Oral fixation

Thursday, April 26, 2007

To the people from Illidan who are currently reading this post, the only reason I'm blogging is because my prepaid time ran out. Yes, I got pwned big time... considering I just got my dirty little hands on a sexy flying epic ;/

In other news, going to the dentist is almost as exciting as falling face first into unforgivngly brittle asphalt after leaping off the pinnacle of the Petronas Twin Towers. After the -longest- time, I went to see the dentist to get some scaling work done.

I've been meaning to do it, really.

But I've just been putting it off... I wonder why, hmm.

However, it was when the ultrasonic scaler hit my gums and sent a nasty ricochet straight down to my toes had I realize why I NEVER did make a dental appointment and seemingly procrastinate in actually going to one for the longest time ever.

God, I hate going to the dentist for tooth scaling.

At least wisdom tooth removal came with local anaesthetic... well, after you feel that huge needle make its way into your delicate gums. Scaling? Head-on collision of sterile, unyielding metal with raw, tender tissue. Also, post wisdom tooth removal perks included fun stuff like Oxycodone; post tooth scaling however, just came with the lingering phantom high-pitched buzz of the scaler stuck in your head for the next few hours or so.


I have beautifully clean and shiny teeth now.

Yes, beautifully clean and shiny teeth that I can grit in annoyance when my aunt (who's been living with us for about two weeks now) starts talking to me like she's trying to get the attention of a three year old who's too busy drooling over herself to care about anything else.

Even though I am aware it's morbidly hilarious from a third party's point of view, dealing with my aunt is quite exasperating.

That whole baby voice talk? Apparently it's only reserved for me since she does this auto voice switch from talking to my parents. Maybe your husband and son will appreciate it... hell, probably your son's kid will love it BUT your twenty-three year old niece DOES NOT.

Frankly, the tone of her voice stresses me out and it takes all my self control to not pop a vein in my neck and scream at her when she does that -_-

Gosh, I won't even start with her habits that are driving me batshit insane right up the nearest wall.

Three more days. Just three more days.

And if you're wondering, yes, I do try to ignore her. No, I don't feel bad for ignoring and being the rude, unresponding, uncaring niece because ignorance really is bliss at times.

A little scary, but true.

Speaking of scary, Ed mentioned that my profile on MSN looks scary...

Neko's MSN profile picture
Scary -_-

Ed said it "look like the stare of woman when they found something out about u."

To which I countered in the conversation below:

sean :: nekomatta.com says: i think i'll blog
sean :: nekomatta.com says: and put up this picture --->
sean :: nekomatta.com says: and your commentary about it
sean :: nekomatta.com says: LOL
*sierra Edward says: lol
*sierra Edward says: damn
*sierra Edward says: i close the picture fyi
*sierra Edward says: lol
sean :: nekomatta.com says: lol
*sierra Edward says: i don't like stare haha
*sierra Edward says: that stare imply so many things.. i.e. u peed on the bed last night
sean :: nekomatta.com says: LOL
*sierra Edward says: haha
*sierra Edward says: k don't put that on commentary btw
sean :: nekomatta.com says: sooo going up
*sierra Edward says: damn

It doesn't look that scary :(

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Bzzz itch

Thursday, April 12, 2007

If there's one insect species on earth I'd hope to see go extinct right about NOW, it would be mosquitoes.

Augh! Those pesky buggers were put on earth as some horrible joke because some evolutionary process (or God :P) thought it'd be a gas to to mutate and keep alive tiny, blood sucking insects that serve to only transmit diseases and cause nasty red spots that ITCH LIKE HELL.

I HATE mosquitoes!!

Hate those blood sucking monstrosities SO bad considering they find the strangest places to bite you (i.e. toes and the bottom side of your sole). All I really want to do now is scratch at the bites until my eyes roll back into my sockets in relief. Grr!

But I'd be stuck with scars :(

Maybe I need to breed a mosquito eater.


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Change, really?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

As we all know, change doesn't happen overnight.

Scary as it is, I can't say I love the instability of a volatile lifestyle but every now and then, I try to welcome change. Embrace it in all its glorious surprises--the good and the bad.

However, what do you say to people who've known you before and now come up to you just to pause to take a GOOD look at you before landing opening lines dabbled with uncertainty? Of course, then the whole "Wow, you've changed!" remarks follow. That and I've also had people not believe I'm me and think that the rest who are around are conspiring against them.

The hell do people want to convince you that someone else is me? :P

It's really awkward, especially if I'm smiling because I recognize the person who's looking at me... and all the other person does is keep looking... and looking.

And then I feel like an ass for smiling at someone who doesn't seem to know me -_-

Although, I would assume that it's a good thing! Well, either I've bedazzled them so or I've turned into such an ugly cow they feel the need to stare.

I naturally feel the need to acknowledge the pseudo-compliment with a standard reply that goes something like: "Really? Thanks..." followed by a split second of awkward silence and a non too helpful "heh. I... grew my hair out."

A little gesture to the hair after that is optional.

I'm flattered but I think a new response is due.

Change is great. It's just the getting used to part that takes awhile to marinate and fully absorb.


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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Besides being nearly suffocated to death on a daily basis by my neighbour's overpowering incense... I am currently living in a world of semi deafness that leaves me in a constant state of quirky, whimsical otherworldiness.

It's cute the way perspective get skewed when you listen to yourself behind a layer of liquid membrane that seems to muffle both hearing and thought.
That also leads to craziness... for example, if I really did go deaf, what would be the last thing I'd want to hear?

(to the next person who says anything or anyone and the word "voice" together, I will shank you)

Some people get a stimulating kick out of having stuff in their ears; nothing sexual mind you... be it a little q-tip in the ear or ear drops that causes this giddy adrenaline rush of non-sexual satisfaction... ARE YOU PEOPLE CRAZY :P

There is NOTHING stimulating about having liquid dropped into your ears. NADA. NONE. ZERO.

I am terrified of that crap. I generally clutch at the sides of my sofa, curl into a little ball and start squealing nonsensical verbiage against the doctor who prescribed this inhumane medication as I squeeze my eyes shut trying to negate that impending drop that will hit the insides of my ear like a tsunami against a tiny beach that's barely there.

And sometimes, it feels like that drop went straight past my eardrum and smack into the top portion of my nose. Pseudo drowning via droplet.

I think the first time my mom had to do that, she practically had to hold my head down flat against the couch.

No shens.

As for my neighbours, with the amount of smog literally coming through the walls by my dining table (yes, it only seems to smell here... funny the air is crystal clear a mere ten feet away) I have no idea which miniature forest or already soon-to-be extinct animal population they're burning away to pay homage to their God.

I have half my mind to light a huge aromatherapy burner and siphon the air across and into their house... that or I might just throw the burner across and hope it catches someone on the noggin' and fixes their non-existent sense of smell.

I love my senses. All of 'em. And when my hearing is impaired, the last thing I need is freaking smog coming from what can only be perceived as joss sticks the size of a 500 year old tree being lit and burnt EVERY OTHER NIGHT.

That and the whole ear imbalance thing is quite shifty and annoying.

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