2017 one thing a day

Day 009

It’s only nine days into the new year and I’ve already blown my quota at mentally cursing out project managers who are half baked and have absolutely no fucking clue at what they’re doing and/or asking for. I cannot emphasize no fucking clue enough. HOW DID THESE PEOPLE EVEN GET JOBS?? Again, a project manager should be able to do more than just reply emails and draft up briefs in PowerPoint.

Having to deal with abhorrent crazies early in the morning makes me unnecessarily violent and sends me into fits of uncontrollable coughing.

I might be jumping the gun here, but as a PSA to everyone working with a front end developer for anything, CSS is not the same thing as PSD. For fuck’s sake. If you’re working in a digital agency, you REALLY SHOULD KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

So much for complaining less and embracing the world’s positivity. I will do better tomorrow.

2021 edit–
Well, the zen in my flow aged poorly.

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