The many reasons

Thursday, July 12, 2007

People randomly disconnect from WoW for multiple reasons. It could possibly be (but obviously not limited to) because your modem kicked the bucket, you have Streamyx as your prodiver, you could've "accidentally" tripped over the cable (hi Alex! :p), your kitchen is on fire or your computer was in the unfortunate collision course of an unknown, burning alien projectile that just came throw your window. Who knows, really?

Today Calvin and Eva ditched our lowbie all-paladin VC run and left Mark and I twiddling our thumbs at Moonbrook. Eva came back s-e-v-e-n hours later to tell us their modem died.

Even though we love them to death, Mark and I had another theory (what else do you do to kill time?):

Mark [ ... ] says: ohhh
Mark [ ... ] says: eva is on, said something with the modem was why
Mark [ ... ] says: why they would go afk till they logged off if the modem was causing problems I dunno
Mark [ ... ] says: I still say she jumped him
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: she so did
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: i don't know what she calls him though
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: "BABY *hair grab* ggrrrr"
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: literal "O.o" from calvin
Mark [ ... ] says: that quickly turns into a :D
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: nono
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: from O.o to ~_~ to :o to :D to ><
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: shock, acceptance, "oh myyyy", happy happy joy joy, climax
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: LOL
Mark [ ... ] says: then :| *yawn*
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: or you can do it 4chan style.. the guy is taking a smoke and the girl is curled up crying
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: lawl, so bad
Mark [ ... ] says: or nerdstyle and reverse that
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: i'd so reverse it, but that's just me hahah
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: can i blog this LOL
Mark [ ... ] says: yea
Mark [ ... ] says: ps, you couldn't make me cry
Mark [ ... ] says: just beg for more ;p
sean^2 ~ tell me where it hurts says: pervert, so blogged
Mark [ ... ] says: name calling pfft

<3 Cal and Eva :D (don't kill me -_-)


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Another 24

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Pau! <3

The original plan was to have dinner at Alexis and then hop over to Skybar. HOWEVER, it took us TWO freaking hours to get to Alexis... without Pau >.< We decided to go back to KLCC instead to save Larry from actually having to crawl through Jalan Ampang neck deep in traffic.

Yup, not going down to KL on a Friday night -ever-. Such a nightmare -_- It's nine at night! WHERE ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE FROM?!

We eventually made it to Skybar (Ed! Club 1500ms meeting, chop chop)... in a state of near hyperglycemic coma from dessert's sugar crisis.

This is really going to be a picture whoring post (god knows we take pictures every time we go over to Skybar... so paiseh -_-) and I'm not feeling particularly intelligent today... for the record, the entrance/area pictures were really for Ed since he's a nub and wanted to see what Skybar looks like.

Waiting for a table was actually a pain because the 33rd floor apparently had NO ventilation...

Pau and Larry; the royal couple.
Pau and Larry; the royal couple.

Cina and Joo; evidently it has been a long day.
Cina and Joo; evidently it has been a long day.

Because we had so much time, Mei decided to untie and retie the tie/sash on my skirt... I know, people coming out of the elevators were wondering what on earth we were doing too.

Sean and Mei; err...
Sean and Mei; err...

A few long, humid minutes later... we were ushered in. Well, into Skybar's waiting room -_- Even though the slow simmer of a temperature didn't improve, at least we had sofas to sit on?

Skybar entrance.
Skybar entrance.

Skybar doorway.
Skybar doorway.

Skybar pool.
Skybar pool.

Skybar - left side
Skybar - left side.

Skybar - right
Skybar - right side. We made Pau trapeze across the platform by the edge of the pool in her drunken state :p

Waiting area.
Waiting area.

Still waiting.
Still waiting.

Although you can't actually tell, it's actually extremely warm to the point of sticky discomfort -_-

Obligatory group picture
Obligatory group picture.

The apple martini
I think mine is more yellow than yours... >.< The apple martini wasn't great -_-


Finally, the bartender came over to set up Pau's drink. She actually drank it all before the flames dissipated... UNLIKE MEI (two months ago) who just stood there, watched the flames disappear before cautiously sticking her straw into the glass :p

Happy effects kicking in ^^;

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The way it swings

Friday, July 06, 2007

Of course, it's still technically "today" for me despite it actually being realistically "tomorrow" since I've yet to sleep. Today was massive heaps of fun. Incoherent. Chaotic. Exciting. More fun. TRANSFORMERS. And more fun.

8am: Numb
Still suffering from last night's flat and horridly tasteless snot of a nutrition-filled snack they call oatmeal. It's OUTmeal. For the record, it tastes nothing like Nestum. Nestum is amazing while oatmeal is incomparibly, godforsakenly awful... ugh, filth. I spit on oatmeal!

I'd rather swallow.

Yeah. It's THAT bad.

Afternoon: Boredem
I had to find ways to entertain myself because my usual source of excitement/entertainment/attention was busy elsewhere sending vocal shockwaves into the nearest window panes and giving the neighbours hell.

6pm: Chaos to the n-th degree, Fourier Transform style
Some things have a tendency to... spiral out of control and mature before its actual estimated time of release. Granted the variables were rigged by yours truly and not-too-shamelessly divulged, you would say I was really, really asking for it. However, consoling with Paulo is sometimes almost as comforting as getting stabbed in the eye with a blunt spoon.

sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: and i think i'm going to puke over my toes
Kirlian Nexx says: LOL
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: like now
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: cause
Kirlian Nexx says: Ok go to the bathroom :x
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i think he found it
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i'm going to throw up
Kirlian Nexx says: LOL
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: like bad
Kirlian Nexx says: I tried for like 5 mins and gave up ;o
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: considering i took out 5
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i'm going to throw up
Kirlian Nexx says: Five?
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i so am
Kirlian Nexx says: I thought there were only 2
Kirlian Nexx says: lol
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: one every month
Kirlian Nexx says: Ahh ok
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i chickened out with a few
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i'm going to throw up
Kirlian Nexx says: BAWKKKKKKK :D
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i'm going to throw up
Kirlian Nexx says: Well you knew the chances were high! ;x
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i know but
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i'm so throwing up
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: ........... like now.
Kirlian Nexx says: LOL
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: TAIHEN DESUUUUUUUU OMG O M G
Kirlian Nexx says: Que pasa?
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: TAI HEN DESU TAIHEN omfg i'm freaking out
Kirlian Nexx says: Oh come on you drama queen ;x hehe
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i. am. freaking. out.

**a few hundred OMGs, soiled toes and a quiet moment squatting in the corner my room later**

Kirlian Nexx says: Well next time till will make you think twice about consequences ;o
Kirlian Nexx says: Though I don't think it matters
Kirlian Nexx says: He won't like you less for this hehe
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i'm hyperventilating
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i haven't stopped saying omg
Kirlian Nexx says: Maybe he's exactly the same
Kirlian Nexx says: Not stopping with saying omg
Kirlian Nexx says: For a different reason *GRINS*
Kirlian Nexx says: lol
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: no omg
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: don't say that omg
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: o m g

** a few hundred more OMG chants later, coupled with variations that include the phrase "holy shit"**

Kirlian Nexx says: lol
Kirlian Nexx says: It's okkkkkkkkkkkkkk
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i'm going to faint
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: hold me
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: o m g
Kirlian Nexx says: Yeah he would kick my ass if I did that :o
Kirlian Nexx says: Specially now :x
Kirlian Nexx says: lol
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: o m g
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: oh. my. fucking. god.
Kirlian Nexx says: Stoppppppppppppppp
Kirlian Nexx says: It's nothing :p
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i know. i know. i know.
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: i am calm. i have calmed down. i can breathe again. yes. yes, i can. rationally he was supposed to see it... eventually... i would've caved
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: BUT not so soon o m g
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy goddddddddddddddddddddddd
Kirlian Nexx says: -_-
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: this is the anime scene
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: where i have my head against the wall and i'm going "omg" over and over and over again bent over a chair THIS close to puking
sean^2 ~ yees is my baby says: *pukes*

7:30pm: Anticipation
Heard between a semi-awkward couple, quite probably the product of an agreement to a blind date, while in queue for tickets to watch Transfomers (edited out the mangled English for comprehension purposes):

"So why do you like Transformers?"

"'Cause it's cool. And it was the first of it's kind. No one did the robot transform thing before."

"I thought the Japanese did it? They've been doing it all this while. Aren't Transformers copycats then?"

Awkward pause from the guy. "Haha yeah, I guess. I like the copycats."

"Oh. Haha." Pause. "So, uhm, what are the Transformers about?"

"See that dude over there?" Gallant point at a poster of Optimus Prime. "That's Optimus Prime. He's a truck."

... Yeah ok, that's like telling me Captain Jack Sparrow is a pirate -_-
It's hard not to eavesdrop in a clusterfuck of people who are sweating over each other dying to get to the counter to see if the movie they want isn't already sold out. It really is.

The plus side of listening to Captain Obvious continuously rant on about Aliens, which his lady friend got confused with Species, and quite possibly a summary of episodes two, four and a history of Predator (I know, we were in queue for THAT FUCKING LONG): we had tickets! And seats smack in the middle of the cinema.

So cool ^^;

8pm: Hunger
In celebration of getting marvelous seats on such short notice, I decided to tell my no-carb diet to take a hike... only to see my nutritionist saunter by just as I was about to indulge in a big, fat heaping forkful of mashed potates.

Oh, the guilt. The painful, sweet guilt.

And because I'm not the bitter, hateful, spiteful, grumpy abomination that she knows whenever I go to see her, she didn't recognize me (praise JAB!). The head turning bit helped too.

9pm: Satisfaction
Transformers. Is. Super. Freaking. AWESOME. It is so BLOODY GOOD and if you haven't seen it already: go beg, borrow, steal or claw your way through the unwavering horde of aunties, uncles, snotty preppy bitches, ah bengs and ah lians who seem to appear out of nowhere just in time for movie screenings for the tickets. Do it. NOW.

That freeway chase scene? Visually orgasmic. And a half. O M G (yes, I haven't stopped saying that either).

I want my own autobot! -_-

p/s: we also have geeky pictures from the Simpson's movie couch promo set... i.e. Cina picking Homer's nose, Chris getting cozy on the couch and me strangling Bart. Uploads inc once I get them off Chris' camera :)


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Untitled, her

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

As requested by him ^^; NOT written by me (obviously), inspired by us, posted with love and shared for everyone to see <3

Okay, so I did do the spell/grammar check >.< And paragraphing (cause he's so effing BAD with that)... but that's it :)


The world is different; you drive a little faster and feel invigorated. You walk outside and the air is crisper. You see the world in a different way because it has been sprinkled with spice. She is the spice that's peppering my world.

There is no more me and there is no her, only us.

Nothing I do is without her; she is always there in my thoughts. I watch a movie, she is there holding my hand... I stop at a crossroad she is there walking... taking my breath away. I hear a song and she is there humming along beside me. I laugh out loud and she laughs with me.

She made me sing, did you know that?

Yes, I sang to her. She sang to me and we sang together. The shattering of windows and champagne glasses were never heard as we were not in that moment; we were in a different place.... we were together. We were not a million miles apart neither were we not next to each other. We were inside each others heart and soul, giving ourselves to each other and wanting the other to take us whole.

Some may call us fools and mad to be so deeply and utterly in love with each other. If being a mad fool is what it takes to reach this point, then I am and I will run with it. She will run with me as fast as we can with our eyes closed and the wind in our faces, her hand in mine and mine in hers.

She has run before. Alas, I never have... but has she run this fast? Is this new to her as it is to me? I hope so, and if not? This time she will not stumble nor stop for I will carry her and keep on running because without her there is no me.

Only us.


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Take a second

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mainly because I can--shamelessly imported from "that other blog" (first and last; so STOP asking!)


I like watching you sleep... not as much as you do watching me but this is one of the rare occasions.

Mmm. I'm pondering over the many ways to rouse you from your slumber.

Something tender, gentle... a loving peck on the cheek perhaps? Or have you wake screaming in wicked pleasure?

Oh what the hell, I'm not feeling particularly romantic today.

After all, I still need to get even for dinner last night.

Remember? We were having dinner...

and the last thing on my mind was food.

You were sitting so close; the scent of you intoxicating my senses whole as the main course on the table sat alone and forgotten.

Technically, you were supposed to be the main course.

Yet you sat there, much to my annoyance, carrying a conversation in polite tones about a topic that I had absolutely no interest for like we were on a -normal-, proper date.

Except... that twinkle, that smirk in your eyes that betrayed you as you watched me.

I was this close to grabbing and hauling you into the kitchen bathroom for the sole purpose of making you scream my name.

And now I have all the time in the world.


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Him & I; you and me

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hey you.

I don't even know where to begin. My thoughts are literally scattered, on fire... I can almost see bits of burnt cells whizzing past in ember trails leaving this glorious mass of confusion in its wake.

I'm trying to find a way to tell you without actually needing to shovel six feet's worth of dirt in preparation for your wrath. However, I also can't quite put a Title to him because he's so much more. I have to say though, the notion of a Title is absurdly whimsical and really does send the innocent childlike pangs of giddy flutters going.

But I digress. There is nothing innocent about this.

You probably don't understand and I probably can't say anything to make you understand AND I'm sure you question my sanity (or the lack of) but strangely enough if I'm really crazy, I'm actually extremely happy to be insane at the moment.

He deserves to feel bad... but I don't want him to feel bad. I keep saying you don't ever have to like him but secretly I do kind of wish you could bring yourself to... try?

What he did stays; yes, I do still remember I got fucked over royally (as the pervertmonster so casually pointed out... you have to ask him about his corpse trampling depiction of the current state of madness).

I know you disapprove wholeheartedly, that the state he and I are in is wrong and that it probably violates the second law of thermodynamics (it's abstract like that... and sadly, I made an enginerd reference).

You're all afraid that I'll get hurt again, maybe even worse this time around if it comes to that. On one hand I don't particularly fancy shades of impending doom but I understand. I promise though, I'll only just cry for three days and three nights this time... food is still under consideration :)

I know, I know. I want this happy golden bubble for everyone. Blue skies, acres of rolling green hills and plenty of daffodils for us to tumble through. I'm giving him a second chance. I'm giving us a second chance... and perhaps with time, you will too?

I'm just waiting for you to come yell at me. You know you want to, and you really should.



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[ soon-to-be useful ]

nekomatta is...

This is Sean when she's emo. Sean Sean Tan;

sarcastic wordsmith, dirty in oh-so-many ways, fun-loving IE-hating CSS worshiping markup "engineer", anime-styled arm flailing expressive communicator, proudly self-initiated member of the cult of milk and caffeine, snotty pink crayon lover, tree hugging hippy organic designer, pole dancer wannabe, swing-a-ling lindy hopper, rabid arcane mage/bitchin' disc priest/annoying resto druid--sometimes spazzy, often giggly, always loud.
20% sugar, 80% kink.