daily shorts

Trusting the process

Sometimes we create things that seem like rubbish at the time.

But strangely, they come in handy and swoop in for a creative rescue a few weeks and/or months down the road.

It’s a fine line between psychic powers and a mental illness of compulsive hoarding.

2018 one thing a day

Day 32: That first month disappeared real quick

Where did January go?

How am I still stuck trying to work on a site that’s so poorly built?

Why is my crpyto portfolio still sideways?

Why does my water percentage keep dropping each time I see my PT? How much water do I realistically need to drink to have an okay reading? AND DON’T EVEN SUGGEST CUTTING SALT.

I probably have to reduce my salt intake, sigh.

2021 edit–
2021 AND STILL SALTY AFFFFF. Also laughing at in 2021: concept of “time”.

2018 one thing a day

Day 25: Putting up with bad millennials programmers

Especially the ones who talk so much smack but have nothing to back their shit up with when everything starts falling apart.


2021 edit–
I still love telling this story about the shady techbros (words like shocking and appalling come to mind).
Something you’d have to hear in-person purely for the hand gestures and facial expressions.

2018 one thing a day

Day 19: I don’t remember launch days being so panicky

I don’t remember any of my past site launches being so chaotic.

But yesterday’s site launch has given me an important/amusing insight: everyone, and I mean EVERYONE COLLECTIVELY, is afraid of the IT guy.

Mental note to have a scary Russian chap man the servers in the future.

2021 edit–
Putin people in their places, eyyy.

2022 edit–
That Putin pun did not age well at all.