Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Malaysia's all-time favored terrible design practices:

Having every bloody link open in a new window. WHY? Why, for the love of humanity do you do that?
Are you too lazy to make a decent index page link back? How practical is it to have every link on your page open a new window? Especially if it's to another page on your site? It's understandable if you've got stuff to print that would be great on a new page which you can just close after printing, but having everything on your main navigation bar open in a new window?

You're not designing your site for yourself. It's for your audience and their convenience.

Designing only for Internet Explorer. In the words of Mark, using IE is like taking it up the ass dry and unprotected. Your site in on the WORLD WIDE WEB. Does it say Malaysian Wide Web? No. So until Malaysia gets its own server/network/mad house to cater to a strictly IE-only audience, please try to think of the other people who MIGHT want to visit your site who don't use IE and god forbid, have Macs.

L2Design for usability.

Just today, I found another atrocity that is forever immortalized on the web: a whole BLINKING left navigation column. Mind you, the column isn't even small. My eyes dried out and rolled out of its sockets trying to read anything.

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essence of air

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's been excessively dry as of late. Everything is flaking (if not falling) off.
Speaking of falling, I'm losing hair. Not in chunks, but in tiny wisps that you think you wouldn't miss but pass out when you notice the atrocious amount that basically leaves a telltale trail of where you've been around the house.

My dad thinks it's the funky sleeping hours. My mom thinks it's the weight loss. I personally blame my shampoo.

It's finally over. WoW accounts have been sold or are in the process of being sold. The perverse in-game sessions of channel havok have been exported to MSN. Then again, that's not entirely true considering the people who still play the game would be busy doing something in-game rather than alt-tabbing out every five seconds or so.

Be nice to (or don't bother harassing) the new nekomatta on Illidan.


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