2017 one thing a day

Day 008

I previously entertained the idea of creating themes/templates and naming them after people I know and respect. It was to be an inspired piece of sorts, and as a way to say, “Hey, thanks for being part of my life and I appreciate you!”

As it turns out, the longer you dawdle, the sinking realization of how much everyone has changed (some for the utter worse) starts to set in. Kinda like what it feels like to see the cement harden around your ankles right before you’re tossed of a bridge into a river of unknown depths below.

I’ve now come to loathe 80% of the people I used admire.

I guess the lesson here is to just make it anyway, in hopes that whatever you made preserved the very best and brightest bits of your relationship with said person.

2021 edit–
I feel like this is very applicable to baby names as well. I am thankful all I’m naming is a cat or two. Maybe three.

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