Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm a geek for even mentioning this but I got invited to the WoW Expansion Beta test two days ago. Now I'm stuck, drifting between the possibilities of giving/selling the key away versus nose diving right back into sweet, sweet sinful digital addiction.

The evil key is still sitting in my mail and I think I'm going to kill myself.

I hate you Blizzard.

I hate you SO much.

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In cursive, my love

Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's 5:30am and between tossing and turning, I got up and decided to rant and bitch about everything from the damn parquet tiles that are falling apart in my room to just your average every day "What the hell am I doing" stupor. Since my lappie is downstairs and I am THAT lazy, I automatically reached for the journal (you know, one of those paper mache covers with pressed flowers and recycled paper insides) instead. I stopped past "Dear diary" and realized something. That and I looked down at my own writing which bears no resemblance to a person who went to engineering school. I'm not saying engineers have terrible handwriting... well, yeah 80% of them actually have hideous handwriting. Although, who could blame them considering their faces are stuck to computers and the only writing they really do is math equations for the most part.

But I digress.

When was the last time you sat down and wrote a letter to someone? No, bills and tax forms don't count. Forced letters and cards of any occasion to relatives you despise don't count either.

When was the last time you sat down with beautiful stationery and a sincere intent of expressing yourself to someone else via snail mail and actually not have that letter end up as a crumpled heap of processed trees at the bottom of your trash bin?

Sadly it's been a really, really long time for me. Last time I wrote a letter "just because" was when I was fourteen.

You think that's bad? Hell, you can't even get some people to write you email nowadays (cough).

Now that I think about it, I still have those letters from a different time ago. Yes, all the postcards I received as well while in Madison are still with me, lovingly tucked away in my secret shoe box stash of memories :)

I don't know about the general population but there is just so much more satisfaction in receiving real mail as compared to getting email. Email is fun as well (beggars can't be choosers) but the giddy anticipation of holding, tearing an envelope apart and reading a letter is almost magical... in a child-like manner. Plus points because I get to read the letter over again and it makes a wonderful keepsake. Besides, when I'm old and decrepit the letter would seem a little more meaningfully nostalgic as compared to waiting for the computer to boot up and popping in a DVD.

Well, they say talk is cheap and I suppose it's never too late to start writing again :)


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Death Note is (now) my drug

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Besides the passive +gaming as a racial talent to being Asian, I think I'm quickly paving the way to becoming an onna otaku as well. Although, Richard might dispute that I was never ever and never will be good at Broodwar...

I know, how much more non-female can I get? The front-end developing, comic reading, addictive gaming... hell throw in perversion as a bonus because we all know the real girls are innocent, pristine little lambs, right?

However, I doubt I'll be hiking skirts and lounging about with fluorescent hair extensions any time soon... yep, cosplay is where I draw the line!

Alright that was a complete lie.

I love the cat ears :)

And this was taken a few ancient, bleedy (and terribly missed) Halloweens ago:

Halloween 2003!
2003: Naughty things in the bedroom, hmm.

2003 was the year Mike puked Maggi Mee all over my apartment living room and slept in my bathtub (cause Lionel's was too dirty to even step in :P) in the midst of his vomit and the JD fumes evaporating from every pore of his body. The year after that, he borrowed my red bra and wore shorts with his PVC dress because he whined about the air flowing through between his legs. Good times.

In the spirit of Halloween, because God knows we don't celebrate it here in Malaysia, here are a few random Halloween shots from the previous years!

2004: The day before; pumpkins...

Pumpkin carvers
2004: and their carvers!
L to R, top to bottom: Pooi Sze, Whey Han, See Yew, Way Sern, Calvin, Lionel, Mike, Yin Ching

Party at Dayton House
2004: Party at Dayton House

2004: Ooooh

Mike and Sean
2004: Mike and Sean

Priest, succy and warlock
2005: LOL WoW IRL-Priest (Whey Han), Succy (Pei Poh) and Warlock (Khai Seen)

State Street
2005: Annual havoc at State Street

State Street group
2005: State Street Group picture!

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Operation: smile!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Out of sheer boredom and the joyful freebies that come along with purchasing a sexy bottle of moisturizer from Lancome, I got a free makeover. Fun, yes?

Besides the fact that I got transformed into a classy looking prostitute from China, I think what scared me more was the fact that old men (mind you, this was done smack in the middle of 1u) stopped to look while the photographer was busy ordering me about while the photo shoot was going. There is nothing more flattering than trying to suck your gut in while striking a pose resembling something out of an Ultraman cartoon and watching a small audience gather round.

Once that was out of the way with, the photographer sat me down to choose one picture his assistant would delicately airbrush and transform me into absolutely nothing I look like in real life. So here is the picture I chose for him to airbrush, before and after:

Before the airbrushing.

Just a note since I've seen the pictures side by side, I look positively ancient in the first picture by comparison.

After the airbrushing.

Don't you just love Photoshop?

To top things off, as we were picking through the pictures, the photographer said in serious undertones that if he did the picking he would've chosen a more complicated (read: flamboyant poses that put the Power Rangers to shame) picture and it would look AWESOME after it's been "touched up".

I was particularly disturbed as I bit down on my lip in distaste at his comment. Do I really want a picture that looks nothing like myself? Honestly. That or he's insinuating I'm butt ugly...

Also, he mentioned that I had nice teeth and I should "do" toothpaste ads. Curiously tickled because I really don't know who actually has a modeling contract JUST for their teeth alone, I Googled a local modeling agency and sent them this email:


I'm writing this email out of curiosity to find out if you have people modeling teeth for you, for well, toothpaste ads as an example. And also the question as to how one becomes a teeth model? Right, I know it sounds extremely weird but I just got told I should do toothpaste commercials by some photographer so I thought it would be harmless to just email and ask. Would be great if I heard back from you!

Have a lovely night :)


Sean :)

I'm not actually banking on a response of some sort seeing as I'd personally think whoever wrote that had a few too many to drink... but then again, I might respond just to humor him/her.

Regardless, I'll give them a week and see if I get a reply. Stay tuned! ;)

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Supermassive black hole

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Either there's a tumor exploding in my head or I really, really need to get away from the computer. That or it could be I just need a higher dosage of paracetemol to stop the pain in my head which uncannily feels like a blunt object pounding against my skull at a non too gentle pressure.

Yep, doesn't get any better... exploding brains and toxic air.

Besides the generic drug, my mom prescribed a chinese not-so-herbal remedy which consists of a gallon of barley water (with ginko and foo chuk). Foo chuk is... according to Boy (and the other lovely people who populate my MSN list <3), "some bean like soya bean i think... u process it then it dries into sheets, then its foo chuk lo."

Here's a small picture what my dessert looks like:

barley foo chuk
Taken in a dark kitchen because I can't be pissed to turn on the lights.

Usually, there would be more water to it but I already mentioned I had guzzled that all up. That and pretty much all the foo chuk has been broken to bits.

Now I just have to wait for all that to digest. WTB Nyquil for a quicker remedy and free hallucinatory trip to a parallel dimension.


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Cry me a river

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Currently, staying in the Klang Valley is the equivalent of a having a perpetual exhaust pipe shoved up your nostrils. On the up side, it's got a nice misty effect... except, it's not mist but dust you're breathing in that's killing you softly. Very soon, we'll all be trekking around our parks with gas masks on to keep us nice and healthy while we're exercising in a dust bowl.

In other news, I woke up this morning to the chitter chatter of my relatives, all huddled around my lappie and surfing the internet... on IE6. I spluttered and whimpered in my corner trying to explain why they should click on that spanking red icon called Firefox instead as silver dots danced across my vision.

I would take it off my bar, but unfortunately I still have to test stuff on IE6 and henceforth, there it will stay until a mass IE6 annihilation happens. I had previously told my dad not to use IE6 EVER on my PC... and even installed Firefox on his lappie. Needless to say, he now uses Firefox. Of course, I did mention IE6 has the potential to allow obscene amounts of spyware/virus into his computer that will eventually ruin his training program materials... ;)

And now, I'm sitting amidst my relatives... in the middle of an exciting conversation about household goods spoken in English, Cantonese and Hokkien all at once. It's amazing how I can understand them but will probably never ever speak as fluently as they can as they swiftly transition between dialects and topics of interest.

I know where my ADD comes from.

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Wishful thinking

Friday, October 13, 2006

I spent three hours trying to connect to the poor excuse for an internet connection we have in Malaysia this morning. Not only that, in that same three hours, my cellphone nearly died auto redialing to TMNet's customer support line without any inkling of success. The big question now: when Streamyx croaks, do their phone support line(s) automatically shut down as well?

I'd understand that they probably don't want disgruntled/frustrated/annoyed users screaming at them way early in the morning at eight-ish or nine, telling them how horrible their service is. See, that wouldn't happen if they provided decent service to begin with. In essence, TMNet is a monopolizing whore of an entity that doesn't deliver and hides behind automated (well, considering they all can't seem to answer in any form otherwise... they might as well be tape recordings) customer support. And that is ONLY when you actually get through (only to be put on hold for another hair-pulling twenty minutes or so).

For THE LOVE OF GOD (yours, mine and especially yours) people, feed the hamsters that are powering our server generators. I'm sure with the obscene amount of money TMNet's unjustly collecting, the hamsters really shouldn't go hungry. Unless, there are only three of them running the wheels, one for each server... yeah.

On a side note, I'm downloading "I Like The Boys" by the Pleasure Seekers. It's nothing unexpected but I'm still tickled by the irrelevant amount of porn you get instead of the actual song itself.

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Scathing mornings

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The day IE6 gets permanently abolished will be the day the fists of developers pound the sky in unrivaled states of exuberance. Sadly, deflate those chests and cool that battle cry for we can only dream and that time has not yet arrived...

maybe check back with me in five to six years on that.

Besides that, did I ever mention the green tea powder Genki Sushi (GS) sells tastes more like mushed seaweed (a tie between raw and plastic-esque texture) with a dash of burnt leaves than actual tea? Strangely enough, the green tea they have at GS itself tastes (thankfully) like ACTUAL green tea.

The story goes:

Being the extremely impatient ass I am, it had occurred to me one fine day that I should just ask the people in GS where they get their green tea powder from instead of having to steep the leaves and essentially wait for my tea, only to be able to drink it when it cools to room temperature. I had previously imported green tea powder from Japan while I was in Madison (green tea was scarce in Madison). Since I can't be bothered to wait for the two week shipping, I decided to hunt for it in Malaysia instead.

You'd think in a place like Malaysia, where people literally live to eat, a small container of sen-cha green tea powder wouldn't be hard to come by. Wrong.

Out of ideas, I had suddenly remembered that GS uses green tea powder instead of satchels (and of course, you make the tea yourself). Coincidentally, that one day I decided to ask if they sold their green tea powder was the first time I've seen neatly arranged green tea powder packs by the payment counter being sold for RM10/pack (that's about $3).

Such good fortune, yes?

I proceed to ask the store manager what type of tea it is and he replies he has no idea only that it was imported from Japan. It struck me as peculiar at first because it was extremely cheap... but hey, they probably import the stuff by the kgs and get a bulk discount.

So much for that.

Can I say first rotten intuitions are mostly correct because it tastes NOTHING like the tea you have at GS itself. It's rubbish and even smells like burnt leaves. Hell, even the color looks strangely polluted ala the fluorescent toxic rivers in your average Captain Planet episode.

I am just going to stick with importing from Japan for now. At least my tongue won't fall off nor will I be overwhelmed with a nauseous sensation while I attempt to drink tea that tastes like burnt leaves and industrial plastic.

Meanwhile, there's always the tea leaves.

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Better late than never

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's been nearly a month since I wrote anything and as much as I would love to blame the v2.1 skin for the lack of my presence, I'm just going to cough it up and say that I've been partly lazy and mainly trapeezing between sonic speed coding and the severe lack of sleep normalcy.

Since I've had a few complaints that my blog doesn't have enough pictures, I designed a new skin with a big, FAT picture up top. Yes, it's pretty much a glaring in-your-face smug. And yes, it's pretty much a self-whoring picture. You can't please everyone, now can you?

Speaking of tardy, I've yet to post the PD pictures *gasps*. Instead of bitching about the hotel we stayed in that had piss poor food and service like I had intended to, I'm going to be nice and just post heavenly pictures the epitome of the good life from our one night escape to PD a week or so ago:

Beach happy!
Destination: bliss.

What's a trip to the beach without good food...

No time for the camera.

... a little gambling...

Gambling in the room
We really had no idea what to do.

... and then lazing by the night shore listening to the bubbly waves crash and mingle with the sand...

Lazing by the beach
Life is good.

... while drinking like there's no tomorrow?

Heineken representin'
Of course, life can be much better.

I can happily say all I did during this trip was either sleep, eat, play or laugh. I had fallen asleep on the beach the next morning while attempting to nab a sexy, bronze shade and this is what the rest of them were up to:

Mei's hair dye session
Mei's impromptu red-haired transformation. Ok, it wasn't *that* impromptu considering we lagged in Melaka debating over which color to buy.

I caught up with them soon enough as the bustled fastidiously around Mei:

Busy little bees
Busy little bees-Cina taking some time off to catch up with the news.

Soon after that, we left our sandy heaven and made our way back to our haze ridden homes in the valley... but of course, much happier (and a shade or two different) before we left :)

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[ soon-to-be useful ]

nekomatta is...

This is Sean when she's emo. Sean Sean Tan;

sarcastic wordsmith, dirty in oh-so-many ways, fun-loving IE-hating CSS worshiping markup "engineer", anime-styled arm flailing expressive communicator, proudly self-initiated member of the cult of milk and caffeine, snotty pink crayon lover, tree hugging hippy organic designer, pole dancer wannabe, swing-a-ling lindy hopper, rabid arcane mage/bitchin' disc priest/annoying resto druid--sometimes spazzy, often giggly, always loud.
20% sugar, 80% kink.