daily shorts

Finding joy

The pandemic is still going strong.

I’m a little annoyed that the infection numbers are still climbing despite EVERY MEDIA OUTLET telling you to stay home if you don’t need to go out or to practice social distancing if you do. Look, I get it. Staying in sucks.

But if you’re going out simply because “staying home sucks” and because being bored interferes with your lifestyle, I hope the folks at the ICU gives your ventilator to someone else.


Cryptocurrency and their charts

TIL what it means for a market to be “crabbing at X” over an extended period of time (looking at you Chainlink).

Also, asking the really important question: does technical chart analysis really ever work?

Isn’t it all just theoretically… gambling?


The cheesecake mileage

I like cheesecakes because it takes forever for me to finish a slice.

Pretty sure I’ve eaten this same slice for the third time and there’s still enough left for… uh, another sitting?


Something about talking to long lost friends

I wouldn’t say we’re friends? It does fall under the category of Someone I Used To Know though.

I suppose it’s still a relationship of sorts even if it does feel… a little peculiar. The week’s been a little muddy and I have to say, the universe never fails to surprise me with her aptly-timed quirky gifts.

I’m glad you’re still alive.


Covid-19 x The Black Death

The bubonic plague has come back out to play because some person decided to eat a marmot. If we needed a a gentle reminder (or harsh flex) of all the terrible things still lurking about in the event we’re not taking Covid-19 seriously enough, here it is!

Seriously though, Chinese people need to cut it out with the propensity for eating every and any animal that has their backs facing the sky.

It’s even a legit saying: 背脊向天人所食。

2020 is now officially the year of plague and misery.


Streaming is like a job

I can’t emphasize how much like a real job it feels like given that I’ve rolled out of bed still semi sleep deprived and am currently running on instant coffee.

I even microwaved my milk.

It’s not like I have much options, okay?


I am not prepared

It’s already July. It’s been six freaking months. I’m so not fucking ready for the second half of the year.

On a side note, we started streaming today!


Brownface. Blackface.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, pretty much every celebrity (traditional or otherwise) who did some form of black/brownface in the past have been called out on their actions. Together in that mix are the people who mock languages. Peculiarly enough, it’s always the Asian languages.

Maybe because I’m Asian, but I don’t understand why non-Asians find it funny to mock Asian languages.

But I digress.

While we’re dragging mostly white people for black/brownface and making way for their apology tour across social media, did we all collectively forget about an entire subculture in Japan dedicated to blackface?

If you’re calling people out, at least be fair about it.

And maybe realize that you’re not as non-racist as you think you are.


Why do we argue online?

The internet is truly filled with “wtf?” people.

Especially the ones who make assumptions and/or arguments based solely off the comments of other people while not actually watching and/or reading the actual source.

I mean, WHY?

And please don’t say, “Oh, because I don’t care about [insert original subject] enough to read/watch it.” You obviously cared enough to weigh in.

Serious question to people who do this: do you like arguing with strangers online? For the sake of just arguing? Or is it because you just need to be heard in some way or other?


p/s: make the internet a better place and don’t be that person.


July is creeping up…

I know I like to do my birthday month every year (holla, #julybaby kids!), but I swear to god July 2020 will go down in history as the month where everyone gets COVID-19 again because nobody is practicing social distancing and everyone is partying like there’s no pandemic.

Wear your mask, please.