Thursday, December 27, 2007

I gave up on the Youth Malaysia JScript... I'd have to re-write my CSS to accomodate their "bare" styling so that the dog ear doesn't look like an unwanted reject of a pixelated gif from 1997. What, you think I'm going to keep restyling my img tag for every id I make? Hell, no.

Onto the fun stuff--another session of picture whoring! I still need to nab pictures from Chris... although, I think they're all living in cold fear of unwanted pictures ending up on Facebook; case and point YEES who's really not selective at all with the pictures she put up :P.

Pictures are from the Christmas-y break we had: from overdosing on ribs at our first work "party", excessive estrogen at the Korean BBQ place, getting Yen pissed drunk (remake of 2 Fast 2 Furious on the LDP in attempt to get the nearest gas station) to caroling at DK Cafe <3 and bouncing shiruken-shaped carrots off the walls at Ninja Jones!

RSB Super Barty at TGIF - Kegan and Kee ChingRSB Super Barty at TGIF - Moo and WendyRSB Super Barty at TGIF - Deep friend Mac n Cheese :DRSB Super Barty at TGIF - Shrimp MargaritaRSB Super Barty at TGIF - Mai's PastaRSB Super Barty at TGIF - Way too much ribs xDRSB Super Barty at TGIF - Sean and... alot of ribsRSB Super Barty at TGIF - Sexy wings!RSB Super Barty at TGIF - One sundae for each couple ^^;RSB Super Barty at TGIF - Cookies and creamYen's birthday dinner @ Dae Jung GumDae Jung Gum - Vee, Joo and PhaikyDae Jung Gum - Leng and SunDae Jung Gum - Chris, Rose and VeeDae Jung Gum - Side dishesThe Social - Banana fritters! :DThe Social - Minn, Phaiky and YenThe Social - Leng, Pau and CinaThe Social - Vee and SeanThe Social - Yen, still looking sober before her Nightmare :pDK Cafe Party - We love group pictures!DK Cafe Party - While waiting for food...DK Cafe Party - FoodDK Cafe Party - More food... there was obviously more but eating got in the way...DK Cafe Party - After food, all smiles! :DDK Cafe Party - Just before carolingDK Cafe Party - Cina after a good caroling session ;)Ninja Jones @ Northpoint, KLNinja Jones - Interior lightsNinja Jones - Ninja Jones - Im and her huge glassNinja Jones - Soft shelled crab and avocado saladNinja Jones - Salmon sashimi pot :DNinja Jones - Wagyu beef yakinikuNinja Jones - Kaki no... something: baked oyster in cream cheese lolNinja Jones - Classic tempuraNinja Jones -Shiruken #1... don't ask how it tastes like, I only got one bite before it disappearedNinja Jones - Im and one of the resident ninjas!Ninja Jones - The ultra sweet bento

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This fountain of youth

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Because I'm a developer and designer-wannabe at heart... I have only this to say:


... i.e. see that wickedly cool horizontal bar or nasty 3px gap that appears on every site that carries the shameless little JScript "Vote for me!" dog ear when you're not using IE?

While looking for the NEXT HOTSHOT Dotcom youth, the people at Youth Malaysia completely forgot to actually hire a Dotcom "person" to make sure their JScript doesn't ONLY work on the IE browsers.

Charity begins at home kids.

And we've got a long, long way to go.

p/s: I'm only tolerating the bad JScript cause the gents in the office thought it'd be cool to have a submission to the Dotcom Youth Search

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Busy, busy

Monday, December 17, 2007

Wah! I've been busy (surprisingly ;))!

Updates coming soon; includes but not limited to: Time Together (omgosh a sneak preview! ;p), Supermoi (the guys are going to kill me), WoW winter fest (Greatfather Winter is cheap...) and New Year resolutions?

They need to bring back the sexy snowball knockback effect. Sniping party members in battlegrounds is a dying art. For shame.

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