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The halvening is nigh

My shitcoins right now:

We takin' off

My sensible co-worker:
why don’t you just DCA eth or btc like a normal person

daily shorts

The myth of anonymity

Like how on earth is “anonymous feedback” supposed to work in a tiny team setting?

Do we have to write each other’s feedback to obfuscate the original author? Or do we all tell ChatGPT to do a rewrite so there’s just one voice?

daily shorts


Someone else in my degenerate crypto chat thought I was a bot with a hot Asian chick profile picture.

Clearly as a woman, I took zero offense to the “bot” comment and only saw the “hot Asian chick profile picture” line.

daily shorts

I don’t know what that means

Jin: Btw I goat
Me: Okay
Me: Only in Malaysia can you say “I goat” and someone replies with “ok”
Jin: Hahaha

Backstory: the word “coming” (in the context of being “on the way”, or “coming over”) is sometimes written as kambing (for no other reason than because it sounds similar), which is the Malay word for goat.