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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm at the SitePoint forums, browsing... and I come across this post looking for a CSS/XHTML coder:

Requirements are pretty standard but most probably not for the newbies (2 years experience in CSS2 and XHTML, understanding of SiFR, JScript and DHTML and an 8 hour turnover time "a plus").

I scroll down to the bottom and the salary or project budget is listed as... a whooping $30-$50 a page -_-


What on earth?

I click on the company's site, xHTMLit.com...

and WOW, their base pricing is FROM $150/page (mind you, there are hidden costs if you want the page to be "cross-browser compatible" as well) and they're paying the developers only $30-$50 a page?

$30-$50 per page for someone with two years of experience or more. Right.

Grats on exploiting? :(

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Written abuse

It's that time (before the time) of the month where I bask in the glory of reckless indulgence... particularly those of the edible nature. Of course, I might and probably will end up whining about it two weeks later after all the guilt and lard have permanently set in.

I've also realized that the quality of my writing pretty much crumples into a heap of rubbish when I attempt to compose my thoughts and deliver them in a proper and legible manner.

That just makes me a god-awful writer.

But still a decent CSS developer... I think ;)

Speaking of which, what is it with people who think they can get away with paying their contractors with literally peanuts? Or the shady ones who keep adding stuff to do thinking it's some God-given right of theirs to step over the boundaries of the initial contract (verbal, written, whatever tickles your trust)? Now, I have some really wonderful clients but sometimes there's that one or two who unleashes the serial killer in you.

For example:

This bloody monkey makes a list of things (X) that I have to fix and agrees to pay me a certain amount (Y). I write him back to clarify and confirm. When he replies, it's (X + Z) fixes. Already a little ticked off, I still email to verify the stuff that needs to be done -again- and he emails me back with an even bigger list (think X + Z + [ Int{1+3*x}, x=A..Z ]). So from 19 fixes to 49 (F-O-U-R-T-Y-N-I-N-E)... and some of them are full-blown pages.

What the hell? It's obvious that you're already an inconsiderate, unreasonable, disrespectful, exploiting asshole but are you stupid as well to blatantly add on (and what a big addition) what was not previously stated and still expect it to be done at the same price?
Getting a "bang for your buck" is one thing but over-exploiting?! Are you sick in the head?

Don't get me wrong but the one, two or three additions are usually no big deal... BUT THIRTY?

Of course, killing him off with invincible psychic powers or frying his ass with sunbeams bounced off a satellite ala James Bond right now would only be, unfortunately, a dream. Instead, I reply with a courteous albeit slightly sarcastic "Wow, that list grows longer every time... sorry, I can't take that project considering your budget isn't proportional to the time/work required."

In reality, my response would be, "You douchebag, this is daylight robbery. You don't want a front end developer, you want a mindless slave from the deepest, poorest nether regions of India. I hope your CSS rots and dies."

Do the world a favor and learn from the other good people in the world: embrace your inner virtues of being considerately reasonable and don't be an asshat.

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Automatic Asian

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Apparently I become "more" Asian when I laugh and smile. Mainly because my eyes swiftly turn into two, stiff brush strokes and well, almost disappear into my face.

Gotta work the serious look ;x


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The usual Friday

9pm is dinner time! It's late, but worth the wait to haul ass to Umai-ya! at the Place! ;) Despite not being quite the foodie like Yees is (with all her tantalizing descriptions of delectable edibles that are an experience to the taste buds and quite possibly out of this world), I shall still attempt to do a review of the food at Umai-ya!...

The food at Umai-ya! is orgasmic.

That's all I'm going to say.

Service is excellent but between the dishes, witty banter, not-so-sterile jokes and endless cups of green tea there are stupid things you could do... like snapping the camera every ten seconds or so.

Waiting for the food!
Waiting for the food!

After dinner, it was time for a drink! :D It's no big secret the service at Laundry is shit... so we decided to check out Sanctuary (right above Laundry). Turns out, service at Sanctuary was just as bad, if not worse. I'm starting to wonder if both places are run by the same management.

If you're wondering who's been taking the pictures... omg, guess who's back:

Sakura flowers... at the Curve.
Sakura flowers... at the Curve.

Alright, so he didn't take that picture (for obvious reasons) and I know, it's dark -_- But a cute couple (cute in this context covers the whole petite, short and adorable range) offered to take it for us! :D

But we decided to take one ourselves anyway.



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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Browsing through today's The Star, I came across an ad from AmIslamic Bank that I found extremely amusing (come on, who could miss one page of bright and beautiful garish?) which had this picture:

What is wrong with this picture?
What is wrong with this picture?

Look again, notice anything wrong with the picture?

Now, despite the ITCHING temptation to be mean and nasty, I'm going to attempt to quell all (hah!) racist/sexist comments... and not blame the Malay lady or anything for the flop; it was probably the photographer/art director who needs to be shot, really... and who knows? Dude could be very well Chinese, right?

But then again, since this country is famous for her bias slants and racist favors, it could swing either way on who got the job :P

Anyway, if you haven't noticed already: the camera is backwards.

Yes, backwards.

Now, maybe I'm the stupid assflute but I am damn sure that the family in that ad aren't looking through the photo album. They are TAKING a picture, FFS! COME ON. Hubby is all smiles... mom is flashing her pearly whites like her life depends on it and the kids look like, well, how kids look like when they've been smiling for way too long waiting for their picture to be taken.

And who looks at pictures on a digicam five hundred fucking feet away? Do you??

Just because I am too, a woman (holding her head in her hands in shame at the stupidity of the picture, mind you) and attempting to NOT say something along the lines of oh, how laziness/ignorance/stupidity/unfounded sense of pride is deemed somewhat excusable in certain races by the "people up there" who were probably smoking too much crack, I'm just going to be a bitch and blame the photographer.

Also, who approves ads like these?


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Curse of the fat fingers

Friday, January 19, 2007

I swear to God, if you've already dialed the wrong number THREE TIMES, step AWAY from the phone and check that the number you're dialing is right... or that your pudgy fingers didn't hit the wrong number as you stupidly fumbled with the keypad in rage.

No, don't wait 15 minutes only to dial THE SAME NUMBER because that person won't be there!

AND stop bellowing and breathing into the phone like a gorilla.

Looking for someone who doesn't jolly well live in this household and screaming "HARLO? POR POR AH?" every fucking time through the mouthpiece doesn't help matters ESPECIALLY when you've dialed the wrong number (mind you, a couple of times already) and the person on the other end happens to be me.

Learn to dial, you cunt.

I am high strung and angsty, more so than usual this weekend because my weekend plans were ruined -_- That an the foreboding probability of having another awkward meeting with a friend.

I mean... well.

I really just want to be friends? O.o

But then again, it's a slight tragedy when you encounter try hards who aren't even the slightest bit charming. I mean the ones who really, REALLY try...

...even though there isn't an inkling of hope despite the shameless hints mercilessly and painfully regurgitated. Especially the ones who make conversations a chore; the back-breaking type.

Now, I don't think of myself as someone who's terribly hard to get along with. I have a shitton of bullshit to talk about and generally, finding common ground isn't that hard (population of normal distribution, best buds with Pareto and then some, thanks).

Look, do you really want to go hang out with someone you can't converse with (unless you're looking for a fuck buddy, then ignore this paragraph)? Or feel like you're struggling for dear life hanging onto a perpetual rubber float too small for both your asses just trying to keep the conversation going? And I'm not even speaking in a different language -_- It's not a conversation, really. It's a monologue.

Not to mention when their compliments backfire and really make it seem like their buttering needs a *little* polishing. It's not smooth and basically the epitome of spreading half churned butter onto toast with a fork.

I'm sorry; I do believe there is a certain amount of sexiness to a man who has the swagger, charm and sensuality to decently converse both in and out of the bedroom.

Sometimes the frequency is just... wrong -_-

And for fuck's sake, stop bleeding calling and flush the damn phone down the toilet bowl already.


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Going the distance

Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's hard when your other half lives in some undiscovered corner of the country. I'm not even kidding, but there is no way in hell I would've known that he was even on West Malaysia when he said "I stay in Bandar Botanic..." if he didn't add "it's after Klang..." just before my blank stare sank in.

Not to mention he gives monkey ass directions and can't tell his left from right, eh? ;)

Plus the whole inverse-culture shock he's suffering through. Common symptoms include fun stuff like road rage, loud bellowing, general hate and the compulsory need to suffer from Tourette's syndrome every time the words "Streamyx" and "service" are mentioned together. Welcome to me, 10 months ago!

Don't give me any bullshit saying I'm an ignorant, pompous bitch when I say the general service in Malaysia is shit... because IT IS SHIT. Hypocritical shit too.

Between the hour long telecommutes and interrupted sleepy afternoon naps, I feel like I'm in college and dating again.

I'm about to poke my eyes out.

I'll find something interesting to blog about. Soon.

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Singapore o' Seven

Monday, January 01, 2007

I know, I'm obscenely late and I'm crash blogging this because I have people hounding me for pictures (you know who you are!).

Regardless, here was my trip to Singapore with the merriest bunch of people around:


2007, ah! Breaking away from the usual monotony of reckless alcohol consumption to the point of liver failure and catching the spectacularly dazzling light show squished with a few other thousand reckless people in KL, we decided to... do the exact same thing, but in Singapore.

Our field trip started with a rushed breakfast:

Breakfast at Kluang Station, 1u
Breakfast at Kluang Station, 1u. It's way too early in the morning, really.

Which eventually moved on to the bus ride with Aeroline line. And mind you, these were pictures of us before they served us lunch (i.e. one poor, miserably lonesome pie) that smelled surprisingly lovely but ended up almost as edible as last week's dirty laundry.

Las chicas with the Aeroline bus
Las chicas with the Aeroline bus. Obviously too many cameras were going off at once.

Welcome to Singapore
Welcome to Singapore.

Being kids, we decided to take some memorable shots at the Clarke Quay (pronounced Clark Key) MRT... and also being kids, we couldn't hold still for long...

Clarke Quay MRT
Clarke Quay MRT. Featuring Joo, Cina, Pau. Chris, Yees, Tzern and Leng.

Exploration before the night sets in:

Colorful shoes
Colorful shoes: match the shoes to the people!

Clarke Quay bridge
Clarke Quay bridge and our friend, The Timer.

Keng Cheow St
Keng Cheow St: we thought the street sign was cute :P

It's not even the 31st but we decided to get a head start at Brewerkz!

On the way to Brewerkz
On the way to Brewerkz. Trivia: the pillar Tzern is propped up on is pointy. Very pointy.

Alcoholic fun at Brewerkz
Alcoholic fun at Brewerkz. Some of us had a little more fun at MOS after ;)


The party (or most of it) laugh, tripped and stumbled its way to MOS. The R&B room was SO congested people were just bouncing on the spot to pass whatever they were doing off as some funky sort of dancing. Wade Robson would've cried bloody tears, really. Well, the music was practically deafening so between not tripping from the heavy musk of sweat, explosive bass and five seconds away from literally tripping over someone elses' feet I guess it wasn't that bad :P

Although, the Retro room was fun... I honestly thought it wasn't so much the music as it was the psychedelic blinking fluorescent floor lights :D

Skipping ahead to the next night (past the Orchard Road crawl through the afternoon), six brave soldiers climbed on board the G-Max to have some good, clean fun. Naturally, I wasn't one of the six. In my defense, wearing a skirt and being bounced up and down several feet high up in the air would've been... an eyesore :P

G-Max crew
G-Max crew. Group 1: Chris, Leng and Pau. Group 2: Phaiky, Tzern and Cina.

Before shots
Before. I can't actual post the panic shots or they will kill me.

After shots
After. Kudos! They made it :D

We took the boat to dinner, because we're stylish like that. Not to mention uber tourists.

Our ride
The least fuzziest of the fuzzy shots.

I thought the massive people jam in KL was BAD... but boy, the crowd at the Esplanade puts KL to shame. It was the longest (and slowest... and ickiest... and most unpleasantly pungent...) walk to dinner at Via Mar.

By the way, Via Mar turned out to be a terrible, terrible place to eat. It rained halfway and they "couldn't" do anything with us. Yes, we had no umbrellas because apparently the management had a quota as to how many umbrellas could be set up... amazing, yes? It's the landed Titanic... except, we had no string quartet and could at least mooch free wine, beer and creme brulee while we were stranded and forced to loiter.

Anyway, shots at Via Mar:

Yees and Chris
Yees and Chris.

Boy, Mei, Pau and Phaiky
Boy, Mei, Pau and Phaiky.

Group picture!
Group picture! clockwise from top left: Cina, Sun, Phaiky, Tzern, Terry, Chris and Yees.

Oh gosh, and we had two guests!

Guess who?
Guess who?

It's Ed (Nephy) and Randi (Koss)! :D

Ed, Sean and Randi
Ed, Sean and Randi. Don't ask why Ed looks like a puffer fish. He didn't seem to like the other normal pictures of him :P

The countdown... well, there was none :P Just an abrupt "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" through the speakers and the boom of the fireworks thundering in the sky above us... which Tzern and Yees managed to catch through some trees:




There were more of course, but snapshots of 30 minutes of fireworks from between trees just doesn't cut it :P

Since the roads were pretty much closed to any sort of gasoline-powered vehicle, we had to walk back. We took the long way. Yep, the long walk back to Novotel... in painfully high heels:

Group picture
Group picture on uhm, a bridge.

The girls
The girls. It's dark, but the flash was as helpful as throwing bucket of oil onto our faces.

Boy losing it
It has been a long walk :P

The three flatscreens
The three flatscreens. LOL.

The tunnel
The tunnel.

I completely ruined our cool tunnel shot by sticking my hands out at some weird angle that... well, yeah. Bad.

Clarke Quay
Clarke Quay alive at night.

We eventually made it back... after Ed got slapped by Randi rather loudly (and this is his story to tell ;)) and nearly all the girls had no blood circulation to their feet.

The final day before we left back to KL (did I mention the air conditioner on our bus decided to croak midway and we had to open our mini sunroof?): glorious shots of people who lack sleep, coffee and food.

Crazy theory
Probably another one of Terry's crazy theories... Asian women maybe?

Phaiky, Joo and Sun
Phaiky, Joo and Sun.

Tzern telling the cam what to do
Tzern telling the cam what to do.

What the?!
What the?!

Group picture

Group picture

Upside down
Upside down: I do *not* know how to use a camera...

Modern art sculpture?
Modern art sculpture?

Speaking of sculptures, we went to check out the wire art exhibition on the Esplanade. All interpretations are subjective.

Wire-d people
Wire-d people.

Wire-d: I blame Chris.

Speaking of Chris...

Strike a pose
Strike a pose.

Finally, to wrap things up, I wanted to just dump random shots that didn't really go anywhere (because I'm too lazy to narrate "The Joys of Public Transportation"). However, since the post has already spiraled out of control, I'll save these for another time! :D Meaning... when my other pages come up... yeah.

I'll do my Bali trip some time this week. *yawn* It's time for bed and dreams of where we'll go this year ;)

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