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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Because this is what really goes on in a forum, especially on
Much <3



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Usability derailed

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I love Redux (we developed it, of course I love it) but the piss poor frustration that is the voting system makes me S-C-R-E-A-M and want to strangle the genius who came up with the system.


Are you trying to deter people from voting at all?
Do you have any idea how unfriendly it is to tell them you have to log into to vote -and- not the app itself while they're on an individual app's main page that has its own login page? Yeah, read that again.

Well heck, to quote some feedback, "I'd vote for the app if I knew how to vote."

What were you thinking?

And for the record, the star thing is snazzy, cute and all... but you know people are going to start asking, "Did my vote count?" when the stars just stay there after they've clicked it.

The expectancy for something -anything- to happen once those stars go through the click process is EXPECTEDLY high. It's addictive really, the little prompt that decides the queasy fate of your (un)certainty.

And you deny us voters the satisfaction of unquestionable confirmation! So cruel. So very, very cruel.

What can I say? I'm insecure that way...

And now for a shameless plug: vote for Redux today! <3


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Hallmark card greetings

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Meeting you would be like going for a root canal."

"You're like a durian; sweet and foul at the same time."

I love my friends, my other half and my other other half but... COME. ON. YOU GUYS!?

I realize my charming personality as well as my ostentatious albeit deplorably sordid (at best) wit and humor doesn't even graze the surface of propriety nor does it exude the grace and elegance one would attach to the generic female species but REALLY NOW.

Dental work analogies? And a durian!? Do I look like a fruit to you?

Okay, wait. Don't answer that.


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