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Friday, April 28, 2006

parental warning: this entry is full with both obvious and discreetly dirty suggestions, not intended for the eyes of a minor and/or the narrow-minded with a liberally backwards social perspective of sex and satisfaction ^^;

so, i got a message from a friend, who's very shy and would quite possibly go on an emo over-drive on me if i mentioned his name, saying that he "heard" (depends if you call reading on-screen text "heard") a random passing comment about my sexual preferences/behaviors/likes.

my heart skipped a beat as a first thought lanced across my mind: aw fuck, they found my abandoned smut archive -_- i mean, although i don't openly promote my kinkier side, i express them through writing (and then some ;p) and there's nothing really to be shy about. WELL, after awhile you do get used to the idea that people you potentially know could be reading them... eventually lol ^^;

if you've read up to this point and have a condescending "oh my" openly projected towards the screen then sit back, take that twist out of your knickers and take a deep breath (or close the window :p).
everybody has naughty thoughts. some much naughtier than others of course ;) and some are more open about it than others. to each his/her own ;)

i fantasize. do you? ^^;

*cough* back to my story lol

then a second thought came filtering through: wow, and here i thought that people online who knew me saw me as an innocent prude ;)

highly amused but kepo (translation: busybody) as fuck, i prodded to see if he would tell me more.

alas, nothing ;/

however he did say the comment that was passed around was: "she's a phone sex operator and likes threesomes and shit like that" xD

after that little revealing compliment i believe i can safely say i know who started this ^^;

i know, i know... phone sex operator? isn't that somewhat degrading?

heck no :D stroke and empower my ego more imo lol :p
as i told mark, having a voice that is capable of lingering seductively in a man's head and grabbing his other head at the same time says plenty about the woman ;)

i ain't even going to lie, as it stands, i have the voice of a 12 year old. if you're getting your rocks off to what i'm saying you're probably a) a pedophile or b) *********

*** lol i just had to xD censorship to avoid drama because i just took a pot shot towards someone who lacks the balls to talk things out with me when his ego gets deflated ;) when you grow some, let me know.

or i could be just that good? ^^;

anyway, i wish i could whore my voice out for a nice paycheck every week. hentai voice actress anyone? lol ah, i can always dream ;)

and threesomes?? i'll admit i'm bi-curious <3 (/lick hi lover! ;p)
but don't even get me started. hmph!
i didn't get one before i left the states, there is NO WAY in hell i'm going to get a menage a trois in prudesville malaysia >.>

oh well xD

hope your afternoon was as entertaining as mine ^^;


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peanut pipin' perverts

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

5pm was awesome. after spending a long day at pharmaniaga listening in on a 5s course and downing diabetically sweet teh tarik (translation: milk tea which has been "pulled") every 3 hours or so, it was time to go home! <3

on the way back, i stopped by kajang to get my dinner.
yep, there's only one thing in kajang that's deliciously evil enough to make me dash through the horrible piss the sky was taking:



satay up close

i've forgotten how GOOD it felt to stick a nice hot stick of kajang satay practically swimming in peanut sauce into my mouth ^^; almost orgasmic ;)

ugh, don't even ask me how many i ate lol
i lost count some time between lifting the first stick and looking down at the empty plate -_-

however, while buying the satay with my dad, i swear to god, the people at the satay place (painfully obvious young male malay perverts) were just staring at my chest -_- and no, i'm not perasan (translation: being sensitive), it was so obvious that i became uncomfortable just standing around waiting for the friggin' satay to cook -_-

so much so i had to turn my attention to the two black kittens playing hide and seek with each other around the flower pot O.o (awww ^^;)

don't you socially retarded pieces of waste give me any fucking shit about the whole "oh yah, if you wear tight clothes, you're asking for it" bullshit. stop making excuses to be irresponsible.
i was in a plain, roundneck, long-sleeved cotton top and it's not like i was showing any cleavage or anything. i was on my way back from pharmaniaga for fuck's sake, in office attire >.>

to be honest, it's ok to look at a woman's chest, that little acknowledgement is almost (usually) flattering!

however, when that look becomes an "OMFG ARE THOSE TITS?" and you look like you're about to fuck the nearest available hole in the wall, it's time to put your eyeballs back into their sockets and look at my face instead when/if i'm talking to you. it's just RUDE.

have you not seen the shape of a woman's breasts before?
if you think leering that obviously is ok, would you look at your mom like that? your mom is a woman too and (hopefully) with a pair of tits as well.

take some social intelligence classes imo.

seriously, to shamefully sum things up: malaysia is definitely a country with first-class infrastructures and facilities (minus streamyx which is in a shithole class all by its very own) but all that is poisoned and nullified by the third-class mentality of half the morons living in the country using them.

i can't see how we can have the capacity to produce magnificent skyscrapers, sophisticatedly networked highways and an international airport that screams grandeur and luxury... but yet, a scary amount of malaysians are ignorantly BACKWARDS when it comes to social intelligence/culture.
no doubt we are a conservative lot and supposedly are usually very welcoming and friendly, but i don't recall our malaysian culture teaching us to be excessively RUDE with our body language.

so is this "nice" facade only applicable to the tourists who come visit malaysia?
malaysians are on best behavior and obliging mode only when they see an ang moh person?


if you can't even show the same courtesy to your own fellow malaysians, PLEASE go fucking drown yourself in the nearest monsoon drain and make the country a better place.

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exhibit a: chemical engineer

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

apparently being a chemical engineer (or just graduating from that nightmare of a degree) puts you in a strange position in malaysia, especially if you're female.

in the corporate world, if you're talking to anyone with 10 or more years of work experience, stumbling upon a young chemical engineer is almost as fascinating as sliding down the end of a rainbow to land in the little green man's pot of gold ^^;

no, it doesn't give me any bragging rights O.o but to have people continuously gush over how magnificient the oil and gas industry is (WHY are chemical engineers only associated with oil and gas? seriously, why?) and how in-demand chemical engineers are is almost enough to make my cheeks turn a healthy shade of baboon's ass red >.>

that or they'll be all "omg you must be such an intelligent and hardworking girl!" and this sparkle of awe and/or respect will glean over their eyes as they look you over. add to that, a string of motherly advice and encouragement on who's hiring, when they are hiring and more reasons than i can come up with for being tardy with my assignments on why i should apply with that company O.o

in all seriousness, every single time someone attempts to heap praises on my undergraduate choice of being a chemical engineer and ask if i'm about to make millions soon, i feel like such a sham O.o truth be told, i'm a pretty terrible chemical engineer. so terrible i'm sure none of my professors would even want to acknowledge that i had attended any of their classes lol xD
i've had enough of chemical engineering for one lifetime and besides, i don't plan on killing a plant full of diligent workers because i let water leak into one of my reactors (cbe 324 kiddies will know which movie session i'm referring to lol) :p

also doesn't help things that i procrastinate religiously like a bad habit xD

although, mo would say that not being a chemical engineer is somewhat a blessing in disguise lol he has barrels full of unabashed hatred towards some of the faculty and students in the chemical and biological engineering department lol ;)
i'm pretty sure everyone in that department had their favourite scapegoat to model their voodoo pin cushions after ^^;

HOWEVER, if you are talking to someone of the opposite sex around my age group (let's say around 20 - 27), uttering the words "chemical engineer" is similar to letting loose a nice ass fart from your local jungle skunk smack into their faces. not only is it a good way to ward off the creeps that can't keep their tentacles to themselves when they're trying to chat you up, it's also the most efficient conversation killers i've ever come across.

for example:

random guy: so what did you study?
me: chemical engineering
random guy: whoa

or if they're nice:

random guy: so what did you study in the states?
me: chemical engineering
*semi-bulging eye look*
random guy: wow, that's where all the money is!
me: i guess--
random guy: so how was the weather in wisconsin?


however, malaysians being malaysians, the whole career question/answer session exchange is forgotten after a few minutes into a serious discussion on how diluted the drinks are O.o which is actually a good thing!

nobody goes out to talk/brag about work/school xD
at least i don't O.o
well, bitch probably :p

but it's getting past the whole introduction part which is mostly amusing and sometimes exasperating -_-

although i'm a terrible chemical engineer and despise the idea of even becoming one, do i really need to introduce myself as, for example, a psychology major to have people not be awkward at me for that one split second? just because i'm female, do i become less of a "conversation" because i'm not afraid to take up the old-fashioned man's career path of engineering?

are guys in malaysia afraid of girls who come off as brainy? (well, in actual fact i'm not, but i run my mouth every so often you won't know the bullshit from the facts ;p)

not that i have anything against people majoring in psychology ^^;

however, i get so pissed off when people start comparing and/or bragging about their degrees. usually (not always! ^^;), i find that it's the ones with the subjective-neither-here-nor-there degrees who have a tendency to want to let the world know how much work they have supposedly done and put others down in the process, in contrast to the ones who actually have done shit and suffered who just bitch about their work.
don't even open your trap about how your course is much tougher than some of the courses out there because you obviously have no fucking clue how much actual shit the rest of the world has to do to get their degree.

you know who you are.

back the fuck off and get off your imaginary high horse.

*cough* back to my actual topic -_-

so anyway, introducing myself as a chemical engineer has led to a myriad of honest, amusing and yet strangely suffocating responses ;)

not that i'd trade the experience for anything else really <3


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a matter of compliments

Sunday, April 23, 2006

before i go into my saturday night escapades, let me just say that i'm NEVER going back to dragon-i in fear of having to spend time in the bathroom worshipping my toilet bowl again.
as fancy as that place looks, i feel that i'm really forking out moolah just for the decorative efforts they put into that place and NOT the cleanliness of the food O.o
ok, granted that my tummy has probably gone to hell in a hand basket since i came home (with all the sexy nasi lemak and asam laksa ei?) and dragon-i was just the wrong place at the wrong time >.>

regardless, i'm still not going back :p

wow, being on poppy's dance floor was both a workout and sauna both at once. it's pretty disgusting if you think about it... rubbing against your unknown neighbour's sweaty body because everyone's squished to a point where breathing becomes an issue and not forgetting that lifting your arms up would be as fantastic as letting a nasty one loose in the middle of the crowd O.o add to that chaos: the heavy breathing, tone-deaf yell-a-long strangers who are really invading your personal space and trying to cop a feel O.o

so after the little mosh on the dance floor, i decided to go back in and mingle with the rest of the girls :D also because i thought i was going to pass out from the giddy scent of adrenaline still lingering in the air around me from the mosh ;p
after a few phrases of mindless chatter, i realized that most malaysian people can't take compliments O.o again, i said most and not all ;D

for example, let's take joo's friend, daniel (hi daniel ^^; no hard feelings if you're reading this hehe :D) ;)
so our conversation went something like this:

some person: wah! all you girls wearing black today?? planned one issit?
me: haha omg i didn't realize! call it female intuition!
*crowd laughter*
daniel: eh, i'm wearing black also, does that mean i'm female too?
me: nooooo, that just means you're special!
daniel: yah, the black sheep
me: oh come on! see, all your friends are wearing white and/or light colored shirts, you stand out in the black shirt and besides it looks good on you
daniel: yah yah, you're such a sweet talker


do i look like someone who's going to bother to blow smoke up your ass?! :p
if you dress like a complete tard, i probably won't say anything O.o chances are i might just sarcastically snipe at you if i'm feeling particularly nasty that night lol
seriously -_-

i mean, it seems to be the norm here to respond with a neutral and/or negative response when a compliment is paid. why? O.o

(keep in mind the variables here are strangers, semi-strangers and a new environment)

a typical "type a" example:

person a: wow! nice shirt!
person b: eh, nolah... this old thing?

come on, if someone pays you an honest compliment, take it! ^^;
don't be shy :D
what universe-ending catastrophe would come from accepting a compliment? ^^;

of course, then there's the "type b" example:

person a: wow! nice shirt!
person b: eh, nolah... this old thing? i think the color's a little off.

do you dress to not impress when you go out?
why bloody bother wearing that piece of rubbish if you don't like it?
might as well leave the house in nothing but a floor mat, amirite?
even if you are fishing for more compliments... that's the wrong way to go about it. for example, i might just shoot your ass down if i don't know you thinking you're being an attention whore. yes, chances are, it could potentially backfire and you'd find yourself face first in a pile of shit O.o

don't give me that humility and/or asian culture bullshit on how conservative we are. it's one thing to be humble and another thing to be down right offensive and irritating to keep flushing compliments down the loo. well, if you want to show the people you're talking to that you're constantly pessimistic, insecure and walk around like the earth is about to open up and swallow you whole from your miserable existence, then more power to you -_-

being a little more positive is a good thing! compliments are a good thing!
unless you know that person giving you the compliment is being a dishonest prick about it and is just trying to kiss your ass enough to make your bum shine and sparkle O.o

moral of today's story: learn to take compliments! :D big, huge plus if you give them out honestly too ^^; why not make someone elses' day/night a little better? xD

oh and yeah, not forgetting... dragon-i causes random whims to make haste towards your bathroom lol that is, only if you have my tolerance <3

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Friday, April 21, 2006

today, the world's two biggest chickens (namely calvin and i :p) and friend (i can't spell his name so i don't really feel like butchering it to death, sorry! ;/) went to watch takashi shimizu's reincarnation (rinne) -_- yes, the very same director who orchestrated and basked in the whole circus of ju-on/grudge fame.

reincarnation is basically about a film crew remaking a tragedy that happened some few years back which involved a mad doctor killing people off in some godforsakenly isolated hotel up in the mountains. shoot begins, funky stuff happen and we get to see the infamous little female child ghost (in long black hair of course) EVERY j-horror movie must have.

in all, the movie sucked.


as calvin so delicately put it, our iqs dropped marginally after sitting through 95 minutes of (massive random spoilers ahead, don't read if you're planning on, for any reason at all, watching this show sometime in the near future) cheap thrills, a looping theme song, a non-believable and unforgivingly UGLY doll, resident evil zombie wannabes and a pseudo sixth sense-ish ending ;/

don't get me wrong, ju-on and its american evil twin scared me shitless... enough to cause hyperventilation, re-affirmation of faith in the church at sonic speed and possibly an instant coma if the day comes that i will be ever so unlucky as to meet up with a certain lady in white crawling down my stairs -_-

shivering as i walked into the theatre, i sat down expecting the same dosage of chilling uneasiness ala ju-on that would linger on even once after the movie was over...

SUCH a disappointment.

well, to be honest, the concepts of reincarnation, dormant memories and lost/old souls are very fascinating... do you ever wonder? if you were someone else in the past? ^^; what happens if you recall a set of memories that aren't yours? hmm.

i suppose there was some sort of cruel intellectual ethics lesson to be learnt in the movie, especially once towards the end, the sole survivor (of the "actual" murders) more or less mentioned that the doctor basically gutted everyone like squealing pigs as an "experiment" O.o shame on you scientists and the lengths you'd go to in the pursuit of knowledge! :P

anyway, but when the lead actress goes into a state of mindfuck and everyone does the whole cgi morph effect into their former selves AND their broken limbs start shaming jim henson and his puppet masters, there is something REALLY WRONG with the show.
the only cheap thrill that came out of this movie was the distorted and horrific looking doll.

how on mother nature's green earth could you possibly get something like that for you kid?
at least the doll in "the doll master" by yong-ki jeong was more believably as something you'd actually want your kid to hold at night and cuddle to sleep with O.o granted the doll master wasn't THAT great... >.> but it left enough of an impression for me to have an overwhelming urge to STAB anyone who thinks having an attic full of dolls is a fantastic idea.

i thought the stop-motion effect was pretty terrible towards the end, but fuck i don't EVER want to see that anywhere else other than on-screen.

sigh, we should've watched ice age 2 instead and everyone would've gone home happy and satisfied with a sufficient dosage of family-fun humor!

tomorrow is always another night :P


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Friday, April 14, 2006

short and sweet update :)


and wtf, i paid rm88 for the guy to stick a cable from the modem to my lappie... O.o
that barely takes 30 seconds O.o this is excluding whatever additional charges tmnet is going to bill me -_- fiddlesticks!
wtf! how is this even compulsory? there was NO OPTION when i registered to include or exclude the modem installation (only whether i wanted the modem or not, pricks)! what kind of installation is that?!
it doesn't take a rocket scientist to configure my lappie to connect to streamyx.
soooo ripped off :/

heck, i want a job that pays rm88/30s -_-


oh my sis is pissed at me because she thinks i gave her blog site out to the folks :P lol omg it's so not my fault!
it's called google woman :p
sucks to be you if you left your blogger nav bar on bwahaha ;D

that being said, for shits and giggle, i've decided to link her xD

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tmnet streamyx vs. nekomatta

Monday, April 10, 2006

as much as i DETEST streamyx, my current state of addiction/work depends on the piece of shit they call broadband.
so, i'm here trying to register a line at home because mom's getting all pissy i have to come to the office at night to do work (and multitask with wow in windowed mode ;))

and what do i get?! a javascript error -_-

not discouraged, i dial the ever-so-helpful streamyx support line and watch the walls around me crumble to ashes from decay while i wait on hold for someone to help me.

the nice lady over the phone who probably doesn't know what's going on, puts me on hold again to have a nice chat with her supervisor. her supervisor tells her to tell me to try again tomorrow.

nice lady: oh my supervisor says it's probably some form error where you've submitted the form but we probably didn't get the right details. for example, if you requested a modem, it probably didn't go through as one and your package might be registered as one without a modem.

what the fuck?

it's a scripting error. look into it. fix it! SOMETHING!
don't tell me to try tomorrow because chances are it still won't work because it's an argument error (some string not being passed over blah blah blah)

so feeling a little rattled, i squint at the firefox tab, the error message and ponder...

since malaysia is pretty much technologically backwards (hah, all you fuckers using internet explorer can kiss my fat ass... and don't even begin bitching about why your computer might explode one day), why not try using ie to fill out the form?

turns out, it really is a browser issue.

how STUPID are you to code your forms so that it's only compatible with ie and not ffox? or any other browsers in general?
for fuck's sake the form doesn't even look the same in both the browsers.
who coded that piece of shit?
does NOBODY in this damn country worry about cross-browser/platform or compatibility issues at all? standards? quality control? testing? no?

is everyone so hung up on being "flashy" that you can't comprehend (or refuse to) a simple thing like ACCESSIBILITY?
fuck your flash/dom/dhtml bullshit.
get the basics then worry about being fancy.

say it with me: form and function goes hand in hand.

so... i decided to write an email to streamyx, knowing full well that i'll probably NOT get a reply:

Dear Help Support at Streamyx,

I am aware that you probably do not reply to any emails at all.
However, I would like to point out, as a future subscriber to Streamyx, I am TERRIBLY disappointed that your Online Registration form scripting is not web compatible with other browsers besides Internet Explorer.
This incompatibility has caused both your Help Support line and I much grief trying to discover what was wrong. Sure, your audience may very well use Internet Explorer in general, but please for the love of God and whatever is holy and dear to you, cater to the needs of the rest of the population who do not want to be infected with viruses coming from Internet Explorer as well.

Thank you for your time (or lack of).


as it stands: tmnet streamyx 1 nekomatta 0
if this goes on, my score is going to hit negative values :/

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hung up, hung up on wow

you simply KNOW that you're going to hell in a handbasket because of wow (world of warcraft for the non-geeks) if you still log on despite the sexy red latency from dialup and the poor excuse for broadband tmnet calls streamyx O.o
three cheers for backwards technology!
the connection is soooooo bad i have the streamyx help support line on speed dial xD

so yes, i thought i would be wow-free when i got back to malaysia...

wrong! so wrong. xD

my baby installing wow on my lappie was basically him sticking a needle full of wow-crack into the fattest vein in my neck and going plunger-happy ;/ wow is the epitome of addiction. my addiction anyway lol ;)

oh yes, just thought i'd add this in... i am currently logged on :/
not to do anything really but to hang out and socialize because i am on the SHITTIEST CONNECTION ever. come say hi if you're free ;)

if you're reading this entry and you don't know i play wow (although, i suspect you all already do... not another word mo :p), let me just say that the only reason i really do log on is to pvp. pvp? huh?

short and simple, to pvp means to roam the world (or the instanced battlegrounds) for one sole purpose: total and complete annihilation of the opposing faction.
of course, that's the ideal case scenario... i usually get my ass spanked ;/ that's why i play a mage :P polymorph and blink kids ;)
well, i also play a shadow priest... or "shadowmage" depending if you're bitching about whether i've tossed you heals or not before in the past <3 my priest is so overpowered i love her.

however, i will always love my mage the most. she was my first *adoring sigh* ;) and the burst dps (damage per second) is just too sinfully delicious to give up. although, i think i'm going to tuck my mage in the closet for a bit and wait till her class review comes about *twiddle thumbs* -_-

damn you blizzard.

i have to admit, after recent events, i really didn't think i would be playing this stupid mmorpg (god help me... massive multiplayer online role playing game?) anymore :p sure it's the internet and it's only a game with strangers... but behind the flicker of the monitor, there is a real person sitting there interacting with you ^^;

of course, you could be fortunate enough to end up conversing with a complete asshole and have shit up to your ears piddling about in unwanted/avoidable drama :P

regardless, i've made some good "friends" (qoutes for the skeptics reading ;p), mastered the art of verbal abuse in the process of watching my toon die horribly, had a smashing time passing the days pvping with people/guildmates i adore and of course, gone psycho slaying dragons :P

so, uh... anyone want a 60 mage/priest with decent gear and have had lots of love and time invested and showered upon them? ;x

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battery powered

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

omgosh!! my lappie arrived!! <3
i was about to go cross-eyed from spamming refresh on the fedex tracking page and staring at the screen too hard :/

i felt all giddy when i snatched the parcel box from my living room floor and proceeded to gleefully tear it to pieces before lifting up my... *dramatic sigh* beautiful lappie <3
i think i cuddled with it for a moment or two xD

no pics... because i'm a dork and left my charger in madison -_-

speaking of chargers, the power supply for my lappie is unbelievably hugeee O.o
the sucky part is that i can't charge my lappie because of the difference in the sockets :/ so off i scuttled to one utama to get the converter earlier tonight ^^;
30 minutes later, standing tall and feeling proud of my efficiency (or desperation, it's a point of view thing) in getting my lappie set up, i bend over to pop the converter into the socket...

only to find that i got the wrong one xD

in my haste, instead of getting the one which converts from the u.s. to the malaysian socket size, i got the converter that converted everything else to the u.s. socket -_-

EAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

i'm going to sit in my corner and cry now :*/

well, thankfully it still had 3 hours of battery life... so at least i could take a peek and see what my baby had installed for me :D

what i had found instead was a myriad of beautiful wallpapers, pictures from his razr (bluetooth? i see what you did there ;)) and a long, poignant conversation that made my heart swell and ache with love, pride and unabashed sentimentality with each passing sentence ^^; <3

even writing that out made me feel all emo ;)
i think i'll have to go attack a pillow and cuddle it to death now xD

i should get back to my css coding...
it's going to be a lonnng night ;/
but it's all good... i'm munching on my keropok ikan (fish crackers) to keep myself awake and hoping that i won't get grease all over my dad's lappie's keys ;/ and i have no idea how i'm going to be able to sit through tomorrow's statistical process control seminar without having my head swing face first onto the table and into my own puddle of drool... -_-

with that said, i hope my dad never reads my blog :p

that or until i run out of deranged excuses to pull out of my ass as to why the keropok ikan disappears so quickly... ;)


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saturday night rendezvous

Sunday, April 02, 2006

it's 4:10am but i'm trying to make a habit of posting on a more regular basis ^^;
that way people know i'm still alive and well <3

however, i will make this short and sweet since i'm about to collapse and one of the things i would like to avoid waking up with is the keyboard face ;)

it was a typical saturday night and again we ended up bowling xD
however, we went to the cosmic bowl at midvalley this time, only because one utama had a smashing hack to their electrical power supply in the new wing around the time we decided to meet up O.o

the cosmic bowl was not too bad. to be honest, it was my first time there xD and hrm, what can i say?
it was dark with lanes that were sparsely lit with electric gas blue neon lights, psychadelic glow-in-the-dark bowling balls, disturbingly warm and limp rental shoes and *cough* unforgivingly BAD techno music -_-
thankfully, it's the excellent company that makes all the terrible things in your surrounding not matter ^^; it was boy's team (boy, mei, cina and chris) against our team (kevin, joo, pau and i) and yeahhhhh, they won by a landslide xD let's just uhm, say i was lucky to get over 20 the 2nd round? lol :p

ppfftt it wasn't really a competition ;) from where i'm standing, it's affordable anger management; one frame for every day i've been home since march 14th ^^;

sorry, no pictures this time ;/
my charger is still on its way, heh :p
believe me, i'm counting the seconds and twiddling my thumbs as i go till the day my lappie arrives :D i'm so dependent on technology it scares me lol :/

omg, and on the way to sri hartamas after leaving midvalley we passed by packs and packs of mat rempets. ok, i'm not sure where the term was coined but it was cina who introduced it to us (with much annoyance i might add ;)) mat rempets are basically a group of people on their motorbikes, swarming and circling the highways/roads in huge packs.

where do they go?
the fuck if i know -_-

so anyway, we passed by packs of them, rather evenly spread out waiting at different sections of the highway. hmm, something is going down tonight ;x

seriously though...

could this be more of an annoying past time?!
WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with you people? do you need one beemer to run over your sorry ass parade of redundancy before it smacks you in the head that it's not entirely healthy to move in huge packs on highways with other vehicles about?
and it's not like the majority of them are flashing off sexy looking crotch rockets. take your kapcai and go park it some place hidden like in your backside. revving a kapcai while riding past a mamak stall only makes you retarded.

for the love of god and whatever else you find holy and dear, less attention whoring and air pollution please O.o do us all a favor and go severe the delicate line your lives are hanging on instead of putting other people on the road in danger.

eck, oh my... so much for this being short and sweet ;p


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