Apple pee

Sunday, November 11, 2007

sean^2 is says: anyone i date must drink green tea. even if i have to force feed them green tea.. because i like green tea xD
RAGE says: its good
RAGE says: did he drink it?
sean^2 is says: actually, no, he drinks apple pee
sean^2 is says: LOL
sean^2 is says: he's never had fresh apple juice
RAGE says: lol
sean^2 is says: like freshly squeezed
sean^2 is says: he says it's not economical!
sean^2 is says: i'm like.. that OTHER APPLE JUICE you're drinking, it's not apple juice
RAGE says: ...
sean^2 is says: it's apple pee
sean^2 is says: it's disgusting
sean^2 is says: and super sweet lol
sean^2 is says: i call it apple pee


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Thought process

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How do you give up someone you love? Willingly? And for the "greater good" without the sensation of falling forever and lost in the totality of unjustified confusion at the mere thought of the person?
For something that's supposedly the right thing to do, it feels like the epitome of everything you're doing wrong with your life.

You can kick, scream, cry and beg but the reality of the situation still remains and you're forced to let go.

You let go... and then you hate.

Your emotions betray you and you turn against this one person... that one person who used to make you soar, sprint, laugh and love.

Your lover, your friend is now your enemy.

Eventually, past all the sleepless nights, you'll break and loathe... willing to erase the past and desperately wanting to forget the future.

You'll never understand.

And in time, the part of your brain that craves and the longing in your heart that desires will cease to function. For the greater good.

And you miss it all already.

p/s: On a completely unrelated note, ripping out one's nose piercing by accident (from the unfortunately clumsy removal of sunglasses) solidifies that I was never meant to have that piercing since I'm having such horrible luck with it.

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