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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It only seemed like yesterday when I said goodbye, parted ways with 2008 and welcomed 2009 with open arms. In two days, I will finally be able to give 2009 the finger and peer cautiously into what 2010 might have to offer.

That being said, December has truly been the month for birthdays and festivities--

Ramin (aka Triple R) turned the big three oh:

Ramin turns 30!

Ramin tackles the cake with a pretend battlefury. All you DotA nerds know what I'm talking about.
Triple R trying to pose with the cake. How cute is that! :D And this is him attempting to break the cake with a "pretend" battlefury. All you DotA nerds know what I'm talking about.

Happy Birthday Ramin!

Yen, our group baby, turned 26:

Yen *finally* turns 26.

And on the same day, Sun and Puan broke the engagement news to us:

Puan, Sun and the proposal.
Puan, Sun and the proposal; congratulations! :D

And Adam turns 23 sometime at the end of the month... but we couldn't wait and surprised him anyway:

Adam and his brrsss.
Adam and his brrsss.

Oops, we nearly forgot Jibbs!
Oops, we nearly forgot Jibbs!

Adam and his brrsss, take two.
Adam and his brrsss, take two.

Dao, Khairi and Marcus.

Jibbs, Adam and Dian.

The infamous Joanna Pongz and Daryl :D

Ee Ling and Thokin.

The boys: Adri, Adam, Bernard and Toby (who looks torn between confusion and constipation).
We even had people from the office! Adri, Adam, Bernard and Toby (who looks torn between confusion and constipation).

Suff, his lovely wife (Yus) and Toby.

Hanim and Aizat. No, Aziat doesn't work with us.
Hanim and Aizat. No, Aizat doesn't work with us.

Adam, Shahmi, Nicole and Edwin.
I don't know how this pek yau look came about. Poor Nicole.

Big thanks and much love to everyone who turned up that day (especially Dian, whom we had to resort to begging, pleading and even dirty threats). Also, thank you to Nicole for some of the dinner pictures in this post! :D

KL Swing! had a pre-Christmas karaoke, packed with a Christmas edition of lollicakes:

Lollicakes: the Christmas edition

Loveliest lollicakes in the world. Courtesy of Shirl!
Aren't they just the loveliest things in the world. Courtesy of Shirl!

Karaoke was just as much fun as it was a revelation: we discovered Chris' inner black man and Adam's inner Korean pop diva.

We had so much turkey on Christmas Eve at Daryl's we had to work off some of the food via Rock Band:

Rock Band: Team Girls.
We soooo kicked ass.

And right after, Minn had her Hen's Night. Needless to say, all the pictures that were taken on that night are strictly barred from making an appearance on the interwebs. It's for the greater good.

And OMG. Vee is PREGNANT. So much for three years in the waiting, eh? ;)

Happy (early) New Years too all! :)

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In a galaxy far, far away

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sometimes I wish I had met you in a different time and place.

Where there are no ultimatums as a prerequisite to anything more than a relationship.

We'd be free--and awesome together.


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