Sibling cysts

Me: Okay like my sore throat is lingering
Me: But I tested again today
Me: I r still negative
Me: Maybe my bitch ass of a cyst just takes awhile to resolve and I’m like OMGITSCOVID
Sis: Is this cyst in your throat or something?
Me: By the base of my throat, it’s like… a sensitivity check
Me: So the minute my lymph nodes are a little puffy, the cyst fomos
Me: “Hey guys where the party at??”
Me: ?
Sis: The cystie boys be jigglin ???
Sis: I’ve got a small cyst in my throat – called a vallecular cyst or something
Sis: It’s not genetic is it? ???
Me: Oh mine’s a thyroglossal cyst
Sis: Same same but different
Sis: Like delta and omnicron ?

daily shorts

Literally once in a lifetime

Me: Oh oh bear guess what day it is today
Me: Get it???
Me: Because 2/22/22 😀 and Tuesday 😀
Bear: ?

My funny has gone unappreciated.