mamak stalls :D
actually, this is the first time in four years i've come home and lasted more than 2 weeks eating mamak food without having diarrhea, stomach upsets and/or collapsing on the clinic floor O.o yes, we all know how gracefully i faint and what a bitch it is to carry me :P

then again, since i mentioned it, i've probably just jinxed it and will be paying homage to my toilet bowl soon, sigh -_-

before i head to sleep, here's a picture i found that i drew with crayons on the table while having dinner one night lol ^^;

crayon neko
time for bed xD


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lrt blues and the balitong tango

Friday, March 24, 2006

today for dinner, cina decided to hit up jalan alor. hey, don't look at me. i'm just as clueless as to where that is O.o apparently it's just right behind bintang walk.

so my journey began from the lrt station at kelana jaya ^^; chris and emily abandoned me at the last minute so i had to sit in the lrt by myself and look thoughtful while mentally ticking off the lrt stops ;/
yep, from kelana jaya to klcc is about oh, 40 minutes of being squished between people who just got off work -_-
seriously, i think malaysians have this courtesy problem (once again, if you're ang moh, this does not apply to you :p)! for example: getting off the lrt is a bitch O.o theoretically, the people waiting to get in should stand to the sides, wait for the people leaving the lrt to actually GET OUT of the bloody thing and then proceed in. simple concept yes?

but noooooooooooo!
you have people that rush up to the lrt door as soon as the lrt stops at the platform and literally press their faces up against the bloody door. last i recalled, i don't think malaysia is as technologically advanced so much so that you need a face print recognition to open doors. i hope your hair gets caught and you die a terrible death you impatient bitches.
for fuck's sake, i've been stuck on a train for 40 minutes and (unfortunately) have been sitting next to a big burly guy who makes me cry every time he raises his arms. do you actually think i really want to see your face two inches away from mine when the bloody doors open? you wouldn't too, am i right?

so back the fuck off and let us leave the train without having to touch you.

anyway, after my adventures on the lrt, i met up with chris and emily and we met up with cina who brought us to jalan alor :D
and i'm going to be ambitious and show you the place where we had dinner:

jln alor restaurant

i have no idea what the name of the restaurant is lol O.o
we just sat close enough to keep an eye on cina's car ;x

cina, chris and emily
cina, chris and emily

so we ordered an obnoxiously huge amount of food:

lol food

from left to right going clockwise we have grilled chicken wings, hokkien noodles, cantonese fried noodles, balitong, some icky vegetable and grilled stingray xD

even though i'm malaysian, it's a shame to say this is the first time i've ever had balitong O.o and quite possibly the last :P


i have terrible photography skills, so bear with me <3

SO, among the four of us, only chris has the uhm, balitong extraction skill. just means that she sucks really well ;) according to chris, to dislodge the meat, we're supposed to suck the front of the shell, followed by the end and then one big and quick suck up front. oh yes, and you're supposed to do it at an angle to maximize suction potential O.o

balitong upclose

i nearly choked on my first balitong from all the sucking -_- and i reckon my face pretty much turned blue in the process of doing so O.o stubborn little fuckers. for every one balitong i ate, another three would be on my plate looking back, mocking my inability to pry them out. i'm going back to my readily opened lala the next time we come here -_-

i even tried blowing instead of sucking, hoping that the TINY piece of shellfish would just pop out and let me eat it O.o seriously.
cina beat me to it though hahaha she's tried everything but taking a hammer to the balitong xD don't you dare laugh, i'd like to see you try without having your eyes bulge out in frustration after the first three minutes :P

in the end, chris still reigns supreme as champion balitong sucker lol although, cina and i did agree that the shorter ones were easier to suck on while chris preferred the longer ones ;) i don't know... i still think it comes out quicker from the shorter ones and from the smaller opening ^^;

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home sweet home... o rly?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

i'm home!

well, i've been home for a bit... and i don't even know where to begin my little bitchfest O.o i suppose i'm just going to make a nice, little list:

#1 my flight was absolutely fantastic :D sooo fantastic that i never want to sit in anything that moves for more than 30 minutes ever again -_- 20 hours in a fucking plane, one aisle and a seat away from a kid that WAILS every 10 seconds causes irreversible brain damage O.o yes, i'm not joking: TWENTY HOURS.

#2 90% of asian women can't apply make up to save their own lives. i will shamelessly admit that i am one of them and therefore will steer clear of painting my face unless in a cruel and ironic twist of fate, i get a job as a traditional chinese opera singer...

for those who can't but still do anyway this is all i have to say: there more colours in life than just baby blue eye shadow and shades of pink cheeks that put a baboon's ass to shame :)

#3 it's so technologically backwards here i am going to KILL myself. the pc in my sister's room is a bloody bathroom appliance that has only one function: to gather dust. the dsl is rubbish (don't be expecting any pictures until i am able to whore myself out for a decent cable line next week :p) and the dial up is almost as entertaining as watching paint dry.

#4 my hair is a disaster O.o it's a cross between a china doll and an 80's female rocker -_- sigh, i suppose it doesn't really help that my hairstylist was listening to the bangles while she was trimming away at my locks O.o

#5 people in malaysia are so jaded O.o ok, maybe i just got back from madison and people over there are generally nicer but in all honesty, people here shuffle through their work days half-heartedly O.o they don't even look at you (much less smile) when you're trying to get something done with/from them. ugh.
ok, granted if you look anything but asian, they will bend over backwards to help you. malaysian tourism ethics at its best! bunch of fucking hypocrites.

#6 family wedding dinners scare me.

yep, that pretty much sums up my first week back ^^;

well, it's not all that bad ;)

there are the embarssing bits too... for example, struggling with malay and cantonese so much that ordering while at a kopi tiam and/or mamak stall is almost as stressful as taking my spm malay oral exam O.o i suppose my amazingly poor command of cantonese was one of the reasons why my hair length was drastically shortened unintentionally :p
i can't wait to embark on my adventure to the ss2 pasar malam (night market) tomorrow night xD

anyway, i should write part 2 some time next week since i'm terribly afraid that the modem will just blow up if i do something out of the norm like checking email O.o stay tuned for more fantastic adventures of the tiny tropical peninsular, live next week! :D


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farewell madison

Sunday, March 12, 2006

all my bags are packed, i'm ready to go ^^;

i've had tons of fun in the states and it's (reluctantly) time for me to go home.
i won't call this a goodbye since i hate goodbyes and they make me cry, rather i see this as moving on to a new phase in my life ^^; if you think i'm in denial, humour me and let me be :p

to all my friends, the ones i came here with, met here, are still here and/or have already gone home; thank you for making my experience here little more interesting and you have no idea how much i'll miss you all <3 these 3 1/2 years wouldn't have been as exciting and memorable without you guys (and girls ;p)!!! :)

to the people who don't matter much, fuck you all and good riddance to your backstabbing cibai ways :)

time to take apart my computer ;/


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the last supper

Saturday, March 11, 2006

**i was supposed to post this last night, but i came home and passed out :p so long picture-happy post ahead!**

it was my last day at work yesterday *cries* ;/
after 2 1/2 years, i finally say goodbye to the bnmc :(
and pretty much to that side of campus ever O.o
so for old times sake, lionel and i decided to get thai food for lunch... and we took the bus! yes it's a big deal for me because the last time i sat in a bus was 2 bloody years ago!

since the weather was rather misty and cold, thai food turned out to be a great idea!

thai food

or not...

eek! spicy

yep, the huge chunk of green chili i swallowed didn't really agree with me ;/

heck, it was even my last jamba juice drinking session with mo!

jamba juice

mo and jamba juice

and as you can tell from the picture above, mo really loves jamba juice lmao :D
but here he is normally...

happy mo

yep, he sniffs way too much glue as the 3d model consultant ;) much <3 to my jamba juice and nip/tuck partner ^^;

the end of the day comes... and i say my goodbyes and give my hugs :/

i said bye to the fishies that i love feeding so much even though i think alan spoils them way too much xD

fish tank at the bnmc

and finally, a reluctant goodbye to the facility (i know, i know i'm being such a geek) i've come to love so much and had fond memories at :)


i even bumped into lilian on the way out whom i exchanged a hug with and quickly made my way into the elevator in fear of shedding a tear or two ;/

ah, what about my coworkers/friends? no goodbyes yet! for we were going out for dinner! ^^;

so at 7:30pm, after dragging my lazy ass out of bed from my 1 hr nap (yes, my naps can be short and are not usually 3 hrs long :p), we all meet at takara :D although, i was a little tardy -_-
and as we go around the uhm, open-ended square hibachi table:

dave, sarah and aaron
dave, sarah, aaron

mo, ted and eve
mo, ted, eve

eve, josh, sean and lionel
eve, josh, sean, lionel

jessie's boyfriend, jessie, evan and chue
jessie's boyfriend, jessie, evan, chue

and that's our version of the last supper :P

introducting our sexy chef for the night who fascinated us with his utensil juggling skills...

hibachi chef at takara

too bad you can't really see his face, i blame aaron for his (or lack of) photography skills hehe ;)

we were also introduced to the chef's uncanny ability to lob bits of vegetables towards us (in hopes that we would catch it with our gaping mouths... circus seals amirite?! ^^;) ;D something i failed miserably at O.o most of the guys caught them though! ;D and for the finale of his cooking act, we were dazzled with the onion volcano!

onion volcano

onion volcano eruption!

by this point, the batteries in my camera died because i squealed like a little girl and went trigger-happy on my camera... so uhm, yeah, more pictures from josh once i get them ;D

after dinner, they gave me a card... and a present! they got me a 6x8 wacom graphire tablet <3 <3 omg soooo sweet of them!!!!! :D now i can cheat while playing online pictionary hehe <3 and yes, i will get my stick version of 'our last supper' once i get home ;D

i had to *not* read the card to avoid sniffling and bawling in the middle of the restaurant ;/ i figured i'd spare them the embarassment and save my tears for when i'm alone at home, sulking in the corner to the fact that i have to go home :P

finally, the much anticipated group picture!

bnmc group picture

ok, that was a terrible group picture since we're missing two people and a few of us have our eyes closed :p photographer's fault! ;)

we also did a group hug outside... which uh, i got lost in because i'm so short :/ but you get the idea, i'm somewhere in between the loving hugs :D

where is sean?

shortly after, we hopped over to eve's place. along the way, mo decided to let me try clove cigarettes. i said i wanted something to inhale, not bloody choke my lungs out on! :P ok, so it was also my first time O.o but yeah, even after the demonstrations and advice, it went: puff, inhale, choke, cough, cough, cough, breathe, cough, cough.
it's all good, i provided some entertainment for the guys as i was coughing on the sidewalk xD

after a nice tour of eve's pad, most of them pretty much headed home because it was a thursday after all (plus the fact that we're going out again tonight xD) and unfortunately, time does not stop for any occasions that i may have ;p but, josh took us to the shamrock (only because i was bugging him to take me to a gay bar ^^;) and bought me a drink :D

so lionel, josh, aaron and i headed off to the shamrock... and wow O.o there are more guys in there than there are girls :P add to the fact that it was a semi-dead night and that the two-man band performing on stage were annoying to the point that i felt like stabbing my eardrums with a pencil ;/
needless to say, it was a fast drink and rather *interesting* experience :P

i'm swearing off clubs/bars in madison forever.

the night ends with a farewell and big hug between josh and i ^^; i feel a little depressed as we get into our separate cars and drive away... ;/

i'll miss you guys SO MUCH ^^; <3

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morning soup simmer

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

my baby is sick :/

terrible he has to fall sick the LAST week i'm in the states O.o

but it's all good, gives me a reason to stay home and fluff his pillows ;)

on that note, paulo asked why i'm still awake even though i ditched work to stay home to look after lionel. my conversation went:

sean :: glasshalo.com/nekomatta says:
boiling soup

Kirlian Nexx says:

Kirlian Nexx says:
You taking care of him? :)

Kirlian Nexx says:
That's sweet :)

sean :: glasshalo.com/nekomatta says:
yeah ^^;

sean :: glasshalo.com/nekomatta says:
probably blog while the soup is boiling

Kirlian Nexx says:
Such a good asian wife ;x

whoaaaaa :p

no. 1, i am not married. let's not go there.

no. 2, for the love of whatever's holy and dear to you, WHY does boiling soup equate to being a good asian wife? i mean, seriously, guys :P such a misconception, tsk tsk tsk.
you don't have to be freaking asian (or married) to boil soup or take care of your man when he's sick. heck, you don't even have to know how to cook to boil soup O.o

actually, the whole herbal soup thing was diana's idea. i was actually thinking more along the lines of chicken soup O.o but diana's the master chef with the cooking skills worthy of a tai tai title hahahaha she tells me to boil it, which i scuttle off to do in hopes that some wonder root in there is going to be a miracle cure, and then adds "but if he's like andrew, and doesn't like drinking herbal soup... then good luck trying to get him to drink it haha" :P

we'll see -_-

yep, my apartment currently smells like an old chinese herbal shop haha

and i'm going to sit here and bask in its glorious scent for the next two hours.


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change and perspective

Sunday, March 05, 2006

i am depressed :(

in about one week's time, i'll be on a plane going home to malaysia. for good.

nothing wrong with that right? going home to my friends, family and the oh-so-orgasmic selection of food :D

wrong >.<

i can't even begin to start listing the immensely HUGE list of things i'll miss O.o

biggest change going back home would be the lifestyle i guess. socially, the people *here* are pretty much open-minded and easy-going, which is ALWAYS a good thing :)
but see in malaysia, you still have the pompous stuffed shirts (especially those aunties/uncles from some lost prehistoric era who kepo too fucking much and have egos larger than a supernova explosion) with the mental evolution of a piece of cow manure.

do you people have NOTHING better to do than watch your neighbours' kids go out? and feel the need to question/report to their parents where and who they're going out with? is your life DEVOID of any type of entertainment?

ok, even after factoring the whole asian culture thing, i think you should MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and if you've got any smack to get off your chest, come talk to me about it.

in short, i'm going to miss my freedom.

don't get me wrong, this has got nothing to do with "losing my roots" :) i see it more as having my privacy being trampled on :)

it's strange that when i go home (or when i have in the past during christmas), people expect me to come home with an american accent. what the fuck? are you serious?
granted i do speak a little differently here as compared to when i'm in malaysia, i'll tell you now that i'm still very attached to my "lah"s, "liao"s, "leh"s, "kua"s and whatever sentence fillers malaysians use.

for those who actually do come home from overseas with the accent: get help.

for example, you grew up in malaysia and you're in australia for one year and you come home wanting to sound like a native australian. ending your sentences with with sing-song "yeah"s and "mate" once in awhile is one thing but laying it on thick for whole conversations is just, ugh O.o
all good if you're talking to your ang moh friends because i'm sure as hell they won't understand the fuck you're talking about in manglish...

but with us?

does that psuedo accent make you feel a little smarter?
don't give me that "oh i'm so used to it" bullshit cause that's all it is, bullshit.

get over yourself, we don't care for your fancy accent and knowing that you only do it to make it seem like you're cooler just makes you look like a retard. comprende?

accents are sexy.

just not your shallow fake one.


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cult of the ubiquitous high school gangster

Saturday, March 04, 2006

you'd think graduating from tamansea (my *ahem* "notorious" high school in pj, more infamously known for the students who dual-wield parangs for shits and giggles rather than academic excellence) would mean that i'm rather familiar with the nasty little horror stories of blood, gore and rebellion acquainted with the "clans" in school... but i have to admit, i was pretty much a dork in high school so it was pretty entertaining listening to mike and khai seen share their experiences :P

mike: ahahhahahaha
how the hell were you even remotely involved with them?!
really never saw you as the bad boy type ;) hahaahhahaahahahaha
sorry boy, the only ganking i'd see you doing is with your paladin in wow...

oh wait...

paladin dps? ;x ahahhaah

khai seen on the other hand... whoaaaa
after listening to his stories, not sure if i'll be visiting johor any time soon O.o johor seems to be the malaysian sin city (and i'm not talking about vegas kiddies) :P from the broad daylight abductions to 150 km/hr near-kamikaze gas station drive-thrus hahahaha
although, i'm fascinated by all that face bashing you did for the sake of another friend in your clan... so much yee hei ;D i mean, there are times where i do get pissy to the point that i feel an urgent need to pummel something into a messy pulp but i don't exactly go out and do it xD

don't feel too bad though ^^; lionel did it too hahahhahah solo :P
i think he broke some poor chap's kneecaps *cough* but that's another story <3

on another note, as bad as this is going to sound: girls love assholes/bad boy types ;)
so it can't be all THAT bad :x

but yeaaaaaah!
never knew any of you punks were actually involved in the elusive gangster circles hahahaha

i swear to god, malaysians are so obnoxiously loud ahahaha
i'm sure we pretty much pissed off the entire cafe with our crazy discussion, bickering and laughing... so much so that a picture hanging on the wall right behind yip decided to come crashing down, missing his crown by only a hairsbreadth! >.<
luckily nothing happened or the night would've gotten slightly more interesting, the bad way O.o

speaking of crazy...
when i was in taylor's, i didn't (and still don't) understand how some idiots would religiously wake up at 6:00am, drive their less than stellar cars to college and park outside the compound... just to get out of the bloody car and pose by it for the NEXT TWO HOURS and give passerbys the "this is my ride, don't i look cool" smug look -_-

i mean, maybe i can't do it... you know, the whole getting-to-college-before-the-sun-is-even-up ritual because i usually come equipped with a decently high level of grumpiness when i have to wake up at 7:00am to get to college...

HELLO?! are you retarded?? what the fuck are you trying to do?? sell your car??

stop parking your daddy's perdana/putra/gti/wtfwedon'tcare heap up front and stand there like you're posing with the queen's crown jewels.


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let me entertain you

Friday, March 03, 2006

yay! the site design is up and ready to go! <3
for *the* longest time now i've been fascinated with the whole swirl and ethereal abstract concept... (i.e. tinkering with it in my head and photoshop without much progress) but finally, my procrastination of other things eventually gave birth to the little banner which now sits at the top of this page :) although, i have to admit... i couldn't decide on what to do with the right part of the banner... so i decided to cheat and just brush in some butterflies xD mark did mention something about gagging at the butterflies because he's a guy :P ppffttt get back under my table imo ;)

oh btw, mo... this post is dedicated to you... and your hatred towards bloggers (*cough* people who blog are obnoxious pricks who think other people in the world are actually interested in knowing what they had for breakfast that day *cough*) :P but i loveeee you (and everyone else at the bnmc!) and i hope you'll keep reading even though you think all small chinese asian women are evil ^^;

CHRISTINA! i <3 you :) and i'm anxiously twiddling my thumbs waiting for the nekomaru picture ^^; i mean... uh... take your time... no stress :P

besides the blog, i'm working on three other sections... a "me", "you" and "friends and family"... or more specifically "shameless guide", "everyone i'm bitching about" and "photo gallery" respectively :)

it's not up yet, so don't even think about scrolling up and and spam clicking the links... :P

anyway, i asked the panda (calvin) for help:

(the following msn conversation has been rated r... kinda sorta)

sean :: brainstorming... nekomatta v1.01 says:
oi panda

sean :: brainstorming... nekomatta v1.01 says:
i need definitions for "nekomatta"

~SoCal-vin. says:
in english or *ahem* malay

sean :: brainstorming... nekomatta v1.01 says:

sean :: brainstorming... nekomatta v1.01 says:
fire away

~SoCal-vin. says:
nekomatta yalah seekor kucing yang amat berkemanjaan...dalam filem filem jepun.. seekor nekomatta boleh jadi sangat bercute tapi dalam hentai, nekomatta yalah costume yang dipakai oleh gadis porn yang digunakan untuk menge-arousekan lelaki lelaki jepun yang amat berterkinky

sean :: brainstorming... nekomatta v1.01 says:

sean :: brainstorming... nekomatta v1.01 says:
bm busuk LOL

sean :: brainstorming... nekomatta v1.01 says:

sean :: brainstorming... nekomatta v1.01 says:
hang yourself now and die in a fire

~SoCal-vin. says:
good leh?

~SoCal-vin. says:
jangan jeles


calvin you fucker, your malay sucks ass :P ahahahahahaha
go back to ordering roti canai at murni k? lol <3

if i've just wasted 5 minutes of your life because you had to read manglish (malaysian-english) and have just now scheduled for surgery to replace a cornea or two... you have my sincerest apologies :P but do beep me if you want the translation :P

anyway, bleh back to the other pages...
or you'll never see any of it till next year -_-

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magic fairy dust

i've got so many things to rant about... i don't even know where to begin...
HOWEVER, i'm in the process of redesigning this blog... no, it's not that the blogger template is bad... it's uh, i just don't want my blog to be mistakened for someone elses at a fleeting glance -_- add that to all the other things i'm supposed to be doing and you have the work ethics of a procrastinator extraordinaire :) at this rate, i'm going to need a miracle (or maybe to just uninstall world of warcraft from my computer) to finish packing by the 11th >.<

i reckon this morning was the last of my flurry sighting days... i mean, i realize this is madison and it can bloody snow in may O.o although, it was rather pretty this morning... i watched in fascination as the flurries delicately landed on the windscreen and almost instantly puddle and coalesce with the surrounding droplets... i'm such a little kid O.o of course... that was this morning. now it's all dirty, slushy and almost as pleasant as watching roads being tarred...

my thoughts are so rampant it's hard to actually keep track of what to write first... it's probably the lack of sleep from the addiction i have xD yep, it's all your fault my eyes look like they got boxed in and that i'm going off in a tangent in EVERYTHING i say. i hope you're happy and that you die in a fire. <3

i was catching up with yees yesterday... and i told her about chris getting surprisingly pissed off the other day... well, i'm such a potty mouth a few random "fuck yous" and "piss offs" are normal... but from chris? the devil has gone ice-skating O.o
but ultimately, yees and i agreed on the fact that we meet the weirdest people while in university... yeah, don't get me started on this... from people who are barely coherent and are even more so a.d.d. than i am to crazy bitches that should've just been drowned at birth... good times :)

well, what doesn't kill me will make me a stronger person...
that or i'll end up in the single-mirrored white box a little more prematurely...


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shards of glass

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

i'm sitting here at work amidst my video renders and the passing chatter of the other consultants, marvelling at how obnoxiously ignorant some females can get... (btw, if you are reading this, you will probably know by line five that i'm talking about your sorry behind :))
not to come off as a sour puss, but ditching your friends and severing all ties for a guy IS rather tasteless... especially when a few months before you were ready to sacrifice your first-born for the sake of friendship... gogo girlfriendpower?

oh oh, and did i forget to mention?
there is a reason why i don't return your emails or even attempt to send mail to you despite the little messages being passed around to me: i don't like you anymore.
so stop trying to salvage the bond you broke before with false enthusiasm and feigned interest because I DON'T GIVE A FUCK.


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