daily shorts

Streaming is like a job

I can’t emphasize how much like a real job it feels like given that I’ve rolled out of bed still semi sleep deprived and am currently running on instant coffee.

I even microwaved my milk.

It’s not like I have much options, okay?


Brownface. Blackface.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, pretty much every celebrity (traditional or otherwise) who did some form of black/brownface in the past have been called out on their actions. Together in that mix are the people who mock languages. Peculiarly enough, it’s always the Asian languages.

Maybe because I’m Asian, but I don’t understand why non-Asians find it funny to mock Asian languages.

But I digress.

While we’re dragging mostly white people for black/brownface and making way for their apology tour across social media, did we all collectively forget about an entire subculture in Japan dedicated to blackface?

If you’re calling people out, at least be fair about it.

And maybe realize that you’re not as non-racist as you think you are.

daily shorts

Why do we argue online?

The internet is truly filled with “wtf?” people.

Especially the ones who make assumptions and/or arguments based solely off the comments of other people while not actually watching and/or reading the actual source.

I mean, WHY?

And please don’t say, “Oh, because I don’t care about [insert original subject] enough to read/watch it.” You obviously cared enough to weigh in.

Serious question to people who do this: do you like arguing with strangers online? For the sake of just arguing? Or is it because you just need to be heard in some way or other?


p/s: make the internet a better place and don’t be that person.


“Are you lost, baby girl?”

Just when I thought nothing could ever topple 50 Shades of Grey in how outrageously ridiculous and trashy the entire fantasy was, Netflix scoffed and threw 365 DNI into the world.

Before watching this show, the only Massimo I knew of was… the bread loaf.

After 365 DNI, Massimo is no longer something that satisfies hunger pangs, but straight up inspires thirst instead. Don’t get me wrong, the movie is still thoroughly terrrrrible in all ways possible but eye candy is ultimately eye candy.

That hotel suite scene with the telescopic rod? Yoooo–like, is that whole setup portable or is that a Sicilian Mafia family special? Asking for a friend, of course.

If you haven’t seen 365 DNI yet, I don’t recommend watching it in the family room.


Misophonia is a serious issue

Does anyone have legit insight to any sort of (legal) medication that would make listening to people chew and/or suck on their teeth more bearable?

Eating at a table with noise-cancelling earbuds is apparently… you know, rude… even though the earbuds are the only thing stopping me from brutally assaulting someone else.

With that being said: CHEWING WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN IS NOT COOL GUYS. Neither is constantly sucking on your teeth. WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU TRYING TO SUCK OUT? THERE’S NOTHING THERE.


Eyyy, what’s your stack?

Talking to tech versus non-tech people about having a blog–

“I have a blog!”
“Oh, what platform is it on?”

“I have a blog!”
“Nice, what about? Your food adventures?”

Because you’re not a real developer if you’re not blogging with Jekyll/Kirby/Ghost AMIRITE??

Don’t you tech nerds even try to deny that shit.


Instagram is a weird place for yoga people to be at

This is a highly Unpopular Opinion given that most self-declared “yogis” are all peddling their craft on the platform. Instagram is a visual platform. Yes, asanas are a part of yoga but being on it has effectively reduced yoga to a profitable high school popularity contest.

It’s freaking fantastic for the extroverts!

But honestly, to effectively market yourself as a yoga teacher these days you apparently need to fit a certain body type, be part of some woke culture and lifestyle, and look like you graduated from acro school.

Before anyone cries about how that’s a blanket statement and it’s largely untrue, GO. LOOK. THEM. UP. I’ll wait.

It’s a little disheartening but somewhere along the journey, we lost our way.


Also, it’s testament that I can’t ever cut it as an Instagram ho.