There is no spoon

Monday, October 26, 2009

Or in this case, there is no next/previous navigation on the site as @yoonkit has so eloquently suggested.

I'm working on it.

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The internet sucks hairy balls

Monday, October 05, 2009

I really do reckon my work would get done twenty times faster if, oh let's say, Streamyx wasn't such a dirty whore and didn't fucking suck as much.

Malaysia has shit for internet. Grade A cow poop.

It feels like TM is harboring aborted fetuses that sit in their servers gnawing at cables screeching for life, justice and all that jazz. There we go, unrecognizable demonic masses running around TM's headquarters because in the course of ripping everyone in the country off, someone forgot to cap their toyol urn.


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What the fuck, it's October already!?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I turned a year older. So did Vee. And the September brats (in order of impending haggetry: Yoong, Cina and Chris).

The Brats turn 26!

Vee got married, oh my God. I hate you. Now I will be forever tormented by questions that would unapologetically violate my personal space and sound something like this on a broken tape recorder: "Oh, Vivien is the first to marry in your group! When is it your turn?"

Congratulations Vee and Ming!

The girls that had to hold back the mob of guys... not that there was any real holding back since it was Fullerton and the management demanded that we just let them in.

And the wedding party!

One bridesmaid got so drunk I was carrying her vomit in a useless plastic bag that was apparently used to carry a hedgehog before the dinner because it had more holes than my brain on a normal day.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith remixed

Emily got engaged. The shameless shrieking and hyperventilating that went on in Envy when she flashed us the ring was unimaginable.

Said goodbye to Ah Pei and Ah Pek who now join the ever-growing Proximity alumni ;)

Ah Pei and Ah Pek, before we went over to Damansara Heights to tani.

Raya came and went. I shacked up in Chiang Mai with the folks and PPA-ed my way through.

PPA-ing that would make a crack whore run away. I am an Asian female, after all.

I also got molested by elephants.

I really don't mean to look like I'm enjoying it... too much. Mom is apparently having more luck with the beast.
Eau de elephant! Mom apparently had more luck at feeding the beast.

Once I got home, I dragged the boys along with me to IKEA. I went bed sheet looking, they went table hunting (sort of).

Working even on their days off--what I call dedication.

Broke my both my legs and nearly peed my pants doing the Skytrex Extreme Challenge--but I beat Shawn up the second rope ladder, so all is good in the world!

Such a facepalm in the making!
Allen facepalm-ing at the idiot jokes Shawn and I are exchanging. The "Seans" representin'.

And finally, I apparently didn't play enough DotA because I'm still not any good at it. +1 to myself for being called a noob as our hopes were down and the other team tore through ours like vultures enjoying a Happy Meal.

I hate you, you AND you. But you, I like.

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This is Sean when she's emo. Sean Sean Tan;

sarcastic wordsmith, dirty in oh-so-many ways, fun-loving IE-hating CSS worshiping markup "engineer", anime-styled arm flailing expressive communicator, proudly self-initiated member of the cult of milk and caffeine, snotty pink crayon lover, tree hugging hippy organic designer, pole dancer wannabe, swing-a-ling lindy hopper, rabid arcane mage/bitchin' disc priest/annoying resto druid--sometimes spazzy, often giggly, always loud.
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