October round up

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween everyone! :) Work has been mad hectic... so much so I'm sacrificing sleep to blog, heh. Here is the really, really long ass post that was promised earlier in the month.

Starting off; we (Chris, Cina, Yen, Yees, Emma and I) went to Korea! :D Since it's been yonks, I've already forgotten the names of most of the places we went to.

Taking off!
Taking off!

We landed in Seoul and took off for Insadong where we met up with Yees and Emma:


Because lunch was a whole mouthful of bad, we started snacking in the airport while waiting for our flight at Jeju Island. We love cake.


Group shot at the local airport

Once we got there, we got onto the bus which had the most ghetto looking, retro stylin' interior. They use green and pink neon lights for lighting at night. No joke.

Jeju's ghetto looking bus

We went to see some dragon head shaped rocks...

Dude, where are the rocks?

while Yees worked the camera...

Yees being cute

... and found this amazing seaside place to eat, right on the rocks :p The locals had set up a sashimi stall behind a cluster of rocks--raw octopus and abalone with shoju! YUM :D

Seaside dining

Digging in

We had to climb some mountain in Jeju on day two :p

Starting the hike

The view from the top was spectacular! There were heaps of people coming up by the time we got down o.O And some of us had shaky knees from walking downhill :p

The view from the top

After the massive climb, we went to check out a folk village... and no, it's not the ones that were preserved just for tourists; there are people who actually live in them. Very old school.

Chilling out by the hut

We had lunch (at least, I think this is what we had for lunch):

Hot pot

After lunch we went over to chill out by a waterfall and cam whored even more:

Then we headed off to another place with more rocks. Fun, right? But the highlight of this part was the silkworms! Just incase you're wondering: no, I didn't finish it (ech!) and crunchy, creamy texture with a bitter aftertaste ;)


We also braved the rain to visit a root garden without umbrellas lol

Root garden, Yees is drenched

Day three was "Everland" day. The morning kicked off with abalone juk and then a obligatory group shot by the windy coastline:

After juk

If you're wondering what Cina was doing with the hand gesture... it's the T-Express pose (keep reading :p). We said goodbye to Jeju Island and headed off to Everland, the land of candy, coasters and crack.


And this is the T-Express:


With the first drop at a whopping 77 degree decline, waiting in line for it was terrifying. Dr. Emma was about to backpedal if not for Cina blocking the way.

Waiting in line to sit the T Express

77 degree drop kids, it's like being hurled off a wall, no joke. From far, the drop looked like cake... two seconds of thrills and chills, nothing we couldn't handle yeah? So wrong. Oh, so wrong. Turns out the two seconds felt like TWO YEARS of free falling... heck, Dr. Emma started screaming even before the drop T_T That ride was not fun :p But we sat it for the sake of saying "Yeah, the T-Express? Been there, done that."

We survived the T Express!

Emma and I braved a few more rides that tossed us around in the air like they were flipping pancakes. The attendants were doing the macarena and talking in high-pitched "YOOHOOO"s every five seconds. What do they put in the water!?

Getting strapped in with Emma

We also got ears for -almost- everyone :)


We had more grilled stuff for dinner. For the record, I don't recall what it was I was doing when that shot was taken.

BBQ dinner

BBQ dinner

The next day, we went to see yet another mountain (for the view, naturally). Emma hiked all the way to the peak despite the tour guide specifically telling just us to not hike to the top. Yes, we were the rebel group in the tour :p

Some mountain...

The skies were amazing that morning:

Posing by the sky line with Yen

Group shot!

No er, smoking?
Does anyone see that "No smoking" sign there!? Seriously :p

After our relaxing morning walk, we went to the fish market and had lunch in the makeshift shops that were really just the shop keep's boat lol

Fish market

In the boat

Yes, more food (it's a gastronomical adventure :p)! Sashimi of sorts:


We went to Nami Island; serene and romantic despite possibly being visited by every other teen couple in South Korea. And yes, this is where they filmed Winter Sonata. They even have bronze statues of the two main actors, heh.

The scenic tree shot on Nami Island


The next day, we went to visit the ever popular Dae Jang-Geum movie set and had some fun there:

Cooking with Yees in the kitchen

Carrying Yees around aint no easy task!
Carrying Yees around ain't no easy task!

She volunteered, I swear!
She volunteered, I swear!


I think we got hauled off to the Ginseng place after this... and naturally, had ginseng chicken for dinner (or was it lunch, hmm)

We headed back to our chic little pad in Seoul where I proceeded to plug in my mac and sat there until my withdrawal symptoms went away. Also, I managed to catch the infamous Starcraft gaming channel :D

Casa Ville

We went to roam the streets of Seoul...

Streets of Korea at night

There were streets and streets of neon lights, vibrant buzzing and the somewhat usual techno/hip hop coming out of random bars. The people here don't seem to sleep :p

On the last day of the trip with our tour group, we went to learn how to make kimchii. Well, being a tour and all... they don't actually expect us to "make" anything. So, it was really just 15 minutes of us rubbing soggy cabbage down with pre-made chili paste.

Making kimchii like a pro

Being touristy, we took pictures at this square that had a fountain built smack in the middle of it especially for the view (see that sexy mountain behind and how the fountain sits a little of right? Yeeeah.).

Another mountain shot

We made our way over to the Folk Museum and then proceeded to get lost in a massive (previously somewhat restored) palace:

Guards guarding the palace

Group shot

Chilling under the tree from all the walking

Picturesque with Yees

We even had time to play some court games!

A game of arrows?

No, I don't remember the name of the arrow game... but Emma schooled us all lol
Now that touring was more or less done, it was time to shop! We were dropped off at Myeong Dong (I think! :p) and Yen tore into TheFaceShop and Laniege... and proceeded to buy almost everything :p Emma came in a close second with a truckload of everything else.

Myeong Dong

Myeong Dong

Emma having a blast in Myeong Dong

With Emma and Yees off to Japan the next day, Chris, Cina, Yen and I went for our own adventure... starting at Lotte Mart. We had to try their Bulgogi burger in the Lotteria:


Wasn't the greatest, but hey :p We also went shopping... for instant noodles. Now this may be silly, but the obnoxiously CHEAP thrill of buying instant noodles/candy/snacks in a foreign country completely overrode any logic :p

Instant noodles!
LOL @ Yen's "Oh my god, are you kidding me..." expression in the background

After that, we went over to Dongdaemun (it's either Dongdaemun or Namdaemun -_-) to do more shopping and at the same, Cina wanted to check out the baseball stadium. We looked for it and wondered if the directions were wrong... and this was our reaction when we realized they had PAVED the stadium down to make way for more shopping complexes. We had actually walked around what was previously the baseball stadium wondering if it had sank into the ground...

Dongdaemun stadium blues

We also went to check out the man made river that was a darling spot to chill out away from the hustle and bustle in the streets above. Yes, above. The river (with smoothly paved walkways on both sides) runs underneath the main roads.

Bridge above the river

Our last dinner in Korea was by far the most delicious :)

Chris and Cina


We headed over to the DMZ the next day and explored the third tunnel. Going down was awesome... but coming back up was a massive chore. I'm not exactly the most fit person on earth so the 320ish meters at a 11 degree incline almost made my heart explode! :p Sorry, no pictures were allowed! :p

Whew, that was our South Korea in a nutshell (more or less).
October was a month of birthdays (amazing shots ninja-ed from Lola and Yen) starting off with Kyeth's at Euphoria, MOS :)

Waiting on Kyeth
We're sipping on lychee martinis in the Sunway Lagoon Resort's lobby while waiting for the birthday girl to arrive!

Posing for the camera

Kyeth got a pole cake:

Kyeth's pole cake

And we all love the cake :D

Kyeth and Sherlyn, the other birthday girl!
Kyeth and Sherlyn, the other birthday girl!

Vee and Lola
Vee and Lola


Happy birthday Awesome! ;p

One big happy!

It was also Fiona's birthday and we had a pseudo surprise party (she saw it coming from a mile away :p) at Palete Pallete:

And did I already mention how much we all love cakes?

Fi handing out her cupcake cake :D
Fi handing out her cupcake cake :D

Adam munching on the icing
Adam munching on the icing

Lola made Fi chug it! And this was after the flaming too :p

Fi chugging it with Lola

Yen being attacked!

And to end my amazingly long post, here are some random "Pole Out" pictures:

Hanging with Kyeth at Zanzibar
Hanging with Kyeth at Zanzibar; yes we came prepared!

The boys at Zanzibar
The boys playing it cool at Zanzibar!

Raw @ Solaris. Pole family getting drunk and dance-y ;p
Raw @ Solaris. Pole family getting drunk and dance-y ;p

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Monday, October 20, 2008

is my ret paladin. And the cause of my sleepless nights.
Even though very much under-geared with level 27 bracers on a 53 and cruising through the lands of Azeroth at an unforgiving average latency of 700ms, everything she touches is destroyed by holy light (hey, hey and I don't even have Divine Storm yet) in seconds.

All the godly power is... addictive.

So I sat there... nuking boars, Lost Ones, basilisks... the random orc or two... vultures... until there were NONE.

And shafted myself in the process since all I can think about now is to haul ass to 70 so I can nab my PVP gear :/

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Swinging high

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's finally Friday and yesterday was an amazing night of lindy (thanks to KL Swing for bringing Sinclair to town :))!

So yes, this back pain I've been complaining about--yes, the same one that feels like my ribcage is splintering through my back whenever I sneeze... it's amazing how I don't feel a thing when I'm running on an endorphin high lindy hopping and pole-ing. Sad it only triggers when I have to wake up early in the bloody mornings only to groan to the tune of a seventy year old broken rocking chair.

Ah, the addiction to dance <3

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It's not dead...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

... just super busy with work, pole and the giddy excitement of swing! Yes, swing is finally coming to town :)

Promise the pictures from Korea (together with many, many colorful commentaries) will be up this weekend :)

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[ soon-to-be useful ]

nekomatta is...

This is Sean when she's emo. Sean Sean Tan;

sarcastic wordsmith, dirty in oh-so-many ways, fun-loving IE-hating CSS worshiping markup "engineer", anime-styled arm flailing expressive communicator, proudly self-initiated member of the cult of milk and caffeine, snotty pink crayon lover, tree hugging hippy organic designer, pole dancer wannabe, swing-a-ling lindy hopper, rabid arcane mage/bitchin' disc priest/annoying resto druid--sometimes spazzy, often giggly, always loud.
20% sugar, 80% kink.