Leap of faith

Friday, February 29, 2008

Because we only get this magnificent day every four years... happy 29th! :)

The folks of the ancient civilizations had a wicked sense of humor... and thought it'd be a gas to add one odd day in February to make up for the collective hours we missed in the past three years... and thereby effectively screwing over birthdays for the 29th Feb babies.

So this short post is to all (people/pets/relationships/etc.) who came into existence on "that odd day" in a leap year. Happy birthday to all the 29th Feb babies around the world, your birthday is finally here again :)

Today is your day, celebrate! ^^;


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm trolling Geni...

and I've discovered only my sis and I together with my fourth uncle's kids don't share the "Tan" family naming convention. You could say we're the oddities of the family tree... or we're just in the cool kids club ;)

That and I'm the only eldest child who isn't married yet on my dad's side X_X But that's probably not a bad thing, considering my dad is the youngest of the lot :P

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Chicago '08

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hush hush, I know full well I've been procrastinating (and recovering from the dry skin rash I picked up... I blame the stale air on the plane)! ;p

Happy Chinese New Year to all :) Wishing everyone a prosperous and fantabulous Year of the Rat! :D

To kick things off... here are the pictures from my recent Chicago trip:

Chicago '08

Chicago '08 -- part deux; food and booze

Yes, yes. Due to some laziness on my part, I ended up Facebook-ing them as opposed to the usual Lightbox method ;/

Much love to Diana and Andrew who put up with me for ten days lol <3 Oh, and a shout-out to the lovely mom bloggers I met at Andalous on Monday (4th Feb)! :D Hope you guys enjoyed the food as much as we did ^^;

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