Instagram is a weird place for yoga people to be at

This is a highly Unpopular Opinion given that most self-declared “yogis” are all peddling their craft on the platform. Instagram is a visual platform. Yes, asanas are a part of yoga but being on it has effectively reduced yoga to a profitable high school popularity contest.

It’s freaking fantastic for the extroverts!

But honestly, to effectively market yourself as a yoga teacher these days you apparently need to fit a certain body type, be part of some woke culture and lifestyle, and look like you graduated from acro school.

Before anyone cries about how that’s a blanket statement and it’s largely untrue, GO. LOOK. THEM. UP. I’ll wait.

It’s a little disheartening but somewhere along the journey, we lost our way.


Also, it’s testament that I can’t ever cut it as an Instagram ho.

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