Late night @ Uptown

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Chris was hungry, so together with Cina and I, we decided to head to Uptown to do what Malaysians do best: eat :D Of course, I nearly killed them (and my side mirror) turning out of Chris' apartment :/ The folks would've been extremely pleased if that happened.

Tonight's choice of food: lok lok.

We debated over that it actually translated to. Cina said "soak soak" and I said it was "boil boil". I can't for the life of me remember what Chris said :P Regardless, it sounded equally as whacked as the ones Cina and I came up with lol

Basically lok lok is where you pick out sticks of random goodies (think fishballs, crabcakes, quail eggs, fried dumplings, shellfish, seafood taufu etc etc) placed conveniently on the table and cook them in the boiling pot of water in the middle of the table.

The fried stuff
The fried stuff! Yum :)

The raw stuff
The raw stuff located far, far on the other end.

The really raw stuff
Cockles: the *really* raw stuff.

I don't know why, but there's always a plate of century eggs (in this case, quails) with pickled ginger sitting about lok lok tables. Don't even bother asking how they made the eggs :P

Century eggs and pickled ginger
The hundred year old eggs!

And finally, this is where you cook/warm your food as demonstrated by Cina:

Dip me!
Takin' a nice dip.

Oh, and the assortment of sauces to go along with your food:
Sauces galore
Clockwise from 12: chili sauce, peanut sauce and sweet sauce.

If you can't already tell, we are dining outdoors at a rather unique establishment. To give you an idea how unique it is:
Location lol
First-class dining... or not?

Yes, that is indeed the back of an alley :P We're sitting in the middle of the road, next to a back alley (not to mention obnoxiously close to where they do their dishes) and flanked by traffic. Ah, Malaysian food venues ;)

Remember the picture of the cockles? The trick to eating them is to cook them as little as possible. Meaning, dip the stick of cockles into the boiling water for two seconds, take it out, stick it in for another two seconds and voila!

Cooked cockles
Cooked cockles: this picture looks almost disturbing...

My tummy just did a flip looking at that picture with the knowledge that the cockles are currently residing in my intestines. Taste wise? Uhm, slightly rubbery, a tad bit juicy and expectedly raw xD Almost tastes like something else too, hrm... ;)

As we're having lok lok, Chris ordered bak kut teh (uhm, herbal stew of piggie parts) as well. Since Chris adamantly refused to model her pot of bak kut teh for me, I've picked out the one thing in her bak kut teh I have not tried: pork intestine.

Piggie insides
The piggie's insides.


It doesn't look all *that* terrible. Think of it as uhm, a cocktail sausage... with coils... that is bitter... *gags* Although, it tastes rather decent if accompanied by a spoonful of peanut sauce and blind ignorance to the fact that you're eating another animal's food processing and absorption system.


Uhm, so yeah... my intestines are now currently processing some other living thing's intestine. It's quite disconcerting.

I think I need a hot cup of green tea to wash the taste out of my mouth xD

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Verbal diarrhea

Monday, May 29, 2006

It's been a long respite and I'll just start with an OMFG X3 WAS SOOOOO GOOOOOD :D
Ok, granted I'm absurdly bias because I love them all and a then little more if you're talking about Wolverine. Yes, the ultimate eye candy: hottie Hugh Jackman as Wolverine *swoons*. Rumor has it that the big people in Hollywood are thinking of making an X-Men spinoff focusing on Wolverine. As much as I'd DIE to see that, good luck with that :/ Character development will be a bitch considering hot, sexy beast Logan has been around for quite some time. They could also just solely expand on the Weapon X series <3

Although, I have to add that Famke was equally as hot :x
Smolderingly sexy *fans*.

I want red hair now xD

However, out of all the female characters, I've always loved Storm (and still do, mind you even though they butchered her character in this installment noooooooooo!). It stabbed me in the heart to see what a piss poor job Halle Berry did playing the mistress of the elements. Maybe I'm not being entirely fair because there was really little room for character development but bear with me :P

Let's do a small comparison.

Storm: wise, strong, compassionate.

Halle Berry as Storm:

wisdom? HAH. Didn't seem one bit sincere and was more like listening to her trying to pull off ageless wisdom while reading off a script. It did the reverse and gave her own character a swift kick in the ass all the way down to blur, fumbling naivety.

strength: Minus all the sexy cgi and overzealous lightning worthy of epileptic seizures, her portrayal of Storm seemed somewhat... airy. How does some who projects such a squishy, shaky persona command the elements? Unworthy!

compassion: I've seen more compassion in a dead fish. Honestly, how much more deadpanned and uncaring to your surroundings can you get >.> My heart bleeds at the injustice, really.

X-Men aside, I've FINALLY started my room renovation effort. Step one is done: buy paint :P

I'm sure Cina and Chris have been getting pissy listening to me scream "I have to buy paint!" in the midst of conversations like a realization had just smacked itself on my crown all week, only to finally buy it on Sunday night lol
So it's on to step two: cleaning out the room :/

Pictures will come soon ^^; Uh, yeah. When I decide to clean my pigsty of a room for a glam shot ;)

Today, while waiting for lunch in Esquire with my dad, I decided to browse the little stalls outside the restaurant for earrings. I've been losing so many of them it isn't even funny anymore :(

So, I'm there critically eyeing columns of long, dangly glittery earrings and all the while mentally noting that a single earring would put any Christmas tree ornament to shame. The "long, opulent and abundant" fashion seems to be back with a vengeance this year O.o While pondering which ones will actually look decent without possibly stretching my earlobes to a dumbo-like proportion, another girl (who was also browsing, let's call her Turquoise-girl since she was wearing a belt with stones of that color) came up to me and said in Mandarin "Excuse me miss..." xD

Honestly, I panicked because it was in Mandarin. I am SO BAD at the language my ancestors would forsake my heritage if I ever tried conversing in it. First thought that came to mind and out my mouth was a defensive "Uhm, I don't work here..."

Seriously, don't ask me WHY but that was what I said O.o Quite possibly because the storekeeper spoke Mandarin to me while she was handing me a basket to put my earrings into and that Turquoise-girl spoke English to her friend.

Turquoise-girl, who seemed taken aback (possibly from the wide-eyed deer look of terror I had on my face from being approached by a sentence in Mandarin) apologized hastily and explained quickly that she and her friend were having a hard time deciding on a third pair of earring (they were having a RM10 for 3 promotion) and was wondering how many pairs of earrings I was planning on getting. Me, half flustered and thoroughly relieved that she spoke in English, mumbled something about being unsure while coughing up a nervous laugh, apologized and went back to staring at the little bits of hanging glitter.

I am soooooo terrible :P

...and the prime example that not ALL Chinese Malaysian people speak Mandarin.

I'm ashamed I said that but hey, it's the sad truth innit :x


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X3 Preshow

Friday, May 26, 2006

I am so looking forward to X3: The Last Stand. OMG! OMG!
*cough*HughJackmanFamkeJanssen*cough*yummy*cough* :D

So utterly excited I couldn't really go to bed last night lol xD I realize that I'm a massive geek. I have come to terms with that :P

I'm incoherent. I'm not sure I'll make it past dinner without bouncing off the walls and have a serious case of nonsensical verbal diarrhea.

Since I'm ranting and raving, not that it's an alien concept, my camera charger finally arrived. I've been waiting since my saturday night rendezvous. Pictures! :D Hooray!
Hopefully we'll get a few drunk ones at Chris' place tonight ;) If we don't pass out right after the movie that is. Wonder if we can take a midnight plunge into her pool, hmm. But honestly, I've done my fair share of cam whoring for the day. None that I'm about to post them here. It's all boring, those meaningless poser shots, really.

I've finally decided that growing my fingernails out is too much of a hassle only because they took a big shit on my typing speed. I know, I'm bad :(
You have to realize by now that I've phased out of my historical romance mood. My insolent lack of regard towards censorship regarding the colorful language I normally use and impertinent sarcasm will grace my posts once again.

I'm still punctuation happy. I don't know, don't ask.

Six more hours to X3!

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Kingdom of Dreams

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I love my parents but their choice of music is about to send me to a retirement home--literally. I feel like a brittle, seventy year old crone shuffling mah-jong tiles with the severity of a sloth whenever I hear the crackly old chinese tunes filter out from the speakers. I suppose my parents feel just about the same when they listen to my generation of trash.

Ok, I'll admit I brazenly plucked that title off one of Judith McNaught's bestsellers. I suspect that my style of writing these few days has (and probably will continue to be) very much been influenced by the 500 pages-or-so paperbacks I've been earnestly studying. And what, pray do tell, is someone with the attention span of a three year old like me doing with volumes of romance novels? Ah, let's just say historical romance is the ultimate escapism. A little shallow since every book ends with a happy ending, really. Although, that's why I'm reading it in the first place--to resuscitate my faith in romance.

As I went on ranting about how enamored I was with the book, Mark had only this to say:

sean :: - i'll leave my love between the stars
"a kingdom of dreams" - judith mcnaught

sean :: - i'll leave my love between the stars
and that's how romance should be >.>

Mark [ ... ]


Ye of little faith! :P
Then again, where else would you read that a man likes it when the object of his affection is in a murderous rage and yet she's adorable to the point all he wants to do is snatch her up and cuddle her like an angry kitten. The cuddle and angry kitten part made my insides crumble a little.

Sigh, only with the Duke of Claymore I suppose.

Of course, everyone in the books are perfect. Their imperfections aren't really imperfections. Really now, a "plain" lady with hair like golden flames and brilliant blue eyes only the more so complimented by her bewitching smile and lyrical laughter. And her sister? Outshines the sun, moon and other heavenly bodies known and unknown to man. I now feel as attractive as a pile of dusty rocks.

I would like to think my self love would withstand the resplendent images of beauty Judith McNaught's books project. I've been accused of many things in my mere twenty-two years of age, mostly truths and some flamboyantly outrageous lies. But who wants to hear about the good comments, really? The most amusing personality I've been accused of portraying (and very recently too) is that of a hired gun! Only in my wildest dreams have I ever aspired to become a notorious, provocative spy vixen. I was supposedly an instrument of stealth, seduction, chaos and deceit--strangely enough deployed internally to aid some ongoing twisted psychological warfare. I'm not sure if I should be terrified that some mentally deranged person was able to fabricate such lies and that his conscience isn't pricked the least bit or extremely flattered. As laudative as it may be, the reality of it is that a woman of my ah, disposition, does not qualify whatsoever as a seductress.
Ask anyone who truly knows me and I am pretty confident they'll laugh themselves six feet into the ground.

Although disapprovingly unethical, I bow to the mad man's creativity. With that said, it's best to let bygones be bygones.

Of course, as much as I enjoy historical romances, the modern day fantasy ones are just as sinfully delicious on the imagination. For example, L.J. Smith's The Forbidden Game Trilogy (or rather, a silver-haired hottie named Julian) sent my imagination spiraling into a timeless... otherworldliness. It's been awhile since I read the trilogy. Maybe I'll revisit the Shadow World tonight ;)

Oh, and if anyone was wondering, the sea cucumber tasted like a more savory, textured and thicker version of fish maw. Yes, asian people eat the strangest things. The stranger it is, the more it's considered a delicacy.

So, have you heard about the polar bear claw dish...? ;)


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Punctuation; because I feel like it.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Today was a nightmare trip to the gynae's office. Never in my life has a pap-smear felt so intrusive nor have my ovaries felt so abused. She tells me to relax as she shoves the speculum in with swift, cruel precision without even blinking. And all I can do is wince and count ceiling tiles while my legs freeze up in shock from feeling my insides being scraped at. The ultrasound? Fantastic. It was somewhat similar to taking a gentle baseball bat pat to your lower abs while holding in a full bladder.
Believe me, I was half tempted to start limping once I got off the examination table.

Apparently over the weekend I've managed to gain a little weight. I use the term "little" with much precaution. I really don't see a logical reason for me to give a flying fuck about a few ounces or so. After all, more weight (if it distributes and pads correctly, which is hardly the case) equates to a curvier bottom and/or a sexier cleavage to boot.
Damn my bloody scale and the general stick population in Malaysia.

Guess I'll cry about it over a healthy dose of chocolate happiness. I like losing weight, but I don't like it THAT much. Not enough to give up chocolate for it. So bite me.

Since I'm on the topic of food, have I ever mentioned how disturbing dead sea cucumbers look (please don't even get me started on the live ones)? I had the pleasure of watching a few leathery, flaccid bodies soon-to-be-dinner thaw out in a tray of water for about 30 seconds. Despite giggling like a curious little school girl as I prodded them with solemn fascination using a pair of chopsticks, they really made my skin crawl. After a prod or two, I had hastily ditched the chopsticks and went to look for something else to amuse myself with. Yet here I am, staring at the pot of stew that my mom just brought out to the table. Ingredients? Sea cucumber, shitake mushrooms and chicken.

Granted I was never a huge fan of the "Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber and Mushroom" dish at the glam chinese weddings (usually course number three or four following the ever so popular Shark's Fin Soup), I never really did bother to try it. If anything, I'd only pick out the abalone :P

The other popular sea cucumber dish is the Fatt Tiu Cheong (uhm, loosely translated "Buddha Jump Over the Wall"). Never had that one either. Fancy that.

But I digress. At the moment, I am critically eyeing the pot of stew with tendrils of steam snaking away from its surface over the top of my lappie screen with much skepticism.

It's time for dinner.

To be continued...

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all that glitters

Sunday, May 21, 2006

my eyes are a little smaller, food tastes a little stranger and my tea is surprisingly bland.

i'm not sure if he even reads the blog, i'm not sure he ever cared much for it.

i really hate the light n easy radio station and their choice of music at the moment. hate is such a strong word, really. i'm so numb i don't even really know what that is.

there's always channel v.

sound has degenerated to a mass of garbled beats. i'm barely listening.
james blunt is getting on whatever is left of my nerves.
on a normal day, his music is dream worthy.

today, it feels like a soundtrack to a funeral.

doesn't help that they're looping "you're beautiful" in choppy little segments.

streamyx has impeccable timing for amazingly bad connection.
i'd call them up but instead of screaming at them like the whole country usually does, maybe i should cry into the phone and hope they'll feel bad enough they'll promptly fix my connection.

hmm, possibilities.


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the end of an era

Saturday, May 20, 2006

it's such an irony that i can't sleep past 7:30am anymore -_- at least, for the past three days or so :x
however, i don't think i fancy waking up early in the mornings anymore.

why? the cicaks are still awake in my kitchen O.o i nearly tripped over myself and bashed my foot into the wall by the kitchen sink when i felt one run over and across my toes. EEEEEEEEE xD

i've attempted to grow my nails out to get a french manicure (anybody know why it's called a french manicure? nico doesn't know, so much for going to the source :p) just to find long nails a terrible inconvenience! unless, if you're aiming to cause some serious damage ala sin city ;)

being unaccustomed with the idea of possibly long, glamarous nails, i find myself constantly chipping away at the remnants of the old girly shade that once coated my nails.

the flowers? long gone :x

no more wow!
shelving neko and chibi once and for all when my account expires... whenever that will be :x
(unless alex, you feel like playing her still lol let me know ^^;)

oh oh, news flash for the uneducated: contradiction is a bitch and screenshots are my best friends *beams* xD

since that's off my chest and past this sentence, existences have been thoroughly relinquished: no more drama! :D

time to celebrate with mango lolo ^^;

i'm driving *gasps* ;D

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let's swing

Friday, May 19, 2006

stemming from diamonds are forever, can i just say: EL OH EL IMMATURITY.

yeah, you know what i'm talking about ;) stop wasting my time. grow up kthx.
life is not a carousel. yours maybe, not others.
now maybe if some listening skills were adopted, we would all live happily ever after.

which part of 'leave me the fuck alone' do you not understand?

when your lies are broken apart there will be no saving grace from heaven or hell, not this time.

i can't say i fear nothing, because if i did it would just mean i love nothing.
perhaps before threats are flung, you of all people should contemplate the meaning of that statement. you are despicable and a despoiler of all things virtuous in human nature.

it's a shame but perhaps in the next lifetime, you will come to realize and understand that some things in life are indeed more precious than your own ego.

play time is over and i am taking apart this revolting set of twisted whims and fancies, starting now.



my baby graduated last week! kissu! <3
hurry home so i can give you your graduation present! ^^;

no, it's nothing perverted you dirty, dirty little children ;)

to be honest, i'm really contemplating giving him a cellphone he can't switch off :P i'm sure mike and yip will be happy lol!

i drove to get chris yesterday... O.o
and in the process nearly killed nico heading straight for a rather limpy, leafy palm tree branch :P
ok ok no one died, just that nico got out of the car a little pastier than before -_-

it's not a bloody amazing feat BUT we survived! lol
granted it's a little easier navigating around pj than it is kl... ;p

i've known this for awhile, but i'm pretty ashamed of myself when i say i know where my friends stay but don't know their addresses at all lol (as mr. rodriguez would painfully testify and whole-heartedly agree to :p sorry, i still don't know her address till today -_-)

yep, memory like a steel trap!
*cough*rust*cough* :p

it's friday! *cheer*
many hugs to josh and hopes that he gets his problems solved :)
when things are best left in the past, moving on is usually a better thing than it is a bad thing ^^;

last thing i want to do is spend more time boring the living daylights out of people who are about to leave work and head home ;)

by the bye, i still want your smut christy :p

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5am: haphazardly me

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

i have no idea where my baby is O.o

actually, nobody knows where he is. wow, at least we all now know that your cellphone is most useful when it's turned off and pretty handy as something to lob at your neighbour's dog.

i am too DAMN PISSED OFF to be worried.

you'd better not fall off the face of earth or so help me god, hell will seem like paradise compared to where i'll be sending you to.

however, apparently wow is more important than letting people who WORRY about you know that you're alive. so yeah, go fuck yourself and die in a fire.

anyway, seeing that i'm on a roll, someone did mention that my blog speaks about how not feminine i am. about how much rage and angst i exude--which ultimately speaks alot about my personality.

so i said: *with deadpanned expression* do i look like i care?

and: SERIOUSLY, does this look like a dating service to you? :p does it even look like a personality match? (if you think it is, you are clearly mistaken and should be at eharmony instead) it's my blog for fuck's sake. i write to vent for the most part and i move along.

how is it that the concept of venting and moving along is so difficult to understand?

nico is still in town. unfortunately, i don't have the time to entertain him this week as i actually have work to do. yep ;/

although, i really don't want to be expected to entertain for a total of 10 days. i mean, 3 to 4 days of my undivided albeit lost attention as a friend to go walk about is still sane. after that, maybe an hour or two every other day (life schedule hello?) ^^; beyond that just becomes unnatural O.o

i mean, i'm your FRIEND and that's that. there is only so much i can do because there other things in my life i have to deal with. hrm, even if *i* did go visiting, a tour guide and would be fun but i'd still want my privacy after abit ^^;

besides, there's a reason i told him to stay in kl :P
i.e. go explore yourself... at least, that's what the majority of the ang mohs who come here on vacation have a tendency to do.

at this point, mark (whom i'm talking to via msn) says "yea, get a hooker like everyone else" LMAO :p

on the bright side, at least we know what mark will be doing when/if he comes to south-east asia xD <3

walking around petaling street this past sunday afternoon reminded me of why i never go out in the afternoons.
it's hot, sticky and absolutely dirty. a bus that passes by and constantly farts dense, black smog can only shorten your life span by a year or two... oh yeah, that and give your facial therapist a nightmare or two when you go in for a consult -_-

i crashed after i got home from the course today (it's more yesterday than today actually)... which explains why i'm wide awake and blogging at 5am :p the only thing i hate more than having to wake up while attending these courses is the vast, immense amount of food made available :(

my weighing scale is going to cry when i step on it by the end of this week :P

guess i'll go cuddle up with one of my smutty novels and a cup of hot tea before i have to go for the second half of the course today O.o

it is going to be a long day :x


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nico day 3: touring with the tourist

Sunday, May 14, 2006

(post was written for may 12th but i fell asleep writing this halfway at 2:45am -_-)

it's no big secret that i'm pretty lost in kl :p
i.e. i'm your worst case scenario when desperately looking for a breathing, talking entity to be a tour guide xD

so i finally did what i should've done 2 days ago: book a kl city tour with the hotel for both nico and i :p

yes, it was a learning experience for both of us ;p

we left the hotel around 9:15am (huzzah! i was early today :P) with the tour guide and the cutest and sweetest austrian couple (arthur and sandra) who were in their mid-30s lol ^^;

to keep this nice and simple since some people think i drone on too long, here's a list of places we visited: istana negara (royal palace), tugu negara (mausoleum), national mosque, dataran merdeka (independence square), petronas twin towers and kl tower ^^;

ok, we drove by a few other places like the bird park... and uhm, can't recall...

ANYWAY, no pictures this round (again) because there's none with nico in them.
he's such a dork :P

so after all that, i brought nico back to pj to have lunch with my dad ^^;

i swear to god, nico's going to think that malaysian people are narcoleptic because i keep passing out in the afternoon in the midst of talking to him. it's not that he's boring or anything, just that all the touring/walking somehow deviates from my usual daily *cough*LAZY*cough* lifestyle :p by the time i open my eyes, i'm already panicking and asking for the time :P

today was different, i had real reason to panic because we were supposed to meet up with the rest of the havoc bunch for dinner :P that and my ongoing battle to not be tardy :p

nico and i made it with 3 minutes to spare rawr! lol xD

we had dinner at shogun to celebrate mei's "old fart" status! kidding lol xD
happy birthday mei!! :D

i think i overdid the salmon sashimi just as vic overdid it with the 15 konnyaku jellies. ROAR ;D
champion lol :D

oh yeah, lightly baked oysters with a layer of tantalizing, melted cheese over them are SO GOOD <3
almost as good as the completely raw ones with lemon and hot sauce ;D orgasmic even ;x which i'm sure pau and joo will agree with! :D hehe

as scary as this is going to sound (it's pretty normal for us malaysians though :p), we went to telawi street bistro in bangsar after dinner to grab some drinks before calling it a night lol

yes, nico's going to be thoroughly afraid of food and drinks once his trip is over :x

although, it was a little irritating listening to funk techno beats rip through the speakers as we were all trying to have a conversation. volume wise, it wasn't ear-splittingly loud but it wasn't elevator music either O.o bistro my ass :p
too bad we didn't go club though :/

oh well, poppy this coming friday, woot :D

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nico day 2: malaysian art 101

Saturday, May 13, 2006

(post was made and meant for may 11th, but i was late a day or two from insufficient sleep and that i didn't get the pictures yet from nico :p)

i have to start of by saying the hotel istana website has every darn thing you'll ever need from booking a room with them to their toilet inventory listing... everything BUT their goddamn phone number.

today started off with me being ridiculously tardy for reasons that shall remain hush hush for now as i've been lovingly bullied and threatened to stop writing about particular issues on my blog. don't like it? don't fucking read it even if it's pointed in your direction. if you hate and demonize me THAT much, you won't read my blog even if your face was stapled to the screen. stop finding excuses and go away.

talk about giving oneself a kick in the bloody ass for no reason, eh?

we all hurt so DEAL with it without resorting to immature threats. again, read the previous post. i bitch because i'm pissed and i move along. keyword: move along. leave me the fuck alone. kthxbye.

on a lighter and cheerier note, nico and i went to craft center to make our very own batik (translation: er, see images below) sheets! surprisingly, i didn't get us lost while walking from the hotel to the craft center lol xD
hey, i still don't know where jalan imbi or jalan ampang is ok? :p

upon arriving at the magnificent, traditional malay-styled building, we made our way down to one of the small crafting huts to look for the d.i.y batik hut. fortunately for us (i.e. me :p), it was strategically placed right by the stairs xD

so we picked out the pictures we wanted to trace and paint. yes, i'm no picasso so i opted for a previously printed sktech of orchids to be my template xD nico got a family of frogs ;p

so after tracing the picture onto the silk cloth, we had to retrace the pencil marks with wax. i actually had much fun doing it despite having a terribly unsteady hand and botched my tracings a few times :P
you'd think that every malaysian kid who went through form 3 art class would've done the batik but NOOOOOO, my form 3 experience was robbed away from me because our instructor decided just not to do it.

he even made us get the canting (translation: tool to apply liquid wax) too at the beginning of the year! i want my canting refund back you dirty liars.

nico chickened out after the first two lines of wax! lol and had the nice lady working there trace it for him xD

i am extremely PROUD to say that my watercoloring skills has not improved one bit since i was 12. i'm still as graceful with the paintbrush as i am running around with my shoelaces tied tightly together xD

i liked nico's batik piece :D
it reminded me of a stained-glass window. so colorful! :D

TA-DAH! sneak peek at nico working diligently at his masterpiece! :D

nico painting batik

and the end results:

orchid batik
standing tall and proud: grace from the ashes of evil and torment? (honestly, i just fucked up the background but i thought it was rather symbolic)

ducky batik
can you spot the pretty golden duckie?

since my previous post was devoid of any pictures from nico because of his illogical rationalization as to WHY he doesn't want to be in pictures, here is one of him chilling out in a booth by the craft center:

in the shade

eisen was right. SHY AS FUCK <3

with the batik in tow, we started back towards the hotel to grab lunch. today's menu: indian food ^^;
well it wasn't really indian. i was still a little scared to let nico try the banana leaf rice because panda once mentioned his internals organs turned mush eating it after arriving home for a mere two days :p

nan and tandoori
nan (white bread thingie) and tandoori (the spiced chicken) ^^;

maggi mee goreng pedas
maggi mee goreng. spicy. ehm!

yes, it's all spicy kek :p
but he survived! *cheer* :D

after lunch, i've never felt sooooo good walking into a hotel lobby :p i was greeted by a blast of cold air as the glass doors slid open to save us from the sun xD mmm.

after being jinxed by the rain yesterday, we stayed indoors for abit... and i bugged nico to teach me french :/ the only thing i can really do now is count from one to three LOL i hate you number four. i fail :x

sorry, my "rrrr"s aren't as sexy as his to cut it ;(

oh oh, and we played a silly game of make-neko-look-up-the-dictionary. nico would say a sentence, and i'd try to look up the meaning. consdering that none of the damn words are spelt the way they sound it was a BIG fat PAIN in the bloody ass.

sigh, nico 1 neko 0 -_-

btw, GUESS WHO had satay for dinner!

yep :D

nico and satay

to top this all off, we dashed to bestari at sri hartamas to meet up with a few of the gang and have a nice, cosy mamak session.

i must've left a few of my braincells in the taxi while sitting in the jam by souled out because i'm such a dumbass. i called for teh tarik ais (translation: iced "pulled" tea) instead of teh ais. yeah, don't ask lol

as the crowd gathered, we introduced nico to the roti tisu:

nico and roti tisu
eating this will be a pain in the ass? :p

it's basically just uhm, dough stretched really thin xD it's buttery and the insides are sprinkled with coarse sugar xD yum yum :D it was a good roti tisu and lasted awhile before we tore into it and watched it topple lol

it's 4am and nico is going to give me his puppy eye look again if i'm late. STRESS.

i think i'm going to go collapse now xD

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

whoever's reading my blog just to create drama for their own sick entertainment: FUCK OFF please :)

if your life sucks, join a circus instead.

i don't care for you. we don't care for you. they don't care for you.

we vent, we move along.

now move along.

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nico day 1: malaysian food 101

i used to love rain, but now i fucking hate rain. hate it with a passion when i'm walking outside.
especially when it rains for 20 minutes every 15 minutes starting from 4pm onwards.
kanasai ccb (translation: string of bad words in hokkien).

sadly, no pictures because nico was being VERY SHY.

so i met up with nico around 11am today. yes, that's too damn early for me. but hey lol although, he insisted that i could've been earlier if i wasn't online lol xD

the trip to hotel istana from my house was a 30 minute malay-for-dummies crash course as i was polishing my malay with the cab driver (who ironically had a chinese surname O.o) prodding him on places i could take nico to.

i'll admit it, i am an awful tour guide. the WORST (for shame :p).

upon arriving at hotel istana, i had to double check to see if i got the room number right. i mean, seriously... if i got the wrong room, it would be one big hella surprise for the poor bugger who's wondering what on earth this hyperactive chinese girl is doing knocking on his/her door.

after butchering nico's name a couple of times, the nice lady at the registration counter confirmed his room number for me :P

yay! i finally meet the secretively shy nico! xD who, ironically, has a toon that wields a sword bigger than he is and is all for charging in head first annihilating everyone in his path :p after a brief hello and a little chit chatter, we headed off to klcc to grab brunch.

at cina's suggestion, we stopped to have lunch at madam kwan's ^^;

actually, i'm not sure how nico really handled the sight of the extremely spicy colored food as i ordered nasi lemak and asam laksa for the both of us lol no, i'm not trying to send him to the hospital :P besides, it's going to taste odd if i'm going to order two dishes that are on opposite ends of the flavor scale O.o

much to his discomfort, it was cute watching him try to eat with a spoon when he's more used to the fork/knife combo :P

hmph, and he had the cheek to mock my leet chopsticks skill ;/

throughout brunch i was trying to explain what a starfruit was to him because that's what he had for a drink O.o and WOW. never thought i'd be that terrible when it comes to describing a piece of fruit lol

well, he did also say i talk way too fast :/ maybe that's the problem lol

to top it all off, we had sweet, icy cold cendol for dessert ^^;

killer line of the day: nico said cendol tastes better when he eats it without looking lol :P
ok ok, so maybe that green worm-like good stuff isn't for everyone ;)

after a wonderful lunch and a little stroll through the decandent floors of klcc, we went to watch m:i:3 xD

it's his first day, do you really expect me to make him walk the whole of kl?
heck, i wouldn't walk the whole of kl (only because i'd get lost kek) and i've been staying here nearly all my life :P

ideally, it would've been fun to grab a drink after the movie outside by the park.

but no.


bloody. fucking. rain. RAIN. :(

so we decided to head back to the hotel to hang out while we wait out the rain.

while twiddling our thumbs waiting for the rain to subside, nico entertained me with his stories and the possibility of tatooing the left half of his ass cheek with a beautiful flower xD ok that was a lie that i baited him into saying xD and yes ladies, i now know why nico hangs out in the deeprun tram ever so often LOL :p the secret is out! bwhahahaha pst nekomatta/chibineko for details ;D

oh yeah, did i mention that nico has this strange fascination with my hair? O.o
i told him he'd get the same results with his hair... he'd just have to wait for it to grow out (i'd say 1 1/2 years? :p) and color it black lol xD

after being bored indoors (think 20 minutes? lol), we left to take a stroll down bintang walk. one might think that this is the best time for a walk, the whole after-rain, chilly fresh air effect...

fuck no.

on my way out i nearly took a dive and pokai (translation: harsh way of saying "fell") by one of the bus stops. HELLO RAIN. doesn't help that i'm a klutz too >.<
after a brief moment of disgraceful panic and agile acrobatics, i managed to not land on my face or ass and held my head up high and continued my walk (mentally cursing and swearing of course).

i've just realized... bintang walk isn't really a big "tourist" area. it's just filled with shopping malls :/ what so "tourist" about that? visit malaysia, welcome to the land of shopping malls! and uh, although, yeah, would've been a wee bit more interesting if nico was female :P

i'm kidding, please don't hurt me :x

walking around rather aimlessly just looking, we ended up getting fruits: jambu air (translation: water apple) and ciku (translation: chiku fruit lol) ^^;

at this point, nico tried to teach me a phrase in french. i asked for "i hate rain".
i can't even pronounce "rain" (was it plui? sounds like i'm spitting, really). don't even ask how that went :P

as we were about to continue our walk to make our way to dinner, yep, you guessed it. RAIN.

(insert long, unintelligible line of inspired albeit inappropriate foul language)

we had to head back to the hotel again :x

i actually fell asleep this time waiting for the blasted rain to stop :/ i had plans on eating at alor and somehow, i don't think nico would appreciate having to eat with rain pelting down by his legs (if not on his back :P)

FINALLY, the rain stops and we are able to make our way to alor.
since we are walking, i was quite surprised by the huge amount of massage/reflexology parlors along the way to alor O.o i mean, i vaguely remember the signs when i was in cina's car but whoa O.o naturally, having a tall, caucasian guy walk next to me does not help things one bit as they are all trying to get him to get a massage lol :p

dinner was comprised of a modest four dish course (which we both only ate half of everything and i'm currently gloating to mike about :p): hokkien mee, ikan pari bakar, stir-fried lala and bbq chicken wings ^^;

i had such a bitch of a time trying to explain what a stingray was to nico. his dictionary was pretty darn useless. burn the thing! xD

while eating, i teased him about not wanting to take pictures because there was a big group of guys next to us with a few ang moh guests busy snapping away at intervals of, i kid you not, 30 seconds.

nico says it's pointless for me to take pictures of him and he'd rather he takes pictures of me.

nut O.o

stop smoking so much crack imo :P
you're on vacation, i live here.
besides, when you're showing your pictures to your friends, they're going to wonder where you are in the pictures :p
you make as much sense as your druid heals in bear form :P

(i said this earlier, but he started jabbing my sides causing me to laugh and without any harmful intent, to accidentally box his face because i am too ticklish -_- sorry :/)

AND dinner concluded day one of our exciting adventure!

except, my clumsiness followed me all the way home as i nearly pokai again trying to close the gate. even the taxi driver who was making a u-turn stopped to see if i was hurt >.>

rain, you're such a bitch tonight. i still love you though, for the most part <3

i still have no idea why on mother nature's green earth did i agree to meet him at 9:30am tomorrow.

regardless, i will HAVE pictures tomorrow.

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jog the dial

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i am the biggest klutz.
in one morning i've managed to:

- acquire multiple horrendously itchy mosquito bites from the previous night
- smack my head against the wall while getting up
- stab myself in the eye while trying to clear my vision of all the eye shit
- spill water all over the table because i can't hold a cup
- broke a plate trying to toss its content into the bin

i decided to hide out at leonard drake for an hour or so in hopes that my therapist would knead away the jinx :(

and she did.

her marvelously soft hands and the assortment of aromatherapy essential oils made for one hour of pure, careless bliss ^^;

<----- inc wow-related rant ----->

panda is a bloody scammer :p

check out his latest trend that will give scientology a run for its money: united church of jesusallahbuddha

desperate prayer AMIRITE? lol

starshards (albeit completely useless) still pwns you, kthxbye <3

<----- end wow-related rant ----->

nico (mera) reaches malaysia in 4 hours.
i have NO IDEA what to do with him O.o

i suppose i could start by getting some sleep so i don't pass out while i'm out O.o

it's so bloody hot here i think i'm going to have a headache and pass out anyway.

i take it back. i want it to rain more, please.


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diamonds are forever

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

i've noticed that my more properly worded and/or decent, scandal-free entries don't really grab the attention of any of my readers O.o perhaps i'm lacking the rage (as my posts are described by candice :p) and should tell people to sod off more lol or i just need to post up more pictures of food from malaysia :P

with all the delicious rumors being passed about, elevating my dull "normal" status to enticingly promiscuous kinky sex princess, i encountered my first sleazy in-game tell while minding my own business melting faces in arathi basin:

(of course, like *cough* all of us, this poor unknown chap was merely a little puppet to deliver the remarks because the actual person who wanted to say it has yet to GROW SOME BALLS. so much for "always being honest" with me. sorry, it's no fun if i'm going to censor shit out.)

dwarf warr: i heard you're kinda kinky... wanna have some fun? =p
me: sorry honey, you're not really my type ;)

*pause for face melting*

me: calis might be right up your alley though ;)

*pause for more face melting and awaiting the agm decision over their vent*

dwarf warr: threesome then?

*pause to think: bitch or saint, hmm*

me: sure... you, calis and bullet? ^^;


should've said they can't afford me ;) that would've fanned the embers a little for a longer and more entertaining conversation lol menyampah (translation: it's uhm, bad lol) as fuck.

if i could rewrite m! the opera, i'd call it m! the drama. not as stylistic, but guaranteed 100% more entertaining... that is, if you like long-winded scripts the epitome of beating a dead horse over and over again O.o

you like listening to me bitch right? so listen up lover.

you're such a lying asswipe.
assholes i can tolerate, but liars are just pushing it.
you know what bugs me? yeah, because they are coming from you.

from the meaningful little phone call while doing the dishes, the sound of music when i fell asleep by my keyboard to the sleepily giggled "good morning"s. forgot all that? or are you so blinded by your EGO you fail to remember all that was good and sincere (on my part, not too damn sure about yours now) while you're busy swallowing lies like the good little boy you are?

disappointment hardly fits the description. goodbye respect.

don't play with fire if you can't handle the heat.

that being said, it's over and done with. people make mistakes (you're proof that i make very stupid ones apparently) and we learn from them.

MOVE ON with your life and LEAVE ME ALONE.

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in my shoes

Saturday, May 06, 2006

after a long ass time not shifting my bum away from the computer, i decided to take a trip to conquer the whole 5km of kiara hill this morning.

there i was, sweating bullets tromping up the hill at 7am while all the elderly folks i saw pass me by were leisurely strolling and/or jogging up the hill ;/
that was the low point of my day, the humiliation lol :p

somehow, the walk was a little shorter than i had recalled O.o
then again, seeing as the last time i went to that hill was uhm, four years ago? lol

besides the seemingly shorter walk, nothing else had changed really. the air was still surprisingly fresh and the monkeys were still bloody exhibitionists, humping each other in the middle of the walkways only to scamper off when the walkers go too close.

however, the scary part about my walk was when as my dad and i were walking by one of the downhill areas, he simply had to point out that someone died by the side of the walkway from over-exertion... O.o

gee, thanks pa :P

one hour and a few buckets of sweat later, i made it! lol

all i wanted to do was go home, take a long, relaxing hot shower and flop back on my bed and resume being the little piggie i am. alas, not going to happen :P after wheezing my way through the hill, i went for breakfast, came home for abit and then went out again with my mom :P

little did i know, my mom wanted to go shopping!

now usually, i'm all up for shopping but after getting spanked at kiara... ergh O.o

staying awake was actually a chore lol

i was probably half awake when i decided to buy these pair of shoes but they were the brightest ones in the shop and caught my semi-conscious roving eye:

summer blue shoes

aren't they so cute ;)

as i carried my sleepy self around 1utama, i finally took the advice of a friend and went to get my first manicure! :D gosh, i'm such a girl today lol ^^;

in actual fact, all i wanted to do was find a place to sit down while my mom went off to do whatever she wanted lol xD i believe i almost nodded off while the manicurist was trying to hold a conversation with me while fastidiously polishing away at my rather shoddy looking nails -_-

finally, after 30 minutes, the result: a nice girly purpleish pink shade of nail polish with white flowers to boot ;)

pretty little flowers

apparently the macro option on my camera doesn't work, hence the blurry look ;/

i left the nail parlor feeling a tad bit more feminine, dainty and almost completely useless since i can't do anything with my hands but wait for the polish to dry lol

that dreamy coating didn't last long, before i even got home i had ruined at least two fingers lol xD i'm blaming it on the rain ;x sky's been pissing alot as of late :P

oh well! i'm going to get them repainted soon anyway ^^; no, not by you nico (i'm talking about mera and not eisen for those who are wondering lol) :P you're going to have your nails painted as well when you come to malaysia lol xD

now hrm, i just have to remember not to bite my nails... >.>


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there's something about you...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

that make people want to gravitate towards and around you.

someone once said that to me... ^^;

although i assume complimentary at that point in time, i'm not sure if he was referring to my *cough* charming personality or the fact that i'm nicely round and very orbit-friendly lol xD

alas, he now tells everyone i'm a whore and schizophrenic since things have gone sour and i supposedly walked away lol

the irony ^^;

psst, i'll tell you a secret: just because something doesn't go your way does not mean everyone else is in the wrong.

i do welcome feedback regarding rationalizing and prioritizing things in every day life :)

i just think there are some things in life that are MORE IMPORTANT than others (i.e. don't be a selfish prick?). any thoughts? ^^;

on the charge of being schizophrenic: just because i'm not an all-rounder asshole... ;p

i wouldn't call this a self-whoring (no pun intended btw!) post. i'd say it's more a detox rant considering i feel like i'm center stage in the middle of a bloody circus ;p

christina thinks it's wasted effort. i suppose to imagine being "rejected" to begin with is really overdoing it and everything good and nice will be mocked by his own brand of cruelty.
although, i don't believe in harboring negativity and having it plant seeds of ignorant and unjustifiable wrath (pseudo theory y? lol).

it's foolish but i know he is a better person than whatever is currently projected. although a little ah, blunt and impatient but he is not incapable of compassion as i've seen that vulnerable, chaste side.

however, perhaps what he had previously was not love but lust?

i may be naive at times but how is it love when you go to such lengths to hurt the one you "love"? how is it "love" when you're willing to believe the worst even if it's not true? how do you do something so vile to someone you claimed you love and still be able to live with yourself?

it was something special, but it wasn't love.

i may come off as a bitch (or clown, depends ;p) when it comes to dealing with emotions at times but i am not impervious to hurt. sure i can act like i don't really give a fuck :p i can laugh off a comment and rationalize the situation like the geeky problem-solver "engineer" i am but the first instantaneous emotion that comes by is plain and simple hurt.

no matter how minute, every person feels it.

i'm just so tired talking about this matter and having it crop up every now and then laced with a myriad of untruths. i am tired of it having a quasi-negative impact on what i am doing at that point in time because i feel sorry he's become like that. i am TIRED.

a few days ago, i was talking to nicolas about forgiving and forgetting. i asked if a person who has caused you much hurt in the past, when/if you have forgiven them and moved along, when you think about that person will you think about how good it was pre-shitinface drama or just remember that person as this evil monster?

and nicolas replied "whatever that person has done to you, good or bad, if it's important to you, you will never forget it."

such truth in simplicity ^^;

life is like a pot of hot water and you can either choose to be a carrot, an egg or coffee powder.

it would suck if you started off gentle (egg) and sometime along the way, you become cold, hard and calculative. the reverse however, is for you to be a strong person (carrot) at the beginning and go through life only to have it drain everything that is good about you and leave you, well... limp.

so why not be the coffee powder (or tea leaves for coffee haters :p)? ^^; influence and touch the people around you with rich, effervescent joy like how the coffee powder blends with the water to create a lovely aroma after some time :)
don't let circumstances beat you to the ground and wash away any and everything that is precious, virtuous and distinctively "you" <3

at the end of the day, i am happy ^^;

i will always remember that period of time with much fondness and everything that was wonderful about it because there is nothing else i want to remember and nothing else i want from it.

it was a beautiful dream :)

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shit stirring

Monday, May 01, 2006

my baby is mad at me because i am the world's most terrible alarm clock O.o

granted i don't take a big fancy to alarm clocks myself. the first impulse i have upon hearing that hellish bell sound is to reach over and heave my alarm clock into any of the four walls around me xD good riddance to that :p

that is why i now wake up to the sound of my cellphone ringtone. i figured it'd be a little more efficient (i.e. cellphones are more precious and would really cost me an arm and leg if i had to replace one every two days) AND you get the occasional bonus of listening to a human voice coaxing you out of bed ;)

depends really... unfortunately, sometimes i end up spending more time in bed lol

as i got the rather angry call from lionel, who was exceptionally pissed off that i didn't wake him because he had to move ;/, we (chris, terry, cina and i) were engaged in the middle of a conversation regarding drama and a matter of punctuality.

it's no big secret that malaysians are irritatingly tardy as fuck regardless of whether it's a personal or business arrangement :p mind you, it's nothing to be proud of and i'm definitely guilty of being tardy myself sometimes xD
i think the conversation got so remarkably noisy and foul-mouthed (yours truly contributing 80% of the vulgarities) the group of people besides us was smiling uncomfortably as we looked at them just as we got up to leave lol :p

young kids nowadays, eh? ;)

anyway, the other thing contributing to obscene level of noise was the issue of drama.
call it what you like but we all love drama. the good, the bad, the complicated, the scandalous, whatever! drama is entertainment, amirite? ;)
i mean, to a point it's almost unavoidable because we're faced with having to make decisions and choices every hour of the day be it life-threateningly crucial or not which in-turn could and/or will affect a bigger part of things.

of course, granted it's a tad bit more interesting if it's drama about someone else O.o

although i would say i'm more the confrontational type (depending on the issue ^^;), terry is a bigger shit stirrer than i am lol :p add to that an overly active imagination... he reeks potential movie director and/or script writer xD

or gossip magazine column writer ;)

a small bit of our "drama" conversation went into how your friends are more important than your girl/boyfriend >.< terry said something along the lines of "friends over boyfriend right?" (easy for you to say punk, we'll wait till you get hooked up :p) and i think chris laughed pointing out "omg sean's the champion, she completely forgot about lionel and panicked asking for the time when he called"

ow lol -_-

which brings me to: i'm a terrible girlfriend :/

i'll make it up to you though, i promise <3

i realize at times my priorities are illogically skewed... or i could just be using big fancy words to smooth over what a bloody scatterbrain i am ;p
yes, a little more brain capacity would've enabled me to avoid a big chunk of stress a month ago but i would've also missed out on an opportunity of ah, discovery ^^;

i don't know really, if it weren't for some of the less brlliantly thought out things i've done in my life (i.e. bad-planning and rash decisions), i may never have had the opportunity to learn, grow from them and be the person i am now ^^;

i'm not saying i'm great or i've become this magnificent being. i am sure i've managed to step on some toes accidentally along the way (although i try not to! ^^;) but i love myself and it's taken me a long time to do that. it's somewhat poignantly sad that a certain person who gave me the little extra boost of love, confidence and encouragement (sincere or not) chose to, for lack of a better description, disappear.

it's not as easy as it sounds but i believe everyone should have a little and then some self-love and respect too--not to the point you're narcissistic and you sit on an imaginary pedestal of course :) if you're able to love yourself (in moderation lol), the people around you will see that afterglow and they won't be afraid to love you too ^^;

they say a wise person learns from another's mistake.

so far, almost every awkward situation i've landed myself into has one way or another, had some form of divine intervention. no, it goes a little further than dumb luck lol :x

i am very grateful that perhaps someone up there loves me ^^;

and that the people i love are watching over me as i am loving and watching over them every day :)


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[ soon-to-be useful ]

nekomatta is...

This is Sean when she's emo. Sean Sean Tan;

sarcastic wordsmith, dirty in oh-so-many ways, fun-loving IE-hating CSS worshiping markup "engineer", anime-styled arm flailing expressive communicator, proudly self-initiated member of the cult of milk and caffeine, snotty pink crayon lover, tree hugging hippy organic designer, pole dancer wannabe, swing-a-ling lindy hopper, rabid arcane mage/bitchin' disc priest/annoying resto druid--sometimes spazzy, often giggly, always loud.
20% sugar, 80% kink.