Losing it at 1300ms

Monday, May 28, 2007

"0-10? You have to be fucking kidding me."


"You make me cry, to think I called you a very good mage. I take that back, you suck."

"I never said I was a good mage, only you said that xD Erikk calls my priest spec bad too."


"I stole your spec, I'm 28/33 disc/holy but I don't have Blessed Resilience."

"Go respec now or I'll beat you."

** Pere ditched our 2v2 (lol hi Mari xD) for a higher rating team! So uh, terrible terrible mage looking for 2v2 team ^^; Preferrably someone who wants to have fun and is OK with the glaring possibility of losing all ten games in a row. Must decide on team name; "anythinglah" is already taken for the 3v3. Have chocolate chip cookies <3


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