We're nearly 50

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No better way to celebrate than setting the skies of Putrajaya on fire with dazzling, explosive light shows, eh?
What? Didn't they ban fireworks in Malaysia?
No, you ninny. I'm not talking about the baby pyrotechnomaniacs who literally have their faces shoved into the butt of a firecracker or are hanging onto one for dear life before it explodes.

Oh, so shiny... follow the flickering fuse but don't cry to mum when the skyrocket fuses with your fingers just as it takes off.

If they don't know any better they shouldn't even be allowed to toss the little pop-pops lest they completely miss the ground, burn their feet and launch prematurely into an exploration of pain... and then some.

Such a fine, fine line.


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Safari croaks

Friday, August 17, 2007

How I hate thee for looking screwy without any legit reason whatsoever on the ONE computer I need the site to NOT look screwy in. Of course it doesn't help matters that it looks perfectly fine on the other machines I've tested the site on.

Excuse me while I go bump into small furry animals on the road in order to preserve the not-really-functional working conditions of my laptop.


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Picture whoring

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Only because I promised pictures for the longest time now!

Also, because I only have excellent selective memory, most of these are probably not in order at all. Pictures taken some time in the last two weeks of July 07 from Ms. Read all the way to Perhentian and right back at 7ate9 :)

p/s: For manually powered slideshow-esque effects, just click on the picture that pops up to move onto the next one ^^;

Yees - Ms. Read tea time platterSean - strawberries in chocolateFrilly umbrellas! So adorable :)Perhentian - on the boat waiting to be ferried offPerhentian - and away we gooooPerhentian - paradise ^^;Perhentian - ocean viewPerhentian - from Cina with lovePerhentian - getting a drink!Perhentian - before dinner... and sunburntPerhentian - salt water is really bad for the hairPerhentian - after an exciting day of snorkelingPerhentian - CinaPerhentian - Chilling by the beachPerhentian - Coppertone ad; we used heapsPerhentian - group picture taken by our friend, the TimerPerhentian - the morning seaPerhentian - lazing about in the sandPerhentian - more beach bummingPerhentian - cam whoring at the beachPerhentian - we're all really quite burnt...The White Room Series 01The White Room Series 02The White Room Series 03The White Room Series 04The White Room Series 05The White Room Series 06The White Room Series 07The White Room Series 08The White Room Series 09Umaii-ya - Yees and ChrisUmaii-ya - Sean and CinaUmaii-ya - menage a troisUmaii-ya - gasp!Umaii-ya - our splendiferous green tea ice-cream :)7ate9 - at the Ascott, KL7ate9 - Chris7ate9 - behind the camera7ate9 - Cina, Sean and Yees7ate9 - mucking about waiting for our other guests7ate9 - people!7ate9 - and more people!7ate9 - peace sign for Leng ;p7ate9 - we're not drunk yet, really7ate9 - Rose and Yen7ate9 - B&W group; semi there7ate9 - B&W group7ate9 - Terry finally arrives7ate9 - kisses from Joo7ate9 - we love group pictures7ate9 - Yen, Leng and ChrisThe Apartment - sitting beneath a shower headThe Apartment - blur -_-The Apartment - wonder if there's water...

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Write. You. Me. Space. Word.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Not to be a complete hater or anything remotely close to being a spiteful bitch but, people who

blog like this
for the most part

who think they're off the charts


really -_-

should take their style with them, fall in a well and proceed to drown.

You hear that gentle splash? Followed by a rumble in the earth? That's E.E. Cummings rolling in his grave at the piss poor modern imitators.

I know, stop reading, right?

I did! Right after a fleeting glance of that first four lines... which is quite the embodiment of classic ADHD writing capacity and the unfortunate result of a compulsive Return key hitter.

I suppose this is why creative poetry was never a subject in high school. At least, not in my high school (not even in English Lit! Unless that's been changed recently...). The countless hours I'd spend defending my "works of art" with defiant logic on subjectivity would've been sinfully gratifying... much to the annoyance and chagrin of my teachers of course.

Oh, come now. You know that would've at least taken the snore out of finishing those pseudo 1119 English exam papers in a scant forty five minutes after the paper commenced.


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Friday, August 03, 2007

Lately I've come to discover the pains of being stoic and concise with my words. Not by choice, really. I am compelled to be sparse with my previously witty retorts and shamelessly unhelpful remarks.

It is quite possible I'm getting lazy with my vocabulary to a point where what I really do want to say gets mushed into a generic "maybe" instead which is then followed by an aptly timed smirk, giggle or laugh.

It's quite a shame; such loss of zeal in verbal banter can be disheartening at times.

Because of recent events, I've been diagnosed with lawn-chair syndrome... meaning how it folds? I spit at the analogy; who started such bloody nonsense anyway?

Granted neither blubbering nor sputtering were any of my virtues but in my current state of discontent I can only muster up a sickly "bleh" before I falter. Although, the thought of me being tongue-tied can be such a relief to the few who can't seem to get me to hush.

The other few times I'm seemingly voluntarily quiet would be times when I'm caught with a question to which its answer I'm forced to paraphrase on the spot just to be courteous. Oh yes, there are times where I've made up ridiculous things along the way... like when I was trying to play nice and practically ground out each word trying to describe my healthy relationship with Terry. Of course it came out as a succinct albeit forced five-word phrase complimented with a smile so mad it shred rainbows.

What I had really wanted to say had something to the effect of Terry being a constant bitch and disagreeing with (almost) everything he says makes the sun shine a little brighter and the symphony of strings a little more melodiously victorious every damn time a rebuttal is exchanged <3 Gleeful sarcasm is your best friend, rivalled only by deadpanned sarcasm.

On sarcasm, it has been said that every time I'm sarcastic baby Jesus cries... which would explain why he cries a whole lot (shock! Such slander).

Gotta love your friends! Even the ones who listen to techno (oh, more of your ships sank in EVE? *tear*).

Fridays have never moved at such a fascinatingly slow pace riddled with self-lament fused with complete and utter bullshit.


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