Reign of the Golden Boar

Monday, February 19, 2007

It's the time of the year where spending money (and I mean an unimaginable, extravagantly careless amount) is not an issue, gorging ourselves silly is the way to go, house hopping (talk, ang paus, talk more... all that fun stuff ;)) isn't bothersome, gambling becomes a happy way to win/lose money and stuffing our faces even more is carried out relentlessly, just because we can. That and it's also the time where we accept door gifts from our neighbours which obviously have been recycled. Yeah, you know who you are... passing around that ONE unholy box of biscuits nobody ever seems to want.

Since my mom doesn't believe in recycling, we usually end up with a few boxes of those legendary biscuits. And they sit there, permanently in my kitchen. Seriously, which asshole started the chain and decided it was a gas to pass their family/friends a revolting metal tin of crumbs that no one really even wants to eat much less keep?

For the love of the pig, buy something you'd actually WANT to eat and THEN pass it on to someone so they'd appreciate it... and hopefully, it won't end up in my kitchen.

Anyway, say oink! It's my year to be prosperous, indulgent and naughty; wrecking havoc with my fellow piggies despite what the feng shui critics have to say :P

Happy Chinese New Year! :)


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Pan's Labyrinth

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

No, I didn't decide to watch this on Valentine's thinking it was some remake of the 1986 Labyrinth in hopes that I'd be whisked off into a magical land with masquerades in glass bubbles (oh, how I wish), 80's pop music and David Bowie in leather and purple spandex.

Those pants, ugh.

I assure you, Pan's Labyrinth is nowhere close and quite the morbid contrast to Jim Henson's Labyrinth. In fact, some scenes were almost painful to watch... the phantom sensation of a blade slicing my cheek open still lingers in the air at the edge of my lips, so much so I feel the need to press fingers against my cheek to make sure it's all there even after the movie.

In short, picture "Alice in Wonderful" for adults, gone horribly wrong set in the midst of gloomy war instead of pastel confusion... now mix in a sadistic tormentor of an army captain trying to drive out the rebels, a little girl with stellar imagination (she's handy with chalk too!) both far and wide and finally Pan himself with the legendary body of half a centaur, sexy horns and unfortunately, a face like that monster figure in "Saw." Hmm, the last bit didn't sound quite right.

And not to forget the Tinkerbells who lack a little fairy dust and a mandrake root that lets out baby giggles while soaked in milk...

It's a good movie, go watch it!

And Happy Valentine's! :)


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