daily shorts

People who only speak English

Why is it cool when other cultures slide in random English words into their sentences but when it’s the other way around, the people WHO ONLY SPEAEK ONE LANGUAGE become such dicks about it?

E.g., oh your English must be bad.

Inbreds ?

daily shorts

How much do we really hate ourselves?

The “Historical Romance” genre is pretty much… 90,000 words of misogyny.


Instagram is a weird place for yoga people to be at

This is a highly Unpopular Opinion given that most self-declared “yogis” are all peddling their craft on the platform. Instagram is a visual platform. Yes, asanas are a part of yoga but being on it has effectively reduced yoga to a profitable high school popularity contest.

It’s freaking fantastic for the extroverts!

But honestly, to effectively market yourself as a yoga teacher these days you apparently need to fit a certain body type, be part of some woke culture and lifestyle, and look like you graduated from acro school.

Before anyone cries about how that’s a blanket statement and it’s largely untrue, GO. LOOK. THEM. UP. I’ll wait.

It’s a little disheartening but somewhere along the journey, we lost our way.


Also, it’s testament that I can’t ever cut it as an Instagram ho.