Saturday, June 09, 2007

I'm not, really.

But I am a pack rat, hah.
Not self-proclaimed mind you... just observations from these overly ANAL people I seem to hang out with -_-

I don't see major issues with hanging onto stuff that's decrepit and old! lol
It's supposedly a "bad habit" I carry all the way even into WoW... yeah, between the few people who log onto my characters and their wanton escapade of raiding and sharding EVERYTHING in my bank, I'm really going to have nothing left :P

Besides, some of the old, useless things make for good memories... ones that you've temporarily forgotten, but linger in your subconscious state waiting to be tenderly pricked and aroused.

It's sometimes numbly sweet, gently sharp but more often it feels like a reach into your chest... and a loving squeeze :)

Fine, instead of clearing up the litter I am adamantly trying to justify the chaos (or the right to keep stuff).

On the topic of "stuff", Yees and I were gossiping about presents and how she wanted another LV bag (preferably given of course) to which I countered a pair of Jimmy Choo's would be excellent too. Although, Yees already has more than enough handbags in my opinion haha

Tsk tsk, all these preppy LV totting fashionistas! ;)

Personally, the thing with gifts... it's all out flattering but if it's coming from the wrong person it's just downright awkward.

Of course... me being me and seeing how a short answer like that wouldn't have sufficed, I cheesed a response to Yees and lamented, "The one person I want gifts from but would never allow and who will never be able to send me one is the only one I truly yearn for."

I think Yees choked and ran off to throw up her dinner right after.

Melodrama - 1; Yees - 0.

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Then the morning comes

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tuesday mornings are great.

It has replaced my lazy Thursdays simply because I will inevitably end up doing things that I really shouldn't be doing a lot at all (*cough*WoW*cough*sleep*cough*) :)

To make things even more irresistibly lazy, the monsoon season has kicked in. Rain, rain, blissful rain every mid-afternoon straight into dewy evenings lit by pastel shades of dawn peeking through the dissipating clouds.

Yup, and don't even get me started on work--the rain has this strange effect on me and literally puts a hole in my head where my brain is supposed to be -_- Needless to say, my wastepaper basket is filling up with discarded designs.

And yay! My new 2v2 doesn't suck albeit the horrible name I picked for it! :P
Well, it's not horrible horrible just... yeah, you'd think with the amount of semi-creative bullshit I regurgitate from time to time I would've come up with something better than "chocolate chip cookies" haha

But chocolate chip cookies are awesome <3
WTB milk :)

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This is Sean when she's emo. Sean Sean Tan;

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