Old content, new surprises!

So awhile ago (by awhile I really mean about three years ago), I attempted to journal down “one thing a day” in hopes that one day I’ll look back at those entries and not cringe (too much). Obviously “one thing a day” was a terribly worded goal because if I’m going to be honest, my entries were more like “some things in a year”.

It’s only February but I’m struggling and hanging onto A REALLY THIN line of sanity wondering when the pandemic will go back to the void where it surfaced from.

And I have to say, revisiting the little snippets have kept me sane.

I think I’ll start porting them over to this site so I can keep better track of things. So… scroll backwards in a few days for new old content?

daily shorts

Finding joy

The pandemic is still going strong.

I’m a little annoyed that the infection numbers are still climbing despite EVERY MEDIA OUTLET telling you to stay home if you don’t need to go out or to practice social distancing if you do. Look, I get it. Staying in sucks.

But if you’re going out simply because “staying home sucks” and because being bored interferes with your lifestyle, I hope the folks at the ICU gives your ventilator to someone else.