-17 degrees Celsius

Thursday, January 31, 2008

And that is how cold it is. My fingers are frozen and I've got a few pulled muscles from stretching out with an armload or two of clothing while trying to reach that DAMN sweater on the top shelf.

Oh, we had lamb brains for dinner too ;)

Here's a sneak preview...

What's left of Andrew's dinner--the lamb skull
What's left of Andrew's dinner--the lamb skull


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Saturday, January 19, 2008

"What if I die in surgery?"

I snorted. "You're not that lucky."

Here, I'll light a lavender infused quartz mix for you :) And for myself -_-

You drama queen.


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Youth, punks!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

One more flop from the friendly folks at YouthMalaysia (no, I'm not linking to their site solely based on the fact that I'm anti-Dreamweaver mass produced sites)... they sent everyone who participated in the Dotcom Youth Search event email.

By "send" I really mean they had everyone's email in the "To:" line.

Some of the people on the list were quite friendly and saw it as new means of networking, which isn't all that bad. I had a few good giggles from the bandwagoners :)

Unfortunately, my inbox is also now cluttered with SPAM from some of the shameless, self-whoring assholes on the list who've added all our emails to their mailing list in hopes to promote their craptastic sites.

YouthMalaysia needs to l2email while the other rubbish email bottom-feeders need to remove all our emails from their foul list or at least have a goddamn unsubscribe link so I never have to get email in piss poor, barely legible English from their company ever again.

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Exotic sleep patterns

Monday, January 14, 2008

Streamyx was down again at work this morning. I swear I'm going to start charting the amount of times our connection goes down and send it over to TM HQ as solid proof that they are reaching new heights of massive suckage. But I'm sure they already know this :)

On another plane of existence, I am currently sleeping on (and of course, the very proud owner of) a silk worm pillow... which is basically a silk pillow with a little pocket in the center that's padded and lined with silk worm droppings fresh from China. Sleeping has never been more disconcerting.

Silk is supposedly extraordinarily healthy for you... from rheumatism to migraines, you can virtually cure them all (over extended periods of use naturally) simply by wearing or sleeping in the amazing silk products!

No, I didn't pull that randomly out of my ass--it's what the tour guide in the silk factory told my parents.

While it may be true, as I'm tossing and turning in the silk blanket this morning (yessir, the folks went wild with the silk), I begin to wonder if it's even silk at all...

Oh pish, sleeping aside, I have better uses for silk anyway.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Iceblock is now trainable.

And taken from the official WoW mage forums, this is exactly what I'll be doing with Iceblock when the servers come back up:

(4) I will ICEBLOCK when fighting irritating Frost Mages who ICEBLOCK to save their ass. We will share an unspoken bond as we stare at each others frozen bodies wondering who will pop their IB first although I am pretty sure he will be really pissed off that I can do it now too as a fire mage.

How will you ICEBLOCK? ;)

That and I'm going to enjoy spilling a healthy dose of Dragon's Breath into the faces of annoying hunters and their pets. Die. Die in a big, roaring fire.

And finally, goodbye and good riddance to prep/AR rogues :p


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Monday, January 07, 2008

I'm on neutral ground as far as the whole blog advertising frenzy in Malaysia is concerned. Granted my blog doesn't make any money anyway lol

HOWEVER, I was pinged earlier this morning regarding our very own Malaysian-bred blog advertising network's massive disaster and couldn't resist a snippet (or two) of colorful commentary.

The big blunder? Advertlets forgot to renew their domain name.

The result? Bloggers with the Advertlets script on their site gave their users free redirects to spammy sites!

Heck, even the good people at TechCrunch covered it: Advertlets Joins The Deadpool, Or Maybe Just Forgets To Renew Their Domain Name

Personally, I find the chaos ironically amusing considering the Advertlets founder (sorry Josh lol) is the same smart ass behind the whoisAdamKing domain snatch stint a few years back.

While criticizing Guinness back then for not securing their domain name as bad marketing practice probably gave him a few brownie points, I'm not sure forgetting to renew his cash cow's domain name counts for any stellar points either :P If anything, damage control with the wicked, wicked pool of unforgiving bloggers is going to be a bitch.

Posting reactions here would be so 2girls1cup-ish... but seriously, don't get trampled by the angry bloggers on the way out?

-20 points, sigh.


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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!!! :)

A few glasses of champagne, a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label and half a bottle of gin between seven people (Leng you only had one glass, that doesn't count :p) makes for wickedly horrifying hangovers.

That and currently anything in the color yellow triggers nausea.

Just say no to yellow. And gin. Just... no.


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