You're beautiful

Wednesday, December 13, 2006's true :)

And yes, that still holds true even though a majority of Asian women suffer from pancake ass.


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To your credit

Friday, December 08, 2006

It's almost impossible to walk around a mall without being harassed by a credit card sales rep lately. That, or the increasing lack of sleep and eyeliner has somewhat transformed my youth (I am in denial, I know) into an appearance of illusionary wealth... you've seen them: the old women totting their Louis Vuitton bags draped in an obnoxious amount of bling. I don't have bling, I don't have Louis Vuitton and I don't want your credit cards.

The month started out pretty rotten.

Starting with last week.

It was a beautiful day, until some bastard at Poppy decided to ruin my night by slipping a Roofie into my drink. Yes, thank GOD my friends were around and yes, I puked all over my hand--eventually. And no, I didn't take drinks from strangers, I know better. See, walking around without your head (i.e. no sight, no sound) trying to get outside in heels with your friends supporting you on one arm and the beer on the other was pretty funky. However, the "hangover" the day after, the miserable after-sensation of puking into three different sinks and toilet bowls was NOT entirely enjoyable.

The gastrointestinal disturbance was bearable... until I had to go to the doctor's (the same doc who probably sighs at how I never learn to watch what I eat, eh)... and miss the wedding dinner.


I probably won't be this bitter if that stupid asshat had come up to me and attempted something... and I had accidentally puked all over him before my friends escorted me away.

That and I'm itching to beat him up ala Daniel Craig... if I ever find that coward.

Now I have so much gas, burping -loudly- isn't as hilarious as it used to be anymore.

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